Logos with mountains: Famous companies with mountain logos
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Logos with mountains: Famous companies with mountain logos

Logos With Mountains

Logos with mountains can convey significant meaning and symbolism. In some cases, famous companies with mountains use imagery to highlight their strength and power. In others, a mountain may be a way to depict adventure and ambition.

The mountain is a majestic natural symbol of superiority, eternity, and aspirational. It can be a spiritual image or one connected to the concept of growth and overcoming challenges. The peak of a mountain is something many people associate with reaching their goals or battling adversity.

Depending on the needs of a brand, a mountain can be either serene and beautiful or ominous and daunting. Many companies have chosen the symbol over the years to symbolize strength, eternity, and balance. After all, few things can move a mountain.

Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at some of the most famous logos with mountains, what they represent, and how companies use this symbolism in their branding.

As mentioned above, logos with mountains can symbolize a variety of different concepts. They’re most commonly used to convey ideas of adventure and stability. However, depending on the essence of the brand, a mountain logo could take on many different meanings.

The style of the logo, the colors used, and the angles in a mountain depiction can also determine whether a mountain is considered tranquil or overwhelming. Here are some of the most common concepts associated with mountain symbolism.

Adventure and exploration

Few things are more connected to the concept of adventure than the image of a mountain. For years, adventurous people have consistently looked at mountains as challenges to overcome. They’re unpredictable and mysterious but also highly engaging.

Mountains are also connected with a range of adventurous activities, such as hiking and climbing.

Challenges and achievement

In everyday life, we often refer to major challenges as “mountains” which need to be overcome. This is because the process of climbing a mountain is such a significant ordeal. The term “mountain” is also often used to refer to challenging tasks.

However, the image of a mountain can also be regularly connected with overcoming challenges. If we conquer a mountain, we achieve our goals and accomplish our targets.  

Strength and stability

Mountains are enormous and daunting natural structures associated with phenomenal strength, stability, and willpower. We see mountains as immovable objects, impossible to break down or destroy.

Famous characters, such as one from the “Game of Thrones” series, have been named after “Mountains” to convey their strength.


Mountains are one of the key symbols of the incredible power of nature. They’re created naturally, over time, not by men or machines. As such, logos with mountains can be an excellent way to highlight a commitment to the organic world.

Some companies use mountains as a way to show their link to the natural landscape.

Escape and freedom

Because they’re often so far away from towns, cities, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, mountains are often associated with the concept of freedom. Many people even dream of taking vacations near mountains, where they can unwind and relax.

The same restrictions and rules of normal civilization don’t bind mountains.


Since mountains are so tall, often reaching into the clouds and the sky, they have also been frequently associated with spirituality and closeness to God. Throughout history, people have built churches and monasteries on top of mountains to get as close to God as possible.


Mountains are sturdy and immovable, so they can also be powerful symbols of protection. In fact, some animals live exclusively in the mountains because of the unique environment they provide. Even particular flora and plants grow specifically within mountain regions.

If your brand values revolve around protection, a mountain logo could be a good choice.

Unpredictability and mystery

Many mountains throughout the world have yet to be fully explored. They’re challenging to traverse, which has made it difficult to collect a lot of information about them. As such, mountains can sometimes be seen as mysterious and unpredictable.

Some mountains even hide volcanos, which could burst and erupt at any moment.

Brands with mountain logos: Famous mountain logos

A mountain logo can say a lot about the personality of a brand. In the right circumstances, it can be a way for a company to show its strength, stability, and commitment to protecting its customers. Logos with mountains can also help to depict a company with a strong focus on nature.

Let’s take a look at some of the famous mountain logos currently present around the world.

Logos With Mountains


Otherwise known as Paramount Global, Paramount has one of the most famous mountain logos of all time. This American multinational company delivers entertainment and mass media to locations around the globe.

It’s one of the world’s most prominent picture producers and has its own television network channels.

Paramount has previously used the slogan “reaching new heights” in its business, which helps to highlight the meaning behind the organization’s logo. The mountain symbolizes exploration, adventure, achievement, and ambition.

Logos With Mountains


The Prudential Financial company is a Fortune Global 500 company located in America, responsible for offering insurance, investment management, and retirement planning services. First launched in 1875, the company now has locations in 40 countries around the world.

The “rock” in the Prudential logo symbolizes strength, stability, expertise, and innovation. The mountain imagery is intended to give customers peace of mind when it comes to managing their money.

Logos With Mountains


Coors is a brewing company that uses mountain imagery in various logos throughout its product line. The mountain design may be slightly more evident in the “Coors Light” logo, but it’s also still present within the standard logo for the brand. 

The mountain is a reference to the fact that Coors previously used Rocky Mountain water in their beer. Interestingly, the design of the mountain featured within the logo and on the side of beer cans and bottles is modeled after Wilson Peak.

Logos With Mountains


One of the better-known water companies in the world, Evian is a French brand known for distributing mineral water from sources near the Evian-les-Baines region. The organization first launched in 1829 in France and is now owned by Danone.

The Evian logo features the Alps mountains, referencing the location where the company is known for getting its spring water. The mountain imagery also helps to convey the company’s commitment to producing refreshing, natural products.

Logos With Mountains


Toblerone is one of the companies best known for using negative space in their logo to depict additional meaning. The chocolate bar company launched in 1908 and is best known for the distinctive shape of its bars, which are produced with triangular segments. 

Although the official Toblerone logo doesn’t always feature mountain imagery, it is still present in most of the company’s packaging. The Toblerone mountain is based on the Matterhorn within the Swiss Alps. Hidden within the detail, we can see the shape of a bear.

Logos With Mountains

Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference

Otherwise known as AMCC, the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference is an intercollegiate conference connected with Division III of the NCAA. Member institutions are located throughout the northeastern states of Pennsylvania and New York.

This company’s logo’s simple but eye-catching design references the United States’ Allegheny mountains. The minimalistic design, combined with the serif-style font, helps to highlight the stability and trustworthiness of the group.

Logos With Mountains

Appalachian League

The Appalachian League is a summer baseball league focused on the Appalachian regions of West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. The league also belongs to the USA Baseball’s prospect development pipeline and Major League Baseball.

Like the AMCC, the Appalachian League leverages an image of the Appalachian mountains to demonstrate its origins. The emblem-style logo depicts strength, wisdom, innovation, and ambition.

Logos With Mountains


Though it may not have a traditional “mountain logo,” the Adidas emblem is still regularly associated with mountains. An evolution from the brand’s previous “trefoil” logo, the most recent emblem depicts three diagonal lines, growing bigger from left to right. 

The mountain shape helps to connect the brand with ideas like ambition and overcoming obstacles. Adidas creative director Peter Moore even said the mountain represents challenges to be faced and goals to be achieved.

Find out more about the Adidas logo here.

Logos With Mountains


An American purified bottled water brand, Aquafina is produced by the PepsiCo company. The brand name is also licensed for various skincare products such as wrinkle cream and lip balm. Launched in 1994, the Aquafina company uses the imagery of a mountain in its logo.

With the colors blue and grey in the logo, the company depicts ideas of sophistication, reliability, and refreshment. The small amount of red in the logo, highlighted by the sun, is excellent for conveying passion.

Logos With Mountains

Asheville Tourists

The Asheville Tourists are a minor league baseball team from the South Atlantic League. The team has played under the “Tourists” moniker for over a century. The team’s visual identity is unique and modern, with various shades of blue included.

There’s a dark silhouette of mountains behind the name “Tourist,” with a baseball flying over the top of it. This is intended to represent the incredible capabilities of the team to reach new heights with their talents.

Logos With Mountains

Big Sky Conference

As one of the most prominent collegiate athletic associations, the Big Sky Conference is associated with the NCAA Division I for football. The group has member institutions throughout the western side of the United States. The logo for this group is bold and eye-catching.

An abstract image of mountains is included towards the bottom of the emblem, set on an angled rectangular shape. The overall design is intended to represent movement and ambition.

Logos With Mountains


Otherwise known as the ACT Brumbies, the Brumbies rugby team is located in Australia, in the Canberra region. The group competes in the “Super Rugby” league and is named after the horses which inhabit the capital region.

The mountains in this logo represent some of the most significant symbols from the region. The badge looks eye-catching and bold, with various shades of blue, grey, and yellow, designed to stand out from competing teams.

Logos With Mountains

Idaho Falls Chukars

The Idaho Falls Chukars are a unique independent baseball team known for playing within the Pioneer league outside Major League Baseball. Located in the Idaho Falls region, the team uses the image of the Rocky Mountains in its logo.

This logo with mountains isn’t just a reference to the strength and accomplishments of the team but also the background of the Idaho region. The overall image is strong, compelling, and designed to inspire and motivate viewers.

Logos With Mountains

Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers

The Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers is a group collegiate athletic program from St Mary’s University. Located within the Maryland region of the United States, the group competes in various National Collegiate Athletic Association divisions.

The name “Mount” and the mountain logo on this emblem are intended to symbolize accomplishment and the achievement of lofty goals. The logo is inspiring and bold, with gold, blue, and white colors used to demonstrate prestige.

Logos With Mountains

National Park Service

An agency managed by the United States federal government, the NPS, or National Park Service, manages all national parks and a range of national monuments. The US Congress created the group in 1916.

The mountains on this logo are intended to represent the group’s focus on protecting natural sites throughout the United States. Alongside the image of a buffalo, various trees, and grassy plains, the mountains provide an insight into the organic world.

Logos With Mountains

Northwest Conference

Another athletic conference with mountains in its logo, the NWC, or North West Conference, is an athletic group competing in NCAA Division III. The member teams of this group are located throughout Washington and Oregon.

The mountains in this image are somewhat simplistic, designed to look as though they’ve been scribbled onto the emblem’s background. However, the imagery is still wonderfully strong and connects with ideas of ambition and achievement.

Logos With Mountains

Pacific West Conference

Known to some as “PacWest”, the Pacific West Conference is a collegiate athletic conference connected to the NCAA at the Division II level. The conference sponsors sports ranging from golf and tennis to basketball and cross-country running.

Like many conference groups, the PacWest conference uses mountains in its logo to represent stability, strength, ambition, and adventure. The modern logo uses a simplistic image to connect with its followers and fans.

Logos With Mountains

Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference

Known as the RMAC, the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference is affiliated with the II division of the NCAA. The group operates throughout the western United States, with most member groups based in Colorado. Unsurprisingly, this logo with mountains highlights the Rocky mountains in the region.

The mountains in this emblem also help to round out the overall shape of the emblem, which looks similar to a pentagon. The bold coloring of gold and blue help to symbolize trustworthiness, prestige, and excellence.

Logos With Mountains

Sierra Mist

A famous lemon-lime flavored soft drink line, Sierra Mist is owned by the PepsiCo company. The drink was rebranded as “mist twist” at one point before reverting to its original name. This logo represents the Sierra Mountain region, intended to highlight the refreshing nature of the drink.

The fresh silver and white components of the mountain peaks help to add to the stimulating nature of the emblem, especially when combined with the yellow and green segments of the fruits in the drink. The cool imagery is excellent for a beverage provider.

Logos With Mountains

Tipos Extraliga

The highest-level ice hockey league in Slovakia, the Tipos Extraliga is ranked as the fifth strongest league in Europe and the sixth strongest in the world. Interestingly, the league’s name is leased to sponsors, so it changes quite frequently.

The mountains in the emblem here help to highlight the cool nature of the ice hockey sport. They’re also an excellent symbol of strength and ambition. The overall image of this logo is eye-catching and unique, with a combination of red, white, and blue colors.

Logos With Mountains

West Virginia Black Bears

The West Virginia Black Bears are a collegiate summer baseball group from the MLB draft league in West Virginia. The mountains in the emblem are an excellent choice for a group from West Virginia – a location associated with several mountain ranges.

This is quite a complex logo with several different elements. Behind the outline of the mountains, we can see a baseball intended to represent the sun. There are also various stylized elements, including a unique wordmark and an image of a black bear.

Tips for creating logos with mountains

A mountain logo can be a phenomenal way for business leaders to send an important message to their audience about strength, adventure, and durability. However, as with any logo, companies must ensure they’re getting their design strategy right. 

Creating logos with mountains means thinking carefully about the aesthetic and personality you want to convey. 

Here are some quick tips to think about when creating a logo with mountain imagery:


Should the mountain visual be the core focus of the logo, or do you need something else to stand out more? Some companies use mountains as a “backdrop” for other logo elements. Other companies exclusively concentrate on highlighting the mountain as their core image. 

Ask yourself what kind of visuals you want to combine and what the hierarchy of the image should look like. Where do customers need to focus first?


Remember, just like the right symbols, the right colors can make a massive difference in the impact you have on your target audience. Many mountain logos leverage colors synonymous with the natural world, including white, blue, and green. 

However, unique colors could also make your logo more innovative and eye-catching. 


How do you want to showcase your mountain in your logo? Are you looking for something minimalistic and simplistic? Do you want a more detailed mountain backdrop? 

Remember, the more detailed your logo is, the more chance you have of certain elements disappearing when viewed on smaller devices. If you’re planning on leveraging the digital world for sales, keeping scalability in mind is essential. 


Will any mountain do, or are you focusing on a specific range? Many companies that use mountains in their logo focus on a specific location, usually relevant to the history or origins of the business. 

If you want to give your customers an insight into your company’s background, choosing a local mountain could be a good way to do this. 

Accompanying elements

Alongside your mountain, what other accompanying elements do you want to include in your logo? Most organizations won’t use a mountain image on its own but instead, combine it with a word mark. 

If you’re using your name in your logo, what fonts and typography should you consider?

Why do companies use logos with mountains in them?

Logos with mountains can be a great way to showcase the values and characteristics behind your brand. As enduring, powerful, and adventurous symbols, mountains are ideal for a wide range of different industries and use cases.

However, they can also appear overwhelming and daunting when used in the wrong circumstances.

If you need to decide whether you want to follow in the footsteps of other companies with mountain logos, it may be worth working with a professional logo designer on your image.

Your logo creator or branding company will be able to give you some of the guidance you need to choose the fitting symbol.

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