Famous clothing brand logos across the fashion industry
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Famous clothing brand logos across the fashion industry

Clothing brand logos

Fashion trends consistently evolve year after year, but some of the most famous clothing brand logos of all time have retained a consistent presence within the industry.

Produced by some of the most iconic graphic designers in the world, many clothing brand emblems have helped businesses to capture the loyalty of millions of customers worldwide.

From luxury brand logos, like the unforgettable Chanel symbol, to the eye-catching icons of high-street clothing brands, there are countless examples of amazing logos to explore in the fashion industry.

Each emblem sends an important message to customers about not just the style of the brand, but its personality, and position in the apparel landscape.

In many circles, name brand clothing logos have become just as sought-after as the garments themselves. Consumers take pride in the labels they wear, using them to showcase their own values, identity, and beliefs.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most famous clothing brand logos and names from across the globe.

The most famous clothing brand logos and names today

Famous clothing brand logos come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from compelling combination marks with unique graphics, to simple inscriptions which draw attention to a memorable brand name.

In the fashion industry, it’s common to use simplistic design elements, such as black and white color palettes, and carefully chosen inscriptions to convey meaning and depth.

Of course, all of the best fashion brand logos are strategically designed to ensure they capture the attention of the right customer base. Clothing companies are experts at understanding their target audience, and adapting their image to specific tastes.

In the list below, you’ll find some of the most impressive clothing brand logo ideas produced by companies throughout the fashion industry.

Clothing brand logos from luxury brands

Many famous clothing brand logos stem from the luxury industry. High-end fashion brands know how to convey ideas of opulence and affluence through sleek, simplistic logos, unique monograms, and the cautious use of color.

Here are some of the most recognizable clothing company logos from the luxury landscape, and what makes them special.

Clothing brand logos

1. Gucci

One of the most famous high-end fashion brands worldwide, Gucci was produced by Guccio Gucci in 1921. The Italian clothing company chose the perfect logo to convey its authority in the industry. The sleek, serif typeface used to depict the brand name is elegant and powerful at the same time.

The official Gucci logo includes a sophisticated wordmark, with plenty of white space between each letter to create a sense of balance. Gucci is also well-known for its compelling monogram, which features interlocking “G’s”, similar to the Givenchy logo.

Find out more about the Gucci logo here.

Clothing brand logos

2. Chanel

Considered one of the most famous fashion designers from France, Coco Chanel launched her clothing company in 1910, and has been influencing the landscape ever since.

The Chanel brand specializes in stunning fashion accessories, haute couture, and stylish women’s clothing.

The Chanel logo has remained relatively consistent throughout the years. Alongside a powerful, sans-serif wordmark, the company takes advantage of the letter “C” in its monogram, which places two of the characters back-to-back.

The elegant image almost looks like the links in a chain.

Find out more about the Chanel logo here.

Clothing brand logos

3. Versace

Easily one of the most complex emblems in this list of famous clothing brand logos, the Versace icon is brimming with depth and meaning. Launched in 1978, by Gianni Versace, the company produces some of the most opulent pieces in the fashion world.

The most memorable part of this logo is the Medusa head emblem, taken from Greek mythology. Known for turning people into stone, the Medusa image on the Versace logo tells us the company produces clothing capable of stopping people in their tracks.

Clothing brand logos

4. Jimmy Choo

Best known for creating iconic shoes and accessories, the Jimmy Choo luxury fashion brand was launched in 1996, and is one of the most popular clothing companies from the UK.

The Jimmy Choo logo features a lot of the common components of emblems from the clothing industry, such as a strong serif typeface, and a black and white color palette.

This image is a little more unique than some of the other best fashion logos in the luxury space, however, thanks to the use of larger letters for the “O” characters, which convey a creative, and almost playful personality for the brand.

Clothing brand logos

5. Louis Vuitton

Simplistic logos are often a popular choice among clothing brand symbols. The Louis Vuitton emblem is a perfect example of this.

First produced in 1854, Louis Vuitton has held a relatively consistent brand identity throughout the years. The design today features a sans-serif wordmark, written in all uppercase letters.

Alongside the minimalistic wordmark, the Louis Vuitton business also frequently uses a monogram, which combines the letters “L” and “V” into a sophisticated image.

The sleek and memorable logo is ideal for the high-end fashion space.

Clothing brand logos

6. Burberry

One of the most famous clothing brands from the UK landscape, Burberry was established by Thomas Burberry in 1856. The company has refined its image significantly over the years, attempting to create a modern image to appeal to a somewhat younger audience.

The current Burberry logo matches the aesthetic of a lot of famous clothing logos throughout the industry. The sharp serifs within the wordmark convey the innovative nature of the brand, and its cutting-edge approach to fashion.

Clothing brand logos

7. Ralph Lauren

Best-known for the polo player emblem used on the majority of its clothing, the Ralph Lauren brand was first launched in 1967, and has been growing in popularity ever since.

Headquartered in New York city, the company produces products for both the mid-range and luxury markets.

The official Ralph Lauren logo today is a wordmark made with a strong, serif typeface. Each letter uses a combination of bold serifs and sleek lines to convey sophistication and elegance.

There’s also significant spacing between each letter, to boost legibility.

Clothing brand logos

8. Giorgio Armani

Known to many just as “Armani”, the Giorgio Armani Italian clothing brand was first created in Milan, during 1975. The company is considered one of the biggest luxury goods retailers from Italy, falling just behind Prada in the current rankings.

The Armani logo is a picture of elegance, with smooth curves and strong, straight lines. The attractive serif-style characters are brimming with authority and sophistication. Armani’s design might be minimalistic, but it speaks of heritage and strength.

Clothing brand logos

9. Prada

First introduced into the fashion landscape in 1913, Prada has been transforming the way we look at clothing for decades. Founded in Milan, the luxury fashion house is one of the biggest in the world, known for selling everything from shoes to handbags.

The serif-style wordmark used by the company features quite a unique design, with bold points on the 2A’s” and an unusual shape on the lower leg of the “R”. The uppercase logo is distinctive and modern, with an edgy, unconventional air.

While high street brands follow many of the same logo conventions as their more luxurious counterparts, they tend to be more playful with their use of color and designs.

Here are some of the most famous clothing brand logos from the high-street landscape.

Clothing brand logos

1. Gap

Founded in 1969 by Donald and Doris Fisher, GAP is one of the best-known household names in the fashion industry today. The company has learned a few lessons over the years about experimenting with logo designs, after a more modern logo was rejected by the public.

Today, the GAP logo is a simplistic, and well-known emblem, featuring the company’s name in bold, serif letters, on a blue background. The slim-line letters of the logo design are particularly compelling, conveying ideas of elegance and power.

Clothing brand logos

2. Levi’s

Otherwise known as Levi Strauss & Co, Levi’s was first established in 1853. Today, the American company is best-known for its denim jeans, but it also produces a range of other products.

The Levi’s symbol is bold and eye-catching, designed to grab the attention of consumers worldwide.

The strong sans-serif letters are all depicted in uppercase, except for the “e” which gives the company a unique aesthetic. The red coloring conveys ideas of passion and vitality, leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

Clothing brand logos

3. H&M

H&M, or Hennes & Mauritz, is a multinational clothing company, first launched in 1947, in Sweden. The company focuses on fast-fashion clothing for children, men, and women alike, and it operates in more than 75 markets worldwide.

The H&M logo is definitely quite different to most of the emblems on this list. Like other name brand clothing logos, H&M uses its name in its design, but the letters are almost hand-drawn in style, looking as though they’ve been painted with a brush.

The red coloring is eye-catching and meaningful, highlighting passion and romance.

4. Zara

Specializing in fast fashion, Zara is a Spanish multi-national clothing chain which first launched in 1975. The company sells accessories, clothing, beauty products, and perfumes, as well as shoes.

With a massive presence around the world, the Zara logo has garnered a lot of attention.

Like many popular clothing brand logos, the Zara emblem features a wordmark. However, what makes this design really stand out is the way the letters are squashed together, overlapping in some areas.

This gives the company an air of agility and creativity.

5. Calvin Klein

Best-known for designer underwear and denim, Calvin Klein was founded in 1968, by a founder with the same name, and his business partner Barry K. Schwartz. The company has a phenomenal presence worldwide, with a host of licensees selling its products in their own stores.

The Calvin Klein logo is similar to many luxury brand logos in the world today. It features a single-color wordmark on a white background, with sans-serif lettering.

The design is sleek and simple, giving the organization an understated aesthetic.

Clothing brand logos

6. Abercrombie & Fitch

Focusing on casual wear, Abercrombie & Fitch is an American lifestyle company, with a variety of off-shoot brands under its name, such as Hollister Co. The organization was first created in 1892, and has become something of a worldwide name in the last few years.

The Abercrombie & Fitch logo is a simple text emblem, with sleek, serif-style letters. The design is somewhat traditional in nature, with an authoritative, powerful aesthetic.

Interestingly, the color palette is a little different to most clothing brands, with a grey shade font, instead of black.

Clothing brand logos

7. Diesel

Born in Italy during the year 1978, the Diesel S.p.A clothing brand specializes in denim, footwear, clothing, and accessories. It also has two different clothing brands under its name: Diesel and Diesel Black Gold.

The company has earned quite a reputation over the years for its unusual advertising.

Diesel’s logo is one of the most eye-catching on this list of famous clothing brands, featuring a bold white wordmark on a red background. The image often contains a slogan, “For Successful Living”, inscribed in all uppercase characters.

Clothing brand logos

8. Old Navy

An American clothing and accessories company owned by GAP; Old Navy was first launched in 1994. The company specializes in a range of ready-to-wear clothing options with a relaxed, and casual appeal.

The brand also has a variety of flagship stores throughout the US.

The Old Navy logo is simple and friendly, featuring a white wordmark on an oval blue background. The image has an almost nautical vibe, which reflects the company’s name. Plus, the color blue is often associated with trust and reliability.

Clothing brand logos

9. Urban Outfitters

First launched in 1970 under the name “Free People”, Urban Outfitters is a multinational lifestyle and clothing company, with a presence in regions all over the world. Initially, the company was designed as a project for an entrepreneurship class at the University of Pennsylvania.

Urban Outfitters showcases its bold and creative nature with its logo, featuring thick, sans-serif letters, often created in a range of colors for store signage. The official logo is often depicted in black and white, but various versions have been produced over the years.

Famous athletic clothing company logos

Alongside the luxury and high-street fashion segments, the athletic clothing landscape is a great source of inspiration for those looking at famous clothing brand logos. Some of the most popular and affluent brands in the world today fall into this category.

Here are some of the top clothing brand symbols you might be familiar with.

Clothing brand logos

1. Under Armour

Launched in 1996 by Kevin Plank, the Under Armour company is one of the most famous athletic brands in the world today. The business is best-known for creating comfortable yet fashionable clothing, with intelligent components, like compression shorts.

The Under Armour logo is instantly eye-catching. Alongside a bold wordmark, we see a unique monogram design, which places the letter “U” over a reflected shape to create the letter “A”.

This creative emblem has remained consistent for a number of years.

Clothing brand logos

2. Lacoste

Another famous French company within this logo showcase, the Lacoste emblem was designed to reflect a nickname for one of the company’s founders, René Lacoste. He was nicknamed the “Alligator” by the American press in the early years of his Tennis career.

The most compelling aspect of the Lacoste logo is the bright green mascot, which often appears across a range of the company’s garments and accessories. The reptile mascot has stayed with the company for decades, though it has been refined over the years.

Clothing brand logos

3. Nike

Easily one of the most famous clothing brand logos in the world today comes from Nike, the biggest sports retailer in the world. Unlike most companies, Nike no longer needs to use a wordmark in most of its branding, thanks to the instant recognizability of the Nike Swoosh.

The design is intended to represent the wing of the Greek goddess, Nike. However, it also looks a lot like a checkmark, which works well with the motivational and inspirational nature of the clothing business, and the tagline “Just Do It”.

Find out more about the Nike logo here.

Clothing brand logos

4. Adidas

First launched in 1924, Adidas was created by Adolf Dassler, and the name of the organization is based on the letters of his first and last name, brought together.

The Adidas company has changed its visual identity a number of times over the years, experimenting with different designs.

The three stripes mark is still well-known for the Adidas company today, alongside the trefoil logo. However, the official company logo simply features a wordmark, written in all lowercase, sans-serif font, with a black and white color palette.

Find out more about the Adidas logo here.

Clothing brand logos

5. The North Face

Known for selling outdoor clothing, footwear, and recreational equipment, The North Face is one of the most famous clothing brands in the apparel industry. The brand began in 1966 as a store selling climbing equipment for athletes.

Today, the company’s compelling logo is a testament to its brand identity. The design on the right side of the logo draws inspiration from the Half Dome rock formation. The geometric element matches perfectly with the three levels of the company’s wordmark.

Clothing brand logos

6. Puma

Another of the best-known clothing brands in the athletic industry today, Puma was created by the brother of Adidas founder, Adolf Dassler. Rudolf Dassler produced the company in 1948 as a shoe company, before expanding the product line to cover other forms of clothing.

The Puma logo comes in a range of different designs, including one with a simple, eye-catching wordmark, written in all uppercase, sans-serif font. There are also variations of the logo which include the leaping puma (cat) symbol.

Find out more about the Puma logo here.

Clothing brand logos

7. Lululemon

Otherwise known as Lululemon Athletica, Lululemon is a Canadian athletic retailer, best known for its lifestyle apparel and athletic wear. The company is committed to running a relatively sustainable store, while also offering flexible, fashionable clothing items.

The Lululemon logo can feature either a standalone emblem, or a combination mark. The emblem itself features a unique shape depicted in white on a red circular background. When the wordmark is introduced, it features simple, sans-serif font in all lowercase letters.

Clothing brand logos

8. Patagonia

With a name based on a famous location, the Patagonia company was first introduced in 1973. The company is based in California, and operates stores in 10 countries around the world, as well as factories in 16 countries.

Patagonia is best-known for its sustainable, high-quality clothing.

The Patagonia symbol is elegant and creative, taking inspiration from many of the most famous fashion brand logos from across the globe. All of the letters of the wordmark are written in a stylish, lowercase serif font, with thick, heavy lines.

Clothing brand logos

9. Asics

Japanese multinational sportswear corporation, ASICS, was first launched in 1949, with the name “Onitsuka Tiger”. In 1977, the name was updated to the more simplistic title of “ASICS”, which is actually an acronym for a phrase which translates to “A sound mind, in a sound body.”

Sporty and fresh, the ASICS logo has a unique sense of motion to it, thanks to the slight slant of the letters. The swirling shape next to the wordmark also depicts ideas of movement, progression, and dynamism, while the blue color palette demonstrates reliability and professionalism.

Find out more about the ASICS logo here.

Learning from the clothing brand symbols of fashion brands

Famous clothing brand logos from across the globe provide a fantastic insight into how companies can utilize their designs to capture the attention of their potential customers.

Each of the logos mentioned above have earned significant equity in the modern world, connecting with the target market of their corresponding companies.

Looking at these logos, we can clearly see how famous brands have designed their image to showcase their unique identity and personality, cultivating brand awareness and growth.

If you need help developing a new logo for your clothing brand, working with an expert design team can be a great way to improve your chances of success. The right agency will help you pinpoint the best designs, capable of differentiating you from your competitors.

Reach out to Fabrik Brands today to learn more about how we can help you to produce a great logo for your growing business.

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