The Energy Star logo: A success story in energy conservation
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The Energy Star logo: A success story in energy conservation

Energy Star Logo

The Energy Star logo is one of the most impactful emblems in the world. Unlike other symbols, this iconic design doesn’t just identify a specific brand, it demonstrates a company’s commitment to conservation, sustainability, and eco-friendly practices. While you may be familiar with the emblem today, you may not know much about Energy Star logo history. 

After all, like many iconic emblems, the Energy Star logo has evolved over the years. Although the unforgettable script font and eye-catching star element have remained consistent, the color palette of the emblem has been transformed to leverage the power of color psychology. 

If you’ve ever wondered where the unforgettable Energy Star emblem came from, or how it’s evolved over the years, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at Energy Star icon, its transformation across the decades, and what it means to consumers today. 

What does an Energy Star logo mean? An introduction

Before we dive into our exploration of Energy Star logo history, it’s worth outlining the meaning behind this iconic emblem. Energy Star, trademarked as “ENERGY STAR” is a US Environmental Protection Agency program, designed to promote efficiency in the modern world. 

The program offers insights into the energy consumption of different devices and products in the current world, using common standardization methods.

Originally, the program was established in 1992, as part of the Energy Policy Act, within the “Clean Air Act”. Since its inception, Energy Star and its partner brands have helped to reduce energy costs by around $430 billion. 

The Energy Star logo showcases a company’s adherence to the energy consumption policies and guidelines implemented by the US government.

The label can be found on more than 75 different product categories, as well as homes, commercial buildings, and industrial plants. Elements of the Energy Star program are also being implemented in various different parts of the world. 

What is the Energy Star logo on an energy guide?

Essentially, the Energy Star symbol is the government’s way of highlighting energy efficiency. The eye-catching logo was designed to help consumers quickly recognize the more efficient and sustainable buildings, homes, and products, that help to protect the environment.

The Energy Star logo is frequently incorporated into the EnergyGuide label for certain products. 

How do I know if my appliance is Energy Star

The Energy Star program has its own list online where consumers can find accredited and certified products under the label. Additionally, it’s often possible to find the Energy Star symbol either printed on the packaging of a product, or added to branding and marketing materials. 

Where would you find the Energy Star logo?

The Energy Star logo appears in various different environments, depending on the product or solution in question. It may appear in the documentation for a building or house. It can also be printed directly onto a product, or on an item’s packaging. 

Energy Star logo history: The Energy Star Emblem

Since its original inception in the early 1990s, the Energy Star logo has remained relatively consistent. This compelling emblem has always included an image of a star, as well as the “Energy Star” label, written in a stylish, hand-written font.

The only major change to take place during Energy Star logo history influenced the color palette used for the emblem.

Energy Star Logo


When the Energy Star program was first introduced in the 90s, the original logo used for the initiative was very similar to the one we know today. It featured the word “Energy” in lowercase letters, written in the form of a signature. 

The handwritten cursive was placed diagonally above a thin horizontal line, with a curved line placed above it. The “Y” in Energy cuts into the shape of a five-point star, depicted with bold outlines, in black on a white background. 

Energy Star Logo

For the first ten years, there were a handful of variants of this logo in circulation. The official, and most-used Energy start logo featured a monochrome color palette. There was also a version of the Energy Star emblem which featured a yellow inscription, with an image of the earth in the semi-circle background behind the wordmark. 

Energy Star Logo


In 2013, the Energy Star team made a slight change to its logo, focusing primarily on the color palette. The script-style font remained consistent, as did the bold five-pointed star. The curved element above the wordmark, and the thin line beneath also remained present in most versions of the symbol. 

However, in the new variation of the Energy Star symbol, the color light blue was used to demonstrate credibility, trustworthiness, and professionalism. The white font choice was intended to highlight purity, excellence, and safety.

In most instances, the new Energy Star logo features just the wordmark, and the semi-circle line above it. However, there are instances where the words “Energy Star” appear in all capital letters underneath the main emblem. 

The Energy Star logo: Fonts and colors

Since its inception, the Energy Star program has always aimed to convey ideas of trustworthiness and authenticity in its logo. The official emblem used for the group leveraged a simple cursive, handwritten font to demonstrate humanity and compassion.

The five pointed star was chosen not just as a representation of the name of the program, but also as a common symbol for excellence.

When the color palette for the emblem was updated in 2013, the decision to use white and a light shade of blue was made based on color psychology.

These shades are often associated with credibility, trust, reliability, and excellence. The overall design also looks wonderfully fresh and pure, connected with the group’s mission to improve the planet. 

You can find some great examples of the Energy Star logo here:

What color is the Energy Star logo?

As mentioned above, the official Energy Star logo colors have changed a couple of times over the years. Initially, the group used two color palettes.

The first, and most recognized logo featured a monochrome design in black and white. However, a version of the Energy Star logo showcasing yellow font on a picture of the globe was also common. 

Today, the official Energy Star logo color palette has been updated to a simple combination of soft sky blue and bright white. Not only does this color selection look fresh and engaging, but also showcases the company’s commitment to being a reliable and trustworthy source of information.

What font does the Energy Star logo use?

The Energy Star logo font has remained the same since the launch of the program. The white cursive lettering was designed specifically for the group, and is intended to look like a handwritten font.

The lightweight, custom font features numerous curves and unique elements. The typeface is similar in some ways to Blastone Solid or Roderick Regular, with some altered components.

The powerful Energy Star emblem

Throughout Energy Star logo history, the initiative’s emblem has served as a symbol of authenticity, sustainability, and purity. More than just an eye-catching emblem, the Energy Star logo is an iconic design, intended to inform and educate the people who see it. 

Today, the Energy Star logo is one of the most recognizable symbols on the world, used not just in the United States, but in various regions across the globe. 

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