The ultimate list of famous French fashion brand logos
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The ultimate list of famous French fashion brand logos

French Fashion Brand Logos

Famous French fashion brand logos make up a huge portion of the apparel landscape. For decades, French fashion brands have transformed the industry, introducing new concepts and garments with a fearless commitment to innovation.

However, French designers haven’t just influenced what we wear on a global scale, they’ve also had a significant impact on the branding world.

Many of the world’s biggest luxury fashion houses create logos and emblems inspired by the elegant, authoritative trademarks of French pioneers. Companies like Yves Saint Laurent, Cartier, and Dior have shaped how we perceive sophistication in branding.

The French have effectively galvanized the branding world throughout the decades, teaching countless new and emerging brands how to capture the hearts and minds of their audience.

Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at some of the most famous French fashion companies, and the compelling logos they’ve used to transform the world.

French fashion brands: An introduction

Fashion is undoubtedly a global phenomenon.

Around the world, countless designers have emerged to leave their mark on the industry. However, for centuries, France has reigned as perhaps the most well-known country for fashion innovation. Indeed,

France still ranks as the leading country for the fashion industry in the world, soaring above regions like Italy and the US.

French fashion brands have been moulding the industry long before garments became the symbol of self-expression we know today. Even during the years of corseted dresses and ruffles, Paris was an epicenter of fashion and luxury, known for influencing the styles of entire continents.

While French clothes have changed drastically, the brands behind them have retained their ability to create strong, compelling brands.

The brand equity of major companies from Cartier to Coco Chanel has prompted many consumers to associate almost any garment producer from France with elegance, affluence, and style.

Today, many of the French fashion brand logos people are familiar with share similar components, capitalizing on the impact these elements have on an evolving audience of fashion lovers.

Why do so many fashion brands come from France?

So, why are French fashion brands so ubiquitous in the garment world?

In simple terms, the French have been experimenting with, and influencing fashion for centuries. In the late 18th century, when aristocracy reigned, the French produced arguably the world’s first fashion designer, Rose Bretin, the “Minister of Fashion” for Marie Antionette.

The appetite of the French court for opulent clothing helped to spur the country’s textile trade, quickly establishing France as a source of luxury garments.

As the world evolved, new French fashion designers emerged, responding to an emerging desire for clothing that contrasted the aristocracy’s tastes.

The French began using fashion as a symbol of the revolution, replacing restrictive corsets with flowing gowns and ruffles with minimalistic pieces.

Each decade spawned new French fashion brands, committed to transforming the industry, and inspiring other creators from across the globe.

The innovative approach of these companies had a ripple effect on fashion as we know it today, altering how we perceive luxury, self-expression, and beauty in the modern world.

The French effectively taught the fashion industry how to respond to societal changes, address the needs of an evolving audience, and connect with the values of their consumers. As a result, French clothing brands have earned a powerful place in the hearts of fashion lovers worldwide.

The most famous French fashion brand logos

The success of French fashion brands throughout the years have inspired countless designers to join the ranks of the garment industry, introducing their own unique spin on modern apparel.

Today, there are tens of thousands of fashion stores and companies located throughout France.

To explore how France has influenced the ever-changing fashion industry from a branding perspective, we’re going to look at just a few of the most well-known logos in history.

Here are some of the most famous French fashion brand logos every apparel lover should know.

French Fashion Brand Logos

1. Dior

Created by the incredible Christian Dior in 1946, the Dior brand is a staple of the high-end fashion market.

As the decades have progressed, this company has earned a place in the spotlight, by redefining women’s clothing, and partnering with some of the most iconic French names in the industry.

Christian Dior positions itself as an exclusive, high-end brand.

Though relatively simplistic, Dior’s logo is undoubtedly powerful. The serif wordmark, depicted in all uppercase letters, uses a combination of soft curves and bold lines to showcase supremacy and strength. Dior’s logo has helped the company to become a powerhouse in its industry.

French Fashion Brand Logos

2. Chanel

Easily one of the best-known French fashion brands in history, Chanel, by Coco Chanel, was one of the first French clothing brands to influence major changes in the garment space in France.

Coco introduced the landscape to comfortable, expressive clothing during the early years of the 1900s.

Chanel stands as one of the most powerful brands in the French landscape, best-known for the monogram design its logo, featuring two interlocking “C’s”. The symbol still appears on many Chanel garments and accessories today.

The official logo also features a wordmark, in an uppercase sans-serif font, channeling ideas of consistency and stability.

Find out more about the Chanel logo here.

French Fashion Brand Logos

3. Lanvin

One of the oldest surviving French fashion brands in the world today, Lanvin was established in 1889, by Jeanne Lanvin. The company began when Lanvin was making clothing for her daughter, which attracted the attention of countless wealthy people.

Soon, Lanvin was making clothing for some of the most prominent people in Europe.

The Lanvin logo represents the durability and strength of the brand, showcasing a bold, serif logo, with strong, sharp edges. Lanvin’s minimalistic emblem is wonderfully balanced and sleek, combining elegance with an innovative edge.

French Fashion Brand Logos

4. Hermès

One of the most interesting French fashion brand logos on this list, the Hermes emblem is a world apart from many of the modern designs we know today.

Established in 1837, the Hermes company started life as a leather manufacturer, producing saddles and harnesses for wealthy carriage owners. This history is conveyed in the company’s logo, which features a man with a horse and cart.

Depicted in a bright shade of orange, the Hermès logo bucks the trend of using simple black and white wordmarks in the fashion industry. The eye-catching combination mark draws attention to the company’s heritage, while also highlighting a strong focus on the future.

French Fashion Brand Logos

5. Givenchy

Established by Hubert de Givenchy in 1952, the Givenchy brand, otherwise known as the “House of Givenchy”, has had a long-standing impact on the French fashion landscape.

Givenchy has earned critical acclaim throughout the decades, capturing the attention of countless well-known celebrities and figures, including Audrey Hepburn.

Givenchy’s official logo is a simple wordmark, with significant spacing between each sans-serif letter, to demonstrate balance and symmetry. However, Givenchy is also known for its monogram, which features four interlocking “G’s” creating the shape of a Celtic knot.

French Fashion Brand Logos

6. Christian Louboutin

A true innovator in the world of luxury brands, Christian Louboutin developed one of the most recognizable footwear brands in the world when launching his eponymous company. The incredible fashion designer embedded a lot of his own brand identity into his clothing and his logo.

The emblem used by the footwear company today is based on his own signature, giving a sense of authenticity and credibility to the brand image. The brand’s signature logo instantly differentiates it from countless other innovative companies across the globe today.

French Fashion Brand Logos

7. Yves Saint Laurent

Known by many as either “Saint Laurent” or “YSL”, Yves Saint Laurent is a French fashion brand first launched in 1962. Saint Laurent got his start as a fashion designer when working for the iconic Maison Dior before he decided to launch his own company.

The official emblem of the brand may seem simple, but it’s wonderfully authoritative, featuring bold, sans-serif letters to demonstrate modernity.

The YSL logo draws attention to the company’s contemporary designs, particularly when paired with the unique vertical monogram which appears on many YSL clothing items and accessories.

French Fashion Brand Logos

8. Celine

Celine, previously Céline, is a French brand focused on leather goods and ready-to-wear fashion, owned by the LVMH group. The business was first launched in 1945, and was created by Céline Vipiana, with help from her husband Richard.

The brand initially used quite a complex logo, featuring a red elephant, before gradually adapting to a more simplistic wordmark.

Like many of the most famous French fashion brand logos in history, the Celine logo relies heavily on the impact of minimalism. The design features just the name of the company, in balanced sans-serif font. In some instances, the word “Paris” also appears beneath the main inscription.

French Fashion Brand Logos

9. Louis Vuitton

Another of the most iconic French fashion brands in history, Louis Vuitton was first created in 1854, in Paris. The designer began building his company with a focus on luggage and accessories, before branching out into ready-to-wear fashion.

Today, the official Louis Vuitton logo matches the trends of the industry, featuring a simple sans-serif wordmark.

However, the brand is primarily best-known for its monogram emblem, which appears on most of its products, from jewelry to shoes. The powerful “LV” monogram demonstrates a commitment to heritage, while also showcasing the company’s creative, artistic nature.

French Fashion Brand Logos

10. La Redoute

While many of the famous designer brands from France belong to the high-end or luxury sector, there are countless more affordable companies worth mentioning too. For instance, La Redoute, first founded in 1837, is one of the best-known French clothing brands of all time.

The company is best known for selling a combination of modern clothing and home accessories. The contemporary focus of the company can easily be seen in its compelling logo.

The emblem features the letters of the brand’s name, shaped into a square. Each letter is sized differently, using a red sans-serif font to highlight passion and vivacity.

French Fashion Brand Logos

11. Lacoste

Now a household name for many sports apparel and fashion lovers, Lacoste is another fantastic French brand with a memorable company logo. Originally founded in 1933 by René Lacoste, and André Gillier, Lacoste specializes in clothing, footwear, sportswear, and accessories.

The memorable crocodile in the emblem was inspired by a nickname given to Lacoste by French fans, referencing his tenacity on the tennis court.

Alongside the crocodile mascot, the Lacoste logo is defined by a powerful sans-serif wordmark, depicted in all uppercase letters to showcase stability and strength.

French Fashion Brand Logos

12. A.P.C

The A.P.C French clothing brand has been earning increasing popularity since it first launched in 1987. Created by Jean Touitou, this company specializes in comfortable yet attractive clothing, and has partnered with a number of well-known celebrities throughout the years.

Capitalizing on the minimalist style of other well-known French clothing companies, the A.P.C logo features only a simple acronym, with each sans-serif letter separated by a square period.

The bold and confident imagery of the logo distinguishes the company as a reliable, forward-thinking brand, committed to delivering consistent quality.

French Fashion Brand Logos

13. Balmain

Founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945, the Balmain luxury fashion house operates a number of exclusive stores located in regions around the world. The company is best-known for producing a collection of haute couture clothing, as well as ready-to-wear fashion and jewelry.

The Balmain logo’s modern style has a lot in common with many other French emblems throughout the garment landscape. Presented in a single color (black), the wordmark uses a simple sans-serif typeface and uppercase letters to demonstrate confidence and vigor.

French Fashion Brand Logos

14. Courrèges

Best known for his impact on the French fashion world during the 1960s, André Courrèges produced his brand with a focus on experimentation and innovation. The designer was best-known for his designs influenced by modernism and futurism.

As such, he created a logo that’s steeped in contemporary appeal.

Far removed from the traditional serif fonts in the French fashion industry, the Courrèges logo uses a simple sans-serif wordmark in all lower-case letters. Above the inscription, we see a stylized shape, intended to look a little like a lowercase “A” and “C” placed back-to-back.

French Fashion Brand Logos

15. Sandro

Founded in 1984 by Evelyn Chetrite, Sandro Andy, or simply “Sandro” is a premium contemporary fashion brand. The designer produced her ready to wear collection with a focus on creating something in between the styles of the luxury fashion industry, and the more affordable clothing landscape.

Popular among French women and men worldwide, the company has achieved phenomenal success in recent years. The Sandro logo reflects the designer’s personal style, which focuses on “masculine, but not macho” elements.

The wordmark is strong, confident, and resilient.

French Fashion Brand Logos

16. Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant has won a number of awards over the years, thanks to her impact on the French clothing world. She first created her eponymous brand in 1994, showcasing her first collection at Paris Fashion Week in 1995.

Today, Isabel focuses on modern French style, capturing the attention of customers across the globe.

The Isabel Marant logo matches the style of many well-known emblems in the ready-to-wear and luxury fashion industry. The contemporary wordmark is immediately eye-catching, and versatile enough to work well on a variety of garments and in different mediums.

French Fashion Brand Logos

17. Jerome Dreyfuss

Married to Isabel Marant, Jerome Dreyfuss is another well-known icon among famous clothing brands in France. Primarily focused on accessories and bags, Jerome sells his clothing in boutiques across the globe, as well as online.

Jerome’s logo is similar in a lot of ways to Isabel’s, with an almost matching style of sans-serif font. The use of all uppercase letters symbolizes strength and consistency, while the underlying tagline on the logo shows some of the designer’s unique flair.

The word “Paris” is surrounded on both sides by a sleek image of a sewing needle.

French Fashion Brand Logos

18. Zadig & Voltaire

Another wonderful example of luxury brand logos with a modern flair, the Zadig & Voltaire emblem has been refined numerous times over the years, to match the trends of the fashion market. The company is best known for combining grungy rock-and-roll elements with traditional artistry.

While this organization is still working on developing its brand awareness, it’s quickly climbing the ranks among Parisian fashion houses. The Zadig & Voltaire logo design is simple and elegant, matching the minimalistic vibe of many well-known French fashion brand logos.

French Fashion Brand Logos

19. Clergerie

Initially drawn to design and architecture, Robert Clergerie started his fashion brand after he fell in love with the process of making shoes. The official Clergerie brand was established in 1981, and the boutique store quickly drew the attention of Parisian women across the region.

Like many of the logos we’ve covered in today’s post, the Clergerie emblem is simple and sophisticated. The slightly elongated letters give the overall wordmark a sense of balance, particularly when paired with the “Paris” inscription placed underneath.

French Fashion Brand Logos

20. Jean Paul Gaultier

One of the best-known French clothing brands in the world today, Jean Paul Gaultier is a staple of the luxury fashion landscape.

Gaultier released his first clothing collection in 1976, and though many people found his designs to be too decadent at the time, they quickly caught the attention of the press.

Today, the Gaultier logo draws attention to the designer’s commitment to thinking outside of the box. Though there are no complex design elements in the emblem, the overlapping font in the two lines of the emblem immediately grab attention.

The use of two contrasting typefaces also helps to give the design a grungy, edgy impact.

French Fashion Brand Logos

21. Chloé

Founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, Chloé is a luxury fashion house, with a headquarters based in Paris, France. The house is owned by the holding company, the Richemont Group.

In the current world, Chloé has become an incresingly popular clothing company, earning the attention of many major celebrities, from Madonna to Emma Stone.

Characterized by a youthful, bohemian asthetic, Chloé’s unique clothing style shines through in the company’s logo. A fresh take on the traditional wordmark, the emblem features a soft, peachy color palette, and small, simple serifs on each letter.

Learning from French fashion logos

As you can see above, there are plenty of amazing French fashion brand logos to learn from in the modern garment space. While each designer mentioned above has brought their own unique flair to their logo design process, there are some overlapping elements in many of these designs.

For instance, many high-end fashion brands rely heavily on the use of typography to convey their personality and values to customers.

Additionally, most have stuck with a simple color palette of black and white, ensuring their designs can transcend across different mediums, from website pages to clothing labels.

If you’ve been inspired to create your own amazing logo, based on the fantastic emblems of French fashion brands mentioned above, a little help could go a long way. Contact Fabrik brands today to see how our design studio can help you produce the ultimate trademark.

French clothing brands: FAQ

France is home to a number of popular fashion brands, from Sandro and APC to Dior and Saint Laurent. The French fashion landscape covers everything from simple everyday garments to ready-to-wear luxury items and haute couture.

What is the most famous clothing brand in France?

It’s difficult to define the most famous Fashion brand in France, as there are so many competing names. Companies like Dior and Chanel generally stand out among the crowd for luxury fashion lovers, alongside brands like Yves Saint Laurent, and Celine.

What is the biggest-selling French fashion brand?

Not all French fashion brands regularly release insights into their earnings. However, studies often show companies like Louis Vuitton and Chanel tend to rank at the top of the list for overall profits. Hermes is also an extremely lucrative French clothing company.

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