Logos with elephants: Exploring the companies with elephant logos

Logos With Elephants

Logos with elephants can bring a phenomenal sense of power and strength to the organizations they represent.

Companies with elephant logos take advantage of the incredible symbolism of the creature. Like many animal logos, elephant logos convey specific ideas and concepts intended to highlight the unique personality and values of the brand. 

For centuries, communities worldwide have viewed the elephant as an icon of strength, intelligence, loyalty, and wisdom. This magnificent creature sends a unique message about the company it’s connected to and can help ventures connect with their target audience. 

Though elephant logos aren’t quite as common as some other animal logos, they still appear in various industries across the globe. Today, we’re going to be looking at some famous elephant logo brands and the meaning behind elephant emblems.

Logos with elephants can hold a lot of symbolic meaning. Companies with elephant logos typically leverage the animal to show strength, intelligence, and countless other characteristics. Indeed, throughout the world, many cultures associate elephants with different concepts. 

While the symbolism connected to elephants can vary depending on where you are, here are some of the most common meanings behind logos with elephants in them.

Intelligence and consciousness

Described by Aristotle as the creature that surpasses any other in mind and wit, elephants are considered to be extremely intelligent. An elephant’s brain weighs more than 5kg, and has over 300 billion neurons, making it on par with the human brain in terms of functionality. 

Animal behaviorists even believe elephants exhibit complex behaviors demonstrating their intelligence, such as using tools, showcasing compassion and grief, and engaging in cooperation for desired outcomes.

Wisdom and memory

An elephant never forgets. This isn’t just an expression; elephants actually have phenomenal memories. An elephant’s natural life span can reach around 70 years of age.

Scientists credit this longevity with the ability of the elephant to remember water and food sources as well as where dangerous situations are located.

Researchers have even studied elephant memories by exposing them to clothing worn by hunters to see how they might react.

Protection and strength

Elephants are known for their protective nature. An elephant will endanger itself to protect its herd. Elephants are also extremely strong, thanks to their colossal size and heft muscles. In many cultures, elephants are seen as strong in body and mind. Some cultures see elephants as a symbol of protection.

Good luck and majesty

In many Asian cultures, elephants are a symbol of good luck. In ancient Cambodia and China, elephants were depicted in banners and warfare, designed to give armies good fortune. Some elephants were even used in battle to strike fear into the hearts of the opposition.

In the practice of “Feng Shui,” elephants are sometimes used to encourage an inflow of good fortune into a space or someone’s life.

Unity and family

As mentioned above, elephants are strongly dedicated to their herds and families. These social animals live in large groups and remain with their herds for their entire lives. Elephants live in matriarchal families, where the leader is often the oldest female. 

Because of this, companies with elephant logos can be seen as having a solid commitment to community, unity, and compassion.

Loyalty and devotion

Since elephants are so protective of their family groups, they’re also seen as extremely loyal. Like wolves, they put the needs of their families or herds above their own. In the branding world, elephants symbolize unwavering devotion to a specific community or idea.

Elephants also inspire a strong sense of caring and loyalty.

Brands with elephant logos: Famous elephant logo brands

Elephant logos can convey many positive meanings for companies looking to find the perfect “mascot” for their brand.

Despite the overwhelmingly beneficial symbolism associated with the elephant, only a few brands have chosen to use elephants in their logos. Companies with elephant logos, however, tend to demonstrate many of the qualities mentioned above.

Here are some of the most famous elephant logo examples:

Logos With Elephants


The East African Breweries company owns Tusker, a beer brand particularly popular in the Kenyan region. The organization uses an elephant with a smiling face in its logo to symbolize community, compassion, strength, and stability. 

Alongside a powerful elephant logo, Tusker also has a fantastic slogan: “My Beer, My Country.” This further enhances the brand’s focus on unity.

Logos With Elephants


One of the most famous elephant logos in the world today belongs to the Evernote task management and note-taking applications. Available in regions worldwide, the company allows users to archive and save information for later use.

The elephant in this logo is a symbol of memory, intelligence, and wisdom.

In the Evernote logo, the elephant design includes a slightly curved ear, intended to represent a piece of paper marked for someone to revisit at a later date. The green coloring also connects the company to the concepts of nature and creativity.

Logos With Elephants

Kolner Zoo

Otherwise known as the Cologne Zoological Garden, Kolner Zoo has one of the most attractive zoo logos in the industry. This zoo was founded in 1860 and is one of the most famous locations in Germany. The organization has a vast elephant park and free-flight rainforest hall. 

The elephant in the Kolner Zoo logo references some of the creatures people can see. However, it’s also a symbol of strength. The elephant in this logo uses white space to showcase a range of other animals, a star, and an iconic building.

Logos With Elephants

Budapest Zoo

Like Kolner Zoo, the Budapest Zoo also showcases an elephant in its logo. This zoo is home to more than 1,072 animal species and has millions of visitors every year. Launched in 1866, the company uses an elephant logo to showcase its exotic nature.

The simple and eye-catching logo is fun and friendly. The elephant image is designed to look modern and minimalistic, unlike some other better-known zoo logos. There’s also a unique shape in the background to highlight the unique architecture of Budapest.

Logos With Elephants

Fort Worth Zoo

Another fantastic example of an elephant logo in the Zoo space belongs to Fort Worth zoo. Located in the United States, in Texas, this location started extremely small, with just a handful of animals. Today, there are more than 700 exotic and native animals located in the space.

The elephant logo here is an interesting design, which uses the letters “F” and “W” from Fort Worth to create an elephant shape. The design is fun and creative while still drawing attention to the exotic nature of the company.

Logos With Elephants

Animal Planet

Animal Planet, launched in 1996, is an American multinational television channel owned by Warner Bros and Discovery Networks. The channel was initially launched as a joint venture with BBC Worldwide and focused primarily on nature documentaries.

The unique Animal Planet logo features a highly minimalist version of an elephant image, designed to look like a basic combination of shapes. The logo is fresh and fun, while the blue coloring helps to highlight the company’s reliability and trustworthiness.

Logos With Elephants

Republican Party (GOP)

The Republican logo is probably one of the better-known elephant logos in the United States. The elephant was introduced for the political party in the USA when Abraham Lincoln first became president. The elephant also appeared in several comic stories about politicians. 

According to the Republicans, the elephant symbolizes strength, stability, wisdom, and power. While the elephant doesn’t always appear in every Republican logo today, it’s still one of the best-known symbols associated with the party.

Find out more about the Republican Party logo here.

Logos With Elephants

Black Ivory Coffee

The Black Ivory Coffee Company brand uses an elephant in its logo to highlight its origins. The company produces a specific brand of coffee from Arabica coffee beans found in elephant waste after they’ve been eaten. 

Although the nature of the coffee might sound a little off-putting, Black Ivory Coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, costing around $50 per cup. The elephant in the logo highlights not only the company’s background but also its power and strength.

Logos With Elephants


Mammut is a Swiss multinational trekking and mountaineering company founded in 1862. The company uses a slightly different variation of an elephant logo in its imagery. The design is closer to that of the Mammoth – an extinct creature similar to an elephant.

The elephant logo in the Mammut Sports Group branding is intended to demonstrate phenomenal strength, power, and will. The image is connected to the ambition and drive of the people who explore the world via mountaineering.

Logos With Elephants

The Times of India Group

A relatively old-fashioned version of an elephant logo, the Times of India Group uses two elephants in its imagery. The Times Group owns this Indian English-language daily newspaper and is the fourth-largest newspaper in India by circulation.

As with many publications using elephant logos, the Times Group used an elephant to highlight wisdom, wit, and intelligence.

Logos With Elephants


Fevicol is a brand of adhesives owned by Pidilite Industries Limited company. First launched in 1959, the adhesive was marketed as an easy-to-use glue product for carpenters, designed to replace collagen and fat adhesives. The Fevicol brand today is one of the most popular in India.

The logo highlights the Magdeburg hemisphere, with a pair of elephants moving in opposite directions, with their tails fused together. The image is intended to represent the strength of the glue, suggesting even elephants couldn’t break the hold of the adhesive.

Logos With Elephants

Muthoot Finance

An Indian financial corporation launched in 1939, Muthoot Finance is the largest gold loan company in the country. Aside from financing gold transactions, the brand also offers loaning and wealth management services, among other solutions.

The founder apparently chose the elephant image for the company due to the importance of the creature in the local culture. Many elephants are featured in local legends throughout Kerala. The two Elephants facing each other also create the shape of an “M.”

Logos With Elephants

Chang Beer

Chang Beer is one of the many beers produced by the Thai Bev company. The name “Chang” actually comes from the Thai word for elephant. The company chose its logo in reference to the creature’s strong cultural and historical significance in Thailand.

The logo features two elephants face-to-face on either side of a golden fountain, which may be intended to represent the beer itself. The emblem is incredibly detailed and depicted in green and gold colors to symbolize nature and prosperity.

Logos With Elephants


The Zojirushi corporation is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of vacuum flasks, consumer electronics, and hot water dispensers, among other products. The company was founded in 1918 in Osaka, initially with the name the “Ichikawa Brothers Trading Company.”

It’s likely the playful elephant in this logo is a reference to the strength and reliability of the brand, as well as the heritage of the company. In Japan and many other Asian cultures, elephants have a strong symbolic meaning. Zojirushi also means “elephant mark.”

Logos With Elephants


Amarula is the name of a cream liqueur sold in South Africa. It’s made from a combination of cream, fruit, and sugar, with an alcohol content of 17%. The Southern Liquor Company first marketed the company in South Africa.

The Elephant logo and branding came from the fact that African bush elephants generally enjoy eating the Marula tree fruit. This is the same fruit used to create the unique liqueur. The distiller also supports elephant conservation efforts.

Logos With Elephants

Elephant Atta

Elephant Atta is a company belonging to the Westmill Foods company, known for designing high-quality flours used for South Asian flatbreads and foods. The company also produces a range of pre-made breads for sale around the world.

The Elephant Atta logo is fun and eye-catching, with the image of both an adult and baby elephant on the emblem to symbolize family and unity. The logo’s bright pink coloring also helps link the organization to concepts like compassion and love.

Logos With Elephants

Côte d’Or

Côte d’Or is a producer of Belgian chocolate owned by the Mondelez International brand. Founded in 1993, the company chose its name to reference the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is now known as Ghana, the source of various cacao beans used for chocolate manufacturing.

The gold and white elephant in the logo is also a reference to the Gold Coast, which used several elephant images in its stamps and regional branding. Today, the image symbolizes strength, compassion, and wisdom.

Logos With Elephants

Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant is a cosmetics company committed to selling a range of biocompatible skincare products designed for all skin types. The company encourages customers to know their own skin type and create skin “smoothies” for nourishment.

The name “Drunk Elephant” comes from the marula oil in the facial oils produced by the brand. Some people believe that when elephants drink the juice from the Marula fruit, they act as though they’re drunk. The symbolism is also excellent for showing compassion and unity.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for designing the perfect logo. As you can see from the famous elephant logo examples above, many different stylistic concepts exist to explore when creating elephant logos. Here are a few points to keep in mind when creating your own emblem:

Know your brand personality

Elephants can be a highly versatile symbol for a modern brand, with plenty of connected meanings.

With that in mind, it’s important to ensure you understand your brand identity and the message you want to send before you begin designing. Consider whether you want to appear compassionate, durable, strong, or exotic.

Find the right colors

Just as using the right animals and symbols can have a specific impact on your target audience, colors also play a role. Using the right combination of shades in your logo can completely change the nature of your elephant logo and determine how customers might perceive your business.

Consider additional elements

Alongside the image of an elephant, many companies may choose to showcase other design components. Consider including a wordmark with your logo, or add other natural images, such as trees and mountains. Try to make your logo simple when building in complementary components.

Think about style

Decide what kind of “style” or “tone” you want to showcase with your elephant logo. Do you want your image to come across as modern and friendly? Are you looking for a more sophisticated, detailed logo? Consider using simple lines and shapes to make your image seem more abstract.

Make it emotional

Try to have an emotional impact with your elephant logo. Ask yourself what kind of message you can send with the right colors, typography, and image choices. Your logo should instantly tell your target audience everything they need to know about your organization and what it can offer.

If you’re struggling with creating the ultimate elephant logo, the best option is usually to seek support from a branding expert. Logo designers and creators can help research the different imagery you may want to use in your brand emblem.

They can also offer various stylistic options for business leaders to choose from.

Why do brands use logos with elephants in them?

Logos with elephants can be a fantastic tool for today’s business leaders, provided they’re used correctly. After all, animals are a relatively commonplace symbol in the branding world. Around the globe, consumers connect specific animals with unique ideas and concepts.

We see lions as powerful and regal. Deer are graceful and youthful, and elephants symbolize durability and compassion.

When brands use logos with elephants, they’re typically trying to send a specific message about what the business stands for or highlight a brand’s unique personality.

An elephant could be used by a company trying to earn the trust of its customers to highlight concepts like protection, longevity, and strength.

Elephants show endurance and power, but they symbolize family, compassion, and thoughtfulness. An elephant logo can inspire a brand’s trust, making the company appear more welcoming to its target audience.

Of course, business leaders will need to take the time to ensure they’re sending the right message with their logos.

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