The Star+ logo: A deep dive into its fascinating history and Disney ties
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The Star+ logo: A deep dive into its fascinating history and Disney ties

Star+ Logo

If you’re a fan of streaming services in today’s world of digital content, then you’re probably familiar with Star+, otherwise known as Star or Star Plus. The Star+ brand, owned by Disney, provides content to consumers worldwide. 

At the moment, we will be taking a closer look at the Star+ logo history and the brand’s origins.

Though Star+ is a relatively young company in the digital world, it has already captured a lot of global attention, thanks largely to its great content and consistent branding. 

The Star+ logo, which features an orange and pink five-pointed star icon in the place of an “A,” is now well-known in regions worldwide. 

If you’ve ever wondered about the Star+ logo or wanted to know how Star Plus and Disney are connected, you’re in the right place. 

Today, we’re going to explore the Star+ visual identity, as well as its origins in the streaming space. 

The Star Plus logo: An introduction to Star+

Before we explore Star+ logo history, let’s take a closer look at the company itself. Star, or Star+, is a content hub contained within the Disney+ streaming service. The solution launched in 2021 and is available in a variety of countries where Disney+ operates, including various locations in Europe.

The Star brand originated as a satellite broadcaster in Hong Kong, which operated under the name as, an acronym for the “Satellite Television Asian Region” company. Following 2009, the Star brand was transferred to the Star China Media company and Star India. 

Star India, as well as various other Fox Network Group Asia Pacific broadcasters, were acquired by the Walt Disney Company in 2019, then Disney purchased 21st Century Fox. 

During an earnings call shared in 2020, the CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek, announced Disney would be launching a new general entertainment service under the Star name. 

Today, Star features primarily adult-oriented film and television content from libraries of Disney subsidiary companies, such as ABC Signature, Hollywood Pictures, and 20th Century Animation. 

Star+ Logo

Are Star+ and Disney+ the same?

Technically, Star+ and Disney+ aren’t exactly the same thing, but they’re both accessible in the same environment. Star is the sixth brand tile within the Disney+ interface, which means consumers can access the service through their Disney+ subscription. 

When Disney purchased 21st Century Fox and created the new Star brand, they added it to their existing streaming service to be available to customers at no extra cost. However, the price of the Disney+ subscription did increase at that time too. 

Alongside new content, Star+ introduced new parental controls into the Disney+ environment to help consumers ensure their children wouldn’t be able to access specific pieces of content. 

Star is now available across Canada, Western Europe, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. However, it is not yet available in the United States. 

Is Star+ owned by Disney?

Yes, the original Star brand was purchased by Disney alongside a variety of other Asia Pacific operations belonging to the Fox Networks group in 2019. The acquisition of 21st Century Fox allowed Disney to create a new “Star” service within their Disney+ streaming app. 

What does Star+ include?

The Star+ streaming service includes a variety of adult-oriented film and television content taken from the libraries of other Disney subsidiaries. There are various television programs and films to choose from, acquired from companies like Miramax, 20th Century Studios, and FXP. 

Within Europe, Disney+ and Star+ also offer various forms of local content from third-party distributors, as well as co-productions and in-house productions. 

Additionally, many of the productions for which the local release is sponsored by Star are advertised as Exclusives or Originals on the platform. Most of these productions come from TV channels and streaming services already owned by the Walt Disney Company. 

As a relatively new company in the streaming landscape, Star+ hasn’t had much of an opportunity to transform or update its logo over the years. The Star+ logo history really only began officially with the creation of the new brand after Fox assets were purchased by Disney in 2019. 

When the new Star+ Streaming service was officially introduced in 2021, it was given a brand-new, modern logo designed to coincide with other Disney properties. 

Star+ Logo

The one and only emblem ever used by the Star+ company so far features the name of the organization written in bold, sans-serif letters. The characters are presented in a blue/black shade, with equal spacing between all of the letters. 

In place of the typical “A” in Star, the company has introduced a five-pointed star graphic. This design includes a gradient red and orange element to it, with a slash across the middle of the design. 

Interestingly, the symbol is similar to the Star India logo introduced before the company was purchased by Disney. The company began using a star with a slash across it in its emblems in 2001. 

Star+ Logo

Originally, the Star Plus logo for the Indian brand was depicted in a dark shade of blue. However, the company updated this logo in 2011 to feature a red color palette instead. In 2016, the Star Plus logo was enhanced even further to include shades of orange. 

Star+ Logo

There’s certainly some overlap between the designs used here and the emblem chosen for the new subsidiary of the Disney+ brand. 

The Star+ logo: Fonts and colors

The official Star+ logo created for the Disney+ broadcasting service is brand-new and specific to the new company. However, if we look back at the previous companies purchased to create the new Disney subsidiary, we can see some overlapping design elements. 

Today, the simple but effective Star Plus logo, used as the only emblem in the new organization’s history, is intended to be impactful and creative. The bright colors of the design, combined with the Star shape, make us think of innovation, fun, and playfulness. 

If you want to take a closer look at the Star+ logo, you can find some useful resources here:

Though the previous “Star Plus” brand in India used a variety of colors in its strategy to build the ultimate brand identity, the official Disney+, Star+ logo has only used a single-color palette. 

The Star+ logo colors combine a dark blue/black wordmark with a gradient shade of orange and pink in the central star image. The most attractive part of the Star+ logo color palette is the orange and pink Star, which makes us think of creativity, community, and compassion. 

What font does the Star+ logo use?

The Star+ logo font is a simple sans-serif typeface depicted in all uppercase letters. The design is similar to a lot of sans-serif fonts, though it does have some unique elements. The letters have been carefully spaced and positioned to create a fantastic sense of balance throughout the logo. 

The + on the end of the wordmark is similar in a lot of ways to the + on the end of the Disney+ inscription. 

Although the Star+ logo is relatively new to the digital world, it’s already gaining attention in areas all over the globe. With some inspiration taken from the previous Star Plus logo in India, this compelling emblem has captured the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere.

The compelling five-point star positions the company as a brand committed to excellence and innovation while reminding us of its memorable name. Plus, the color palette chosen for the company is highly connected with concepts like creativity and discovery.

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