Destiny logo history and symbol: From concept to controller
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Destiny logo history and symbol: From concept to controller

Destiny Logo

Representing one of the most popular modern video games on the market today, the Destiny logo has received significant attention from lovers of the gaming landscape. This simple yet effective emblem, consisting of a mysterious symbol and modern wordmark, is well-known worldwide. 

But where did the Destiny logo come from?

Fans of multiplayer first-person shooters will likely be familiar with the Destiny game title, developed by Bungie and published by Activision. Since 2014, this gaming title has taken the world by storm, generating a massive global following. 

Many people believe Destiny helped to change the video game landscape as we know it as a pioneer in the live service genre. But fans are often confused about what the Destiny logo means and why it was chosen for this iconic game. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Destiny symbol and the eye-catching game logo. 

The Destiny symbol: Introducing Destiny

Destiny is an online-only first-person shooter game designed for the multiplayer landscape. It was developed by the Bungie video game developers and published by a world-leading game brand named Activision. 

The title first emerged on the market in 2014, appearing on the PlayStation 3 and 4, as well as the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. 

Destiny was a highly anticipated title in the video game space, marking the first new console franchise created by Bungie since the popular Halo series. The game was also the first in a ten-year agreement signed between Bungie and Activision. 

Set in a compelling science-fiction landscape, the game features a multiplayer environment with various playing styles to explore. 

Gamers can choose to experiment with player vs. environment levels or battle friends and online advisories in PvP (Player vs. Player) game modes. Upon its release, Destiny received a lot of positive reviews, with analysts praising its graphics, gameplay, and fun combat sequences. 

However, some critics did not the game’s lack of a comprehensive storyline. 

Despite a few negative reviews, Destiny quickly achieved massive success, earning $325 million in sales within its first five days on the market. It’s also considered by many to be one of the best video games of all time, with an avid following almost ten years after its introduction. 

Destiny logo history: Destiny 1 and 2

The Destiny franchise has introduced two games in its lifespan, both with very similar logo designs. Both emblems are combination marks featuring an iconic, modern wordmark and a unique symbol that has generated significant interest over the years. 

Destiny Logo


Destiny logo history began in 2014 with the introduction of the first Destiny game. The logo chosen for the title was a relatively simplistic one, spread across two levels. On the top level, we see the name “Destiny,” written in a sleek, sans-serif font. 

Each character consists of thin, simple lines depicted in white, and there is significant spacing between each letter. 

Underneath the wordmark is the iconic Destiny symbol, known as the Tricorn. The developers of the game have never released an official meaning for this symbol, which appears to be formed of three connected circles with an oval shape in the top center of the piece. 

Destiny Logo


The second Destiny logo, created for the new installment in the franchise in 2017, is almost exactly the same as the first. Both the symbol and the wordmark choice remain the same as in the previous design. 

However, in most versions of the Destiny 2 logo, the Tricorn symbol is placed to the right of the wordmark rather than beneath it. 

The major difference between the two emblems is the presence of a large number 2, often placed in a semi-transparent grey font, in the background behind the combination mark. 

What does the Destiny symbol mean?

While there are various unique and compelling elements to the Destiny logo, the symbol is perhaps the component that has gained the most attention from fans. 

The Tricorn symbol, named after the number of “horns” or circular appendages on the design, doesn’t have an official meaning, according to Bungie. The geometric design may simply have been a creative attempt by the designers to connect the game with the concepts of science fiction and modernity. 

Destiny Logo

Of course, while Destiny’s developers haven’t released an official explanation for the Destiny symbol, this hasn’t stopped fans from sharing their own theories. Some people believe the three components of the design represent the three elements of the game (plot, facts, heroes). 

Others say it may be representative of the three races or three classes players can choose from in the game. 

For now, gamers have been left to speculate on the true meaning of the design, which has led to some relatively interesting ideas over the years. 

The Destiny logo: Fonts and colors

The Destiny logo might seem relatively simple at a glance, but it’s a carefully chosen emblem intended to highlight the game’s focus on the future. The sleek and sophisticated wordmark is inherently modern and almost technical in nature. 

The mysterious Destiny symbol, without a clear meaning, seems to connect to multiple aspects of the game itself. 

This relatively flexible logo has proven to be a timelessly engaging brand asset for the developers at Bungie and the publishers at Activision. 

In some cases, during branding and marketing campaigns, the companies have even used the Destiny symbol as a standalone component without including the wordmark at all, highlighting just how recognizable it is. 

You can find some helpful resources here if you want to take a closer look at the Destiny logo:

The Destiny logo colors are relatively simple. In most cases, the design for the Destiny emblem is presented in black on a white background. However, there are instances in which the Destiny logo color palette has been inverted. 

On the Destiny game box, the wordmark and symbol are often depicted in white on a multi-colored background showing a scene from the game. 

What font does the Destiny logo use?

As mentioned above, the Destiny symbol is often enough to represent the game franchise on its own, even without the use of the Destiny wordmark. However, the wordmark does continue to be a relatively important component of the game’s visual identity. 

Depicted in all uppercase letters, with significant spacing between each character, the Destiny logo font is a simple, sans-serif typeface

Though the official name for the typeface hasn’t been revealed by Destiny’s creators or publishers, it does seem to be quite similar to the Futura font. 

The Destiny logo is a mysterious, modern, and compelling example of a phenomenal symbol in the gaming industry. The sleek, sophisticated wordmark gives the game a somewhat futuristic vibe, ideal for highlighting the kind of setting and environment gamers will encounter. 

Though the Destiny symbol has no official meaning, it is engaging and interesting. The unique geometric design has inspired countless gamers to share their theories on its origins. 

Today, the Destiny logo and symbol are among the most recognizable assets in the gaming world. 

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