The Slack logo: A symbol of communication and collaboration
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The Slack logo: A symbol of communication and collaboration

Slack Logo History

The Slack logo is a symbol many people will be familiar with in today’s age of digital communication and collaboration. However, even if you’re aware of the platform, you may not know much about Slack logo history. 

Slack has effectively differentiated itself from a host of collaboration companies and technology providers, with a vibrant, eye-catching emblem. While the company hasn’t made many changes to its logo design over the years, it has refined the image slightly. 

Like many technology companies, Slack uses its logo to connect with its customers on an emotional level, sending consumers important messages about unity and diversity. 

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Slack branding strategy, and the evolution of the Slack logo over the years. 

The Slack symbol: An introduction to Slack

Before we dive into Slack logo history, let’s take a closer look at the brand. Slack is an instant messaging and collaboration program, designed by the wider “Slack Technology” company. Though it was originally developed for professional messaging, it’s also a popular community platform.

The solution was introduced as an internal tool for the company of one the original authors, Stewart Butterfield. It was launched to the public in 2013. According to Butterfield, “Slack” isn’t just a catchy title, it’s an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”. 

With Slack, users can communicate with others using voice calls, text messaging, video calls, and private chats. It’s also possible to share screens and files in persistent chat rooms. 

Since launching in 2013, Slack has grown significantly, purchasing other companies like Rimeto, and partnering with the larger Salesforce brand in 2021. 

Slack logo history: The evolution of the Slack icon

As mentioned above, there haven’t been many changes to the Slack emblem over the years. However, the company did update its logo in 2019, to create a more streamlined, modern image. 

Though some of the components of the Slack emblem have remained consistent, the core image of the company today is brighter, and more refined. Let’s take a closer look at Slack logo history. 

Slack Logo History


Slack’s original logo was quite a unique emblem, featuring a multi-colored geometric graphic, and a simple sans-serif wordmark. On the left of the logo, we see the original Slack symbol, a square graphic made up of four overlapping lines in the colors of pink, yellow, blue, and green. 

The colors of the lines blend together at the connecting points to symbolize unity and collaboration, and the slight angling of the design makes the company appear fun and friendly. 

The Slack wordmark, depicted in a soft shade of grey, conveys modernity and professionalism, while the lowercase letters make the organization look approachable and welcoming

Slack Logo History


In 2019, six years after its initial launch, Slack chose to refine its logo. The first change was to the typography on the right-side of the emblem, which was updated to black instead of white. The font style also changed, with bolder, more confident letters. 

The Slack symbol, still presented on the left, was also updated. The colors of yellow, green, blue, and pink, symbolizing diversity and inclusion, remained consistent. However, the overlapping lines were replaced with disconnected components

The curved lines symbolize the people coming together on the Slack platform, while the quotation mark shapes remind us of communication. 

What is the Slack icon?

While the official Slack logo is a combination mark, featuring both a symbol and a wordmark, the Slack icon used on the company’s website and application just features the geometric design.

The icon is intended to be symbolic of unity, communication, and collaboration. It’s an eye-catching symbol, which looks a little like a plus shape, conveying positivity. However, the unique shapes also remind us of speech and interaction.

One of the compelling features of the newly updated Slack software icon is that it works well on a variety of different backgrounds, and in different sizes, unlike the previous image. 

Why did Slack change its logo?

Logo updates are nothing new in the technology world. According to Slack, the business changed its logo because its previous design simply didn’t resonate with its needs. The organization said the initial logo was simply awful to work with. 

Although the team liked some aspects of the original logo, the fact that it was made up of 11 colors made it very easy to get the image wrong. If the design was placed on any color besides white, it simply didn’t look effective. 

Additionally, the team said if the hashtag-style symbol was ever placed at the wrong angle, instead of the 18-degree rotation, or the colors were tweaked, it looked terrible. This made it difficult for the company to maintain a versatile image in a growing digital landscape. 

The new, more refined logo and Slack icon gives the brand more freedom to preserve a consistent and evocative image across all channels. 

The Slack logo: Fonts and colors

The Slack symbol and logo are simple but evocative brand assets, brimming with depth and meaning. Though at a glance the logo might just look like a colorful, quirky design, it actually sends an important message about the brand. 

Slack’s symbol conveys ideas of collaboration, communication, and teamwork, some of the core values that drove the company to create its platform in the first place. 

You can find some examples of the Slack logo listed below:

What color is the Slack logo?

The Slack symbol has always been a relatively colorful emblem. Initially, the first logo created by the brand consisted of 13 colors in the symbol alone, with a grey wordmark. When the company updated its brand image, it simplified the Slack logo color palette

The official Slack logo colors today include black for the wordmark, and a combination of light blue, green, pink/red, and yellow for the brand icon. 

Light Blue
Hex color: #36C5F0
RGB: 54 197 240
CMYK: 65 11 3 0

Hex: #2EB67D
RGB: 46 182 125
CMYK: 79 2 75 0
Pantone: PMS 2413 C

Hex color: #E01E5A
RGB: 224 30 90
CMYK: 12 100 36 0
Pantone: PMS 2040 C

Hex color: #ECB22E
RGB: 236 178 46
CMYK: 4 33 99 0
Pantone: PMS 143 C

What font does the Slack logo use?

The original Slack logo font isn’t too different from the typography used in the design today. Since creating its first logo, Slack has always used a relatively simple sans-serif font for its wordmark. Notably, it also depicts all the letters of its name in lowercase. 

The current version of the Slack logo features a logotype similar to Lato, a popular sans-serif font option. However, it does have some unique contours. 

The evolution of the Slack logo

Slack logo history shows us that sometimes a refresh to a brand logo can be an effective way to improve the image and identity of a company. Although the original logo was definitely eye-catching, it simply didn’t serve the needs of the brand effectively. 

By updating its logo, Slack was able to create a more versatile and convenient emblem, without sacrificing its vibrant image. The company retained its bright and friendly appearance, while adding more depth and meaning to its brand mark. 

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Stephen Peate
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