Logos with eagles: The famous brands with eagle logos
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Logos with eagles: The famous brands with eagle logos

Logos With Eagles

Logos with eagles are relatively common in today’s business world. There are dozens of iterations of these feathered creatures throughout the aviation, finance, sports, and fashion sectors. This is because eagles, like many of nature’s creatures, are associated with specific concepts and ideas. 

Brands with eagle logos can instantly send crucial messages about their personality to their target audience. 

For centuries, humans have used animals as symbols for many traits, characteristics, and concepts. We connect elephants with memory and cats with sophistication and elegance. Horses are symbols of speed and grace, while owls are icons of knowledge and wisdom. 

Eagle logos have their own distinct appeal in the branding world. An eagle isn’t just a symbol of flight and freedom; it’s also one of the most powerful creatures in the sky. 

Today, we’re looking at some of the most famous companies with eagle logos and discussing how their unique image benefits their brand.

So, what do logos with eagles in them say about a company? The answer to this question depends on several factors. 

Like many animals, eagles can be a relatively versatile creature from a branding perspective. In some parts of the world, eagles are seen as symbols of royalty. Similar to how the lion is perceived as the “king of the jungle,” the eagle is the ruler of the sky, at the very top of its food chain

As apex predators, eagles are often associated with power, confidence, and strength. This makes them an excellent mascot for any company looking to position itself as the number one contender in its space. 

Eagles are also fast, graceful, and athletic. They can accomplish incredible feats of strength and skill and are often seen as a symbol of inspiration to those who encounter them. 

As winged creatures, eagles are often associated with freedom, adventure, and ambition. They can be an excellent way to highlight the lofty aspirations of growing companies. In some parts of the world, like the United States, eagles can also be an emblem of national pride. 

Eagles are one of the most attractive birds to place on any logo because their symbolism connects brands to many positive associations. 

While eagles can sometimes be perceived as aggressive or vicious, they’re most commonly depicted as spiritually uplifting, courageous, and elegant creatures.

Brands with eagle logos: Famous eagle logos

The powerful symbolism of logos with eagles has prompted countless companies to adopt the creature as their own mascot over the years. Security agencies use eagles to demonstrate confidence and strength, while apparel companies embrace eagle imagery to show a sense of adventure.

Construction companies, airlines, and banking brands have also used eagles in their logos. Here are some famous eagle logo examples to inspire your branding strategy.

Logos With Eagles

American Airlines

As the largest airline in the world, American Airlines has captured the attention of countless consumers and partners over the years. First launched in 1936, the airline now schedules and manages more than 6,800 flights per day to over 350 destinations.

American Airlines’ eagle logo symbolizes patriotism, grace, and speed.

The sleek and abstract design, paired with a red, white, and blue color palette, reminds customers of the company’s commitment to its target audience and focus area. The eagle design also looks a little like an airplane, which makes it perfect for an airline brand.

Logos With Eagles


Located in Missouri, Anheuser-Bush is an American brewing company that first launched in 1852. AB InBev, the largest brewing organization in the world, currently owns the brand.

Anheuser-Busch has made several changes to its logo over the years, but almost every emblem has featured the same impressive eagle mascot.

The famous eagle logo features the bird of prey flying through the central portion of a significant capital “A,” which stands for “Anheuser.” Above the A, we also see the image of a golden, five-pointed star. The use of an eye-catching script-style wordmark enhances this elegant emblem.

Logos With Eagles


Many people see the eagle as a symbol of strength and stability, making it an excellent choice for a financial brand like Barclays. The Barclays company is a British multinational banking institution and one of the largest financial groups in the UK.

For years, the Barclays team has used the image of an eagle in their logo to highlight their strength, confidence, and commitment to excellent service. The eagle is also designed in the shape of a shield, which helps to strengthen the company’s image as a reliable vendor.

As a bonus, the light blue color also conveys ideas of trustworthiness and professionalism.

Logos With Eagles


Benfica is a professional football club based in Lisbon, Portugal. It currently competes in the top flight of Portuguese football, in the Primeira Liga. The Benfica players are nicknamed the “Eagles” for the symbol on top of their iconic crest.

The Benfica visual identity includes an old-fashioned image of an eagle with fluffy plumage, spreading its wings outwards.

The eagle’s golden coloring helps convey the team’s commitment to excellence. Underneath the eagle, we see a traditional crest-style emblem depicting the initials “SLB” for Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

Logos With Eagles


The eagle is a prevalent symbol in brand identities throughout the United States. After all, Americans see the eagle as a symbol of freedom and patriotism. It’s no surprise, then, that the CIA or Central Intelligence Agency also uses an image that features an eagle symbol.

The CIA seal features the top of an eagle, placed above a large shield-type shape with a red star. The image is intended to inspire confidence while highlighting the group’s focus on preserving the safety of American citizens.

Logos With Eagles

Colorado Eagles

Based in Loveland, Colorado, the Colorado Eagles are a professional minor league icy hockey group known for playing in the Pacific Division of the American Hockey league. The Eagles have won several titles in their time, including two Ray Miron President’s cups.

The Colorado Eagles emblem is a symbol of patriotism and power.

Like many logos with eagles, this image symbolizes strength, confidence, and passion. Alongside the image of an eagle, we see the colors of the team’s sporting kits, as well as the name of the group, outlined in bold, serif-style writing, all in capital letters.

Logos With Eagles

Crystal Palace

Another well-known sporting team with an eagle logo, Crystal Palace is a professional football team from the UK. Playing in the premier league, the club was first launched in 1905, making it a historic part of the British football landscape. 

Crystal Palace uses an edgy and modern image of an eagle in its logo, depicted in a series of harsh blue curves and lines.

The eagle stands on top of a large building, with a traditional soccer ball placed just beneath its talons. The eye-catching image highlights the date when the group was first founded within the center of the architectural character.

Logos With Eagles

Gulf Air

Bird imagery is relatively common in the aviation industry, where companies want to remind customers of concepts like flight and freedom. Gulf Air has embraced this concept with the image of an eagle in its unique and eye-catching logo.

Gulf Air is the state-owned airline of Bahrain, and it currently operates flights to 55 locations worldwide.

The Gulf Air logo is a compelling and sophisticated image, depicted in dark blue and gold colors, to highlight excellence and nobility. The eagle in flight in this icon symbolizes adventure and grace.

Logos With Eagles


Otherwise known as the Mexican Social Security Institute, the IMSS is a governmental organization responsible for managing various projects connected to social security, pensions, and public health.

The group has a noteworthy badge featuring an abstract-looking eagle of various unique lines, curves, and shapes.

For the IMSS, the eagle is a symbol of security and protection. On close inspection, we can see the shape of a baby between the bird’s wings, highlighting the group’s commitment to serving families and individuals throughout Mexico.

Logos With Eagles

Lazio FC

Societa Sportiva Lazio, commonly referred to as “Lazio,” is an Italian professional sports club in Rome, primarily known for its football activity. The society was founded in 1900 and has spent most of its history in the top tier of Italian football.

Like many sporting clubs, Lazio chose the image of an eagle to highlight ideas of freedom, ambition, and excellence.

The emblem for the group includes the depiction of an eagle in gold and white, with a striped crest grasped in its talons. The bird has its wings outstretched, intended to symbolize the lofty aspirations of the club.

Logos With Eagles

Moto Guzzi

Established in 1921, Moto Guzzi is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer and the oldest European company to produce motorcycles continuously. The brand has a strong reputation in motorcycling and has played a significant role in developing the Italian vehicular landscape.

The Moto Guzzi logo features an eagle in flight, with its wings outstretched equally over the two portions of the company’s wordmark. In this instance, the eagle emblem symbolizes speed, elegance, and sophistication.

Logos With Eagles

New York State

The official seal for the State of New York also has its own image of an eagle, alongside many other meaningful elements.

This traditional seal features a bold color palette, with components of gold, red, white, blue, and various other shades. In the image, we can see the motto “Excelsior,” meaning ever upward, and the ladies of Liberty and Justice.

In the middle of the logo, an eagle stands atop a depiction of the earth, with its wings outstretched to either side, and its head tilted slightly to the left. The eagle here is a symbol of freedom, patriotism, and ambition.

Logos With Eagles

The Ramones

The Ramones were one of the biggest American punk rock bands formed in the 70s. They’re often cited as one of the first true punk rock groups to emerge in the music scene.

In many albums and on countless pieces of merchandise, the Ramones use an emblem representative of the official seal of the president of the United States.

The logo is a round medallion, with the names of each band member encircling a central image of an eagle, a series of arrows, a baseball bat, and an olive branch. The design aims to encompass many iconic images associated with the United States.

Logos With Eagles


At first glance, the logo for the outdoor clothing brand, Salewa might not look much like an eagle. This modern emblem features a stylistic wordmark and a geometric design to highlight the brand’s contemporary nature and clothing.

However, on closer inspection, we can see the shape above the wordmark is intended to represent a bird with the outstretched wings of a giant eagle. This futuristic logo is eye-catching and ambitious and helps highlight the brand’s aspirational personality.

Logos With Eagles


Founded in Russia during the 1860s, Smirnoff has grown to become one of the better-known vodka brands in the world. The company began with a simple vodka distillery in Moscow, and today, the beverage is distributed across over 130 countries.

The visual identity of the Smirnoff brand is based on one of the most iconic symbols in Russian history – the two-headed eagle. The design is meant to pay homage to the brand’s origins and showcase its commitment to excellence.

Logos With Eagles

The Independent

One of the most respected newspapers in the world, the Independent is now an online publication that originally began in the United Kingdom. The broadsheet nicknamed the “Indy” changed to a tabloid format in 2003, but it still maintains its sophisticated image.

The logo of the Independent is based on a flying eagle. The bird is depicted in white on a red circle, holding a rolled-up newspaper in its talons. For the Independent, the eagle is an emblem of confidence, freedom, professionalism, and reliability.

Logos With Eagles

The US Air Force

Like many other famous emblems from the United States, the US air force icon and the group’s official seal include the image of an eagle. The air force seal is much more traditional, with an eagle sitting on top of a shield.

On the other hand, the US Airforce logo is a geometric image featuring the shape of an eagle which is also designed to look like a medal of honor. The bird’s two wings are folded to make them look like ribbons, with the star in the center as the medal.

Logos With Eagles


Otherwise known as the United States Automobile Association, the USAA is a Fortune 500 financial services group offering various finance, investing, and banking services. The group focuses explicitly on individuals who served in the US armed forces and their families.

The USAA uses a modern version of an eagle logo, where the shape of the eagle is depicted in a series of lines. The minimalistic image is displayed in white and blue colors to demonstrate excellence, innovation, and reliability.

Logos With Eagles

The United States Marine Corps

The USMC, or United States Marines, is the maritime land force connected to the armed forces in America, responsible for conducting amphibious and expeditionary operations. The Marine Corps has been part of the uniformed services of the US since the 1800s.

The traditional seal of the USMC mimics the design of many well-known emblems within official government groups across the US. The image depicts an anchor, an eagle, and a photo of the earth, to help highlight the group’s focus areas.

Logos With Eagles


Otherwise known as the United States Postal Service, USPS is an independent agency belonging to the executive branch of the US federal government, responsible for delivering postal services to homeowners around the United States.

The USPS logo is a dynamic and modern emblem in the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue. The minimalist image of an eagle placed alongside the group’s wordmark is both a reference to the United States and a symbol of excellence and strength.

Logos With Eagles

Wilson Combat

First launched in 1977, Wilson Combat is a custom pistol manufacturer focused on the production and customization of specific firearms. First known simply as “Wilson’s Gun Shop,” the company rapidly expanded over the years.

Wilson Combat’s logo has a powerful and eye-catching visual identity, often branded onto the firearms created by the company.

The visual asset includes an eagle’s head, with two simplified wings extending from either side of the letter “C.” The shape of the wings and the eagle’s head also create the letter “W.”

Tips for creating logos with eagles in them

Logos with eagles in them can be a powerful tool for modern companies. Brands with eagle logos can often send an important message to their customers about their personality, commitment to excellence, and strength in their chosen industry. 

However, just as with any logo design, it’s crucial for those considering their own eagle logo to think carefully about the image they hope to convey. A few of the points companies should keep in mind when choosing an eagle logo include the following:


Eagles can be seen as symbols of protection, adventure, or strength, depending on how they’re portrayed. Brands should ask themselves what they want to accomplish before diving into sketches of minimalistic, traditional, or complex eagle logos. 


Colors can make a massive difference to how any logo is perceived. An eagle logo with shades of red, white, and blue included in the emblem will often be seen as patriotic. Eagles also work well with colors like gold to represent excellence. 

Accompanying elements

Most eagle logos don’t feature an eagle by themselves. If you’re using a wordmark or other graphical elements in your logo, it’s essential to think about how all of the different aspects of your logo will work together. 

If you need help making the most of the eagle design in your logo, it may be worth speaking to a professional logo designer to help you put your ideas down on paper.

Should you use logos with eagles in them?

Logos with eagles can be a fantastic tool for businesses hoping to draw valuable attention to their company.

Brands with eagle logos instantly provide their audience with helpful information about their identity, personality, and values. Used correctly, a logo can demonstrate phenomenal strength, ambition, excellence, and even freedom.

However, just like any other brand asset, an effective eagle logo must be designed with caution to deliver the right effects.

If you’re planning on using eagles in your logo design, it’s worth doing your research and considering working with a professional to bring your image to life.   

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