Famous purple logos: Popular brands and companies with purple logos
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Famous purple logos: Popular brands and companies with purple logos

Famous Purple Logos

How many famous purple logos could you list right now? There are plenty of companies with purple logos to choose from, including FedEx, Cadbury, and even Taco Bell. The question is, what makes purple such a great color choice for a wide range of disparate brands?

Though somewhat less common than certain colors, like blue or red, purple is still one of the more versatile shades in the branding landscape. We associate this hue with several different emotions and concepts, from wealth and royalty to mystery and intrigue.

Because purple rarely occurs in nature, it’s commonly seen as spiritual, imaginative, and exotic. Used correctly, the right shade of purple can set your brand apart from the crowd while giving you an eye-catching aesthetic for your company.

Today, we’re going to be exploring some popular purple logos, and looking at why the color choice makes sense for each brand.

Why do companies use purple in their logos?

Purple is certainly one of the more interesting colors in the spectrum. The shade isn’t something most of us will see every day, so it’s great at grabbing our attention and sparking curiosity.

People view purple as rare and interesting, and the color also has a long-standing connection with wealth and royalty. The link between purple and luxury is related to how difficult it used to be for people to get their hands on purple dye.

Purple can be extravagant and indulgent in the right circumstances, or it might be associated with wisdom, spirituality, and bravery. Lighter shades of purple are often associated with romance and nurturing, while darker shades can represent mystery and confusion.

The use of purple in a logo is an excellent way to make your business stand out from the crowd, particularly if you want to branch beyond the more common shades of blue and red.

However, like any color, purple can have both positive and negative influences on your audience, depending on how you leverage it.

Purple logos are evident in a number of different industries, from the confectionary and food landscapes to the worlds of entertainment and science.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the famous purple logos you might be familiar with…

Urban Decay

Purple logos, particularly when depicted in darker shades, can create a sense of drama, and edginess for a brand. The Urban Decay logo embraces purple as an alternative to simpler shades like black and white, or pink, to highlight its bold and confident attitude.

Urban Decay uses a deeper, darker hue to give it a certain “rock and roll” vibe. The company wants to create an image to set itself apart from the softer, more “feminine” logos we often see in the beauty industry.

This aesthetic is further enhanced by the gothic style font.


As mentioned above, purple has a long-standing connection with ideas of indulgence and royalty. With that in mind, many purple company logos are chosen to depict a brand as being the best of the best.

A good purple brand logo can communicate everything from sophistication to creativity.

Hallmark’s logo is ideal for conveying ideas of class and indulgence. The purple shade highlights the company as a leader in its field, while also sparking ideas of innovation and imagination.


Another excellent example of how logos that are purple can create a range of different emotional responses, the Syfy logo is all about mystery and intrigue. Purple is a somewhat unusual color for many of us, which makes it perfect for depicting something out of the ordinary.

The darker shades of purple used to create the Syfy logo also give it a slightly threatening air, without the aggression associated with the color red. Paired with a modern and simple typeface, this logo is great for creating a sense of uncertainty.

Taco Bell

Purple is far from the most common color in the fast food industry, but used correctly, it can have an incredible impact. For instance, the purple company logo of Taco Bell is fantastic for grabbing attention in an over-saturated market, and making people think of more exotic food.

The most recent version of the Taco Bell uses two shades of logo. The darker color conveys ideas of luxury and indulgence, while the lighter hue is excellent for creating a friendly, community-driven aesthetic for the brand.

Find out more about the Taco Bell logo here.


Perhaps one of the most famous purple logos in the world, the Cadbury logo is an excellent insight into how brands with purple logos can use the shade to indicate luxury. The deep shade of purple in the Cadbury logo is fantastic for creating ideas of indulgence and richness.

Cadbury often combines the color purple with gold in its branding, to further enhance the sense of opulence. At the same time, we also get a sense we’re interacting with something unique and exotic with the Cadbury logo.


Fun, engaging, and creative, Yahoo! uses the color purple to make the company seem more friendly and approachable. More eye-catching than other well-known shades like blue and green, the color purple is great for making the Yahoo image stand out from the crowd.

Yahoo chooses a particularly bright shade of purple to make it seem more engaging and vivacious. Darker colors can also be associated with concepts like mystery. The lowercase typeface also contributes to the company’s friendly image.

Los Angeles Lakers

Purple is a great color for the sporting industry because it helps to set a team apart from the crowd. There are a number of groups which use the color purple in their official uniforms, including the Baltimore Ravens. However, the Los Angeles Lakers are perhaps the best choice for famous purple logos.

The combination of purple and a yellow-ish orange on this logo create fantastic contrast, ideal for pulling the attention of any viewers who might be in the stands or watching a game on TV.

Find out more about the Los Angeles Lakers logo here.


Perhaps the perfect choice for a technology and software company, the Avid logo is dynamic, modern, and eye-catching. Using geometric shapes instead of letters immediately sets this company apart from the crowd, while the purple shade for the logo creates a sense of mystery.

The purple color here is perfect for making Avid look more creative, modern, and even a little daring. Darker shades of purple are more commonly associated with confidence and adventure.


Another of the most popular purple logos on our list, Craigslist is a website virtually everyone knows, regardless of where they are in the world. This buy/sell website has transformed the way we look at the “classifieds” forever, and its purple logo is a symbol of its innovation.

The choice of a purple logo for Craigslist is intended to help customers get a sense they’re dealing with a website capable of delivering unique products and excellent value. The shade is even a little luxurious, promising amazing discoveries for Craigslist users.


While purple might not be the most popular choice for fast food logos, it’s an excellent pick for other aspects of the food and beverage world. Thanks to its connections with luxury and indulgence, purple is a great color for highlighting companies which commonly sell treats, like Wonka.

The shade of purple used in the Wonka logo is similar to the Cadbury logo, which immediately draws our minds to luxurious chocolate. However, in this case, the color purple is also great for highlighting a sense of creativity too.


Purple company logos seem to appear quite frequently in the technical world, perhaps thanks to the connection the color has with innovation and creativity.

The BenQ company is best-known for creating computers and advanced products for a range of customers. With this logo design, the company showcases its imaginative nature.

The slightly darker shade of purple in this logo design is also fantastic for creating a sense of sophistication and professionalism.


A company rapidly gaining attention in the household accessories environment, Scentsy sells a range of scented waxes and melts, intended to promote relaxation. The color purple is, therefore, an excellent choice for this brand.

The shade of purple also creates a prestigious vibe, letting you know you’re getting high-quality materials and ingredients in your melts.


Certain shades of purple have a more youthful, engaging vibe, like in the game logo. This eye-catching shade of purple is ideal for capturing the attention of a younger audience of gamers and entertainment enthusiasts.

The purple hue in the Game logo is also fantastic for demonstrating concepts like creativity and innovation, which are commonly associated with the video game landscape.


Not to be confused with the energy drink brand, Monster.com is a website committed to helping people find their ideal job, or employee. The company uses a simple sans-serif wordmark as its logo, depicted in a deep shade of purple. The ‘o’ in Monster is often found in a different color for additional visual interest.

This purple logo example is excellent for creating ideas of individuality and confidence. It makes us think of a diverse environment for job searching, where everyone can find something suited to their unique skills.


Bold and eye-catching, the Roku logo is another fantastic insight into the powerful potential of purple in the technology space. The company launched its first flagship product (digital media players) during 2008 and has continued to evolve ever since.

The Roku purple company logo is a symbol of creativity and confidence, ideal for a pioneering company responsible for creating everything from its own streaming channel to a branded smart TV.


Situated somewhere between the shades of blue and purple, the Discord logo is a perfect choice for a company committed to communities, and gamers. This logo is beautifully friendly and approachable, with soft, but bright tones which highlight ideas of youth and connectedness.

The unique shade of the Discord logo is great for adding an element of creativity to a logo which also appears to be trustworthy and reliable.


Something about the Wimbledon emblem immediately draws the mind to ideas of prestige and sophistication. The purple and green logo is ideal for depicting the championships of a sport with centuries of history throughout the world.

Wimbledon’s logo is specifically designed to look like an official seal or badge, something you would expect to see on a royal letter, or a university diploma.

Baltimore Ravens

The dark and mysterious shade of purple used for the Baltimore Ravens almost has a hint of aggression connected with it. This design, with its bold lines and sharp edges, depicts a sporting group with a commitment to excellence, and an unmistakable edge.

The dark purple combined with the luxurious shade of gold gives the emblem a more prestigious and sophisticated vibe. At the same time, additional shades like black, red, and white make the emblem seem modern and bold.


The Swiss chocolatier, Milka, is one of the better-known confectionary companies in the world. Similar to Cadbury’s, the choice of a purple brand logo in this instance is intended to cultivate ideas of opulence.

However, Milka’s slightly lighter shade of purple also helps us to imagine something softer, and gentler than the Cadbury’s brand.

The Mika logo, with its unique wordmark and its soothing shade of purple, is welcoming and creative. The specific hue of purple seems to remove a lot of the “edge” we might otherwise associate with this shade.


Certainly among the most famous purple logos on this list, the Twitch symbol is a fantastic insight into a modern, technology-driven brand. Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world today, and its eye-catching logo is ideal for depicting its unique brand personality.

Twitch uses a pixelated wordmark to create an almost “retro” vibe for users. At the same time, the purple logo has a strong sense of creativity and imagination associated with it. This is a great logo for a company committed to a community of creators.


The friendly and accessible vibe created by lighter shades of purple make it an excellent choice for companies committed to connecting people. The Viber logo, depicted in a soft shade of purple, with its white embellishments, makes us think of both innovation and community.

This logo is simple but effective. The purple speech bubble immediately draws attention to what the company offers as a service, while the fun and bubbly text makes the brand seem more reliable and appealing.


Easily one of the most popular purple logos in existence, the FedEx logo is a powerful wordmark, and an excellent insight into the impact of whitespace. While FedEx doesn’t just use the color purple in its logo, all aspects of the FedEx brand and its sub-brand do have elements of purple in them.

The color purple in the FedEx brand guidelines is intended to depict reliability, ingenuity, and confidence. The combination of purple and orange in the FedEx logo also creates a fantastic contract, ideal for making the business stand out.

Microsoft Teams

Among the best-known collaboration tools in the world today, Microsoft Teams took the world by storm during the pandemic era, providing customers with a range of ways to connect with their colleagues in a collaborative space.

The Microsoft Teams logo uses purple as a way of conveying innovation and creativity, as well as connectedness.

With multiple shades of purple used in this logo, we get a sense of community and inclusion, perfect for a company committed to keeping people on the same page in the digital business world.

Purple is also a color frequently associated with wisdom, which could connect to the sharing of knowledge in Microsoft Teams.

Premier League

A symbol of prestige and quality, the Premier League logo is intended to convey almost a sense of loyalty to fans and potential customers. 

With this logo, the designers chose a particularly dark shade of purple, which might otherwise be associated with mystery, if it wasn’t for the unique design elements, like the regal lion’s head.

The luxurious elements of the Premier league logo help to set it apart as a leader in its field, while creating a sense of trust and credibility among customers.

Find out more about the Premier League logos here.


If you’re familiar with prestigious colleges and universities in the United States, then you probably know the New York University logo. This emblem is quite a bit different from many of the university logos you’ll see throughout the states, thanks to its very modern and minimalistic image.

The shade of purple in the NYU logo helps to convey ideas of wisdom and creativity – perfect for an educational institution trying to appeal to a community of ambitious individuals.


As you might have noticed throughout this list of purple logos, the shade is particularly popular among chocolate and confectionary brands. Purple has a long history as a shade most people associate with indulgence and luxury, which makes it perfect for a treat you might not have very often.

The Purdy’s Chocolatier logo is a brighter shade of purple than we see in many other chocolate brands. However, it’s still excellent for grabbing the attention of all kinds of chocolate lovers.


Simple and effective, the purple logo in use by the Apogee brand is fantastic for drawing attention to the creative and forward-thinking nature of the company.

The overall image of this logo is minimalist and modern, great for a company hoping to remain connected to the cutting-edge world of technology.

The darker shade of purple in this logo can convey a sense of sophistication and excellence, while the lighter shade is more nurturing and connected with ideas of community and friendship.

Lady Speed Stick

While some people associate purple with a more feminine shade, this isn’t the case in all parts of the world. However, it still has an appeal to women, particularly when used in the right context.

The Lady Speed Stick logo looks as though it belongs to a brand women can trust, with a reliable and sophisticated shade of purple.

The coloring in this logo is fantastic for grabbing the attention of potential customers from a range of backgrounds.

Exploring famous purple logos

As you can see, there are plenty of famous purple logos out there to explore, from those intended to convey a luxurious and sophisticated image, to purple logos connected with innovation and creativity.

The versatility of purple means it can have a range of different meanings, depending on its use.

The popular purple logos shown above are an excellent insight into how vibrant and engaging the color purple can be. Connected with mystery, unique visual appeal, and an almost exotic image, the color purple can transform the image of all kinds of companies.

If you’re planning on using purple in your logo, we’d definitely recommend choosing your shade with caution. There are significant differences between the vibe you’ll create with a deep or dark purple logo, and a lighter or more vibrant shade.

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