Block by block: The Tetris logo history and evolution
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Block by block: The Tetris logo history and evolution

Tetris Logo

Most people are familiar with the Tetris logo and the block-based game itself. Even if you’re not an avid fan of video games, you’ve probably encountered Tetris at some point. After all, it’s one of the most popular and well-known titles ever. But where did the Tetris logo come from?

The Tetris logo hasn’t always been the colorful emblem we know today. The design of the brand asset and the Tetris game itself has gone through several refinements since it was first introduced in 1984. 

The story behind Tetris is so interesting it has even inspired the creation of a dedicated movie (which we’ll discuss in this article). 

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Tetris video game and its visual identity. We’ll explore how the Tetris logo became one of the most famous video game emblems ever and how it evolved.

Let’s start piecing it all together. 

What year was Tetris first released?

Tetris, known as Тетрис in Russia, is a puzzle-style game created by Alexey Pajitnov, a Soviet software engineer, in 1984. Over the years, Tetris has been published for various platforms, by a range of different companies, particularly during a rights dispute during the 80s. 

Tetris is a relatively simple but compelling game. Players complete lines by moving various shaped pieces, known as tetrominoes, into specific locations on a board. The completed lines disappear and allow the player to keep working on the puzzle as the pieces drop faster. 

The more lines a player completes, the more points they earn. The game officially “ends” when the pieces reach the top of the playing field, and new components can no longer fall. With this simple ruleset, Tetris quickly established itself as one of the world’s greatest early video games. 

Today, the title is available on more than 65 platforms and even set a Guinness World record for being the most ported video game of all time. Tetris has also inspired various people throughout the world in the areas of architecture, music, and scientific study. 

Although most people are familiar with the Tetris logo as it stands today, the geometric emblem was only introduced in the late 90s, long after the game was first developed. Initially, the original Tetris logo was a simple wordmark, which evolved into various colors and font styles over the years.

Tetris Logo


Tetris logo history began in 1984, with the original development of the game. Initially, the designer used a simple wordmark written in Russian letters for the emblem. The badge was made to look similar to a block of code and featured the colors green and black. 

Tetris Logo


In 1987, the creator of Tetris took a more patriotic approach with the game’s logo design. Initially, a Russian version of the emblem was introduced in the Soviet colors of red and yellow, with the Soviet symbol placed in the “C” shape at the end of the wordmark. 

The rest of the letters were depicted in a bold, serif-style font

Tetris Logo

This emblem was quickly replaced in 1988 with a slightly less political design, featuring the English word for “Tetris” in the same color palette. In this variation, the characters were made bolder and larger. 

The “R” of the wordmark was also turned backward, perhaps in reference to how users can position blocks within the game. 

Tetris Logo

Once again, in 1989, the designers at Tetris refined their logo, adding a gradient to the letter, as well as some Soviet and Russian references. The slogan, “The Soviet Mind Game,” was placed at the top of the banner to remind customers where the title came from. 

Tetris Logo


In 1988, while the Tetris designers were experimenting with different Soviet-style emblems, they also began working on some more universal versions of the Tetris logo. One design featured the word “Tetris” in a blocky font in white, written on a background made up of green dots. 

Tetris Logo

Another emblem, which remained in use by the company for almost ten years, featured the “Tetris” wordmark in a gold, geometric font with 3D elements. This design appeared in regions all over the world and helped Tetris to branch out from the Russian landscape. 

Tetris Logo


In 1997, perhaps the most famous version of the Tetris logo was introduced for the first time. This was the first emblem to place the Tetris wordmark in one of the Tetrominoes from the game itself. The geometric shape was depicted in blue with a red outline. 

In the top portion of the emblem, the Tetris wordmark was depicted in a gradient red, orange, and yellow font, with bold, sans-serif letters

Tetris Logo


Finally, to celebrate its long-lasting history, a new version of the Tetris logo was introduced by English artist Roger Dean. This emblem was based heavily on the previous design, with a number of modern refinements. 

The letters in the wordmark were softened and took on a variety of different colors, referencing the different shades of the blocks in the game. 

The blue coloring for the geometric banner remained but was made a lot darker, and the red outline was replaced with another shade of blue. 

As mentioned above, the popularity of Tetris has inspired the creation of a biographical film drama created for the SXSW Film Festival in 2023. Written by Noah Pink and directed by Jon S. Baird, the film tells the story of the creation of Tetris. 

The biopic looks at the legal issues surrounding the game during the Cold War related to the ownership of the game. The introduction of this new Tetris story also inspired the development of a new logo. 

Tetris Logo

The emblem in the film poster shares a font similar to the well-known Tetris emblem. However, it is depicted in a greyish-white shade. It also features no Tetromino background. 

The Tetris logo: Fonts and colors

The Tetris logo has come a long way since its initial inception in the 80s. What started as a relatively basic wordmark logo quickly evolved into an evocative, eye-catching emblem known across the globe today. 

The current Tetris logo is a colorful and compelling emblem, drawing attention to the gameplay within the title and the fun it promises to provide. 

If you’d like to look at the Tetris logo in closer detail, you can find some useful resources here:

The Tetris logo colors have gone through a number of changes over the years. What started off as a relatively simple color palette quickly evolved into something far more eye-catching. Today, the Tetris logo color palette includes a combination of blue, green, yellow, red, orange, and purple:

HEX: #FD3F59
RGB: (253, 63, 89)
CMYK: (0, 82, 55, 0)

HEX: #EA141C
RGB: (234, 20, 28)
CMYK: (0, 92, 98, 0)

RGB: (255, 200, 46)
CMYK: (0, 27, 87, 0)

HEX: #FE4819
RGB: (254, 72, 25)
CMYK: (0, 81, 95, 0)

HEX: #FF910C
RGB: (255, 145, 12)
CMYK: (0, 54, 94, 0)

RGB: (254, 251, 52)
CMYK: (1, 7, 87, 0)

HEX: #53DA3F
RGB: (83, 218, 63)
CMYK: (55, 0, 88, 0)

HEX: #39892F
RGB: (57, 137, 47)
CMYK: (72, 22, 97, 13)

RGB: (1, 237, 250)
CMYK: (47, 0, 17, 0)

HEX: #0077D3
RGB: (0, 119, 211)
CMYK: (88, 45, 0, 0)

HEX: #2E2E84
RGB: (46, 46, 132)
CMYK: (100, 86, 7, 2)

HEX: #485DC5
RGB: (72, 93, 197)
CMYK: (85, 61, 0, 0)

RGB: (221, 10, 178)
CMYK: (35, 81, 0, 0)

HEX: #78256F
RGB: (120, 37, 111)
CMYK: (61, 92, 18, 7)

What font does the Tetris logo use?

The Tetris logo font is an interesting and eye-catching typeface created specifically for the game. The font is a sans-serif typeface, with sharp edges and unique points which make certain letters look as though they’re overlapping or blending together. 

It’s impossible to ignore the Tetris logo’s impact on the gaming landscape today. Even if you don’t love the game, you will surely be familiar with the Tetris emblem and the huge global following the title has amassed over the years. 

Colorful, eye-catching, and engaging, the current Tetris logo tells us everything we need to know about the world-changing game at a glance. 

Tetris logo FAQ:

Roger Dean designed the best-known Tetris logo. The newest Tetris logo unveiled in 2019 was created based on Dean’s previous emblem. 

Is Tetris good for the brain?

Many people believe Tetris is excellent for training the brain, as it engages several cognitive skills such as pattern recognition, matching, and memory. It also helps with decision-making, problem-solving, and even impulse control. 

Is Tetris Russian or Japanese?

Tetris is technically a Russian game. It was designed in Moscow by a Russian scientist named Alexey Pajitnov. 

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