Famous black and white logos: Company logos that are black and white
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Famous black and white logos: Company logos that are black and white

Famous Black And White Logos

Black and white logos are timeless. Simple, but effective, the best black and white logos can appeal to any audience in any part of the world. What’s more, companies with famous black and white logos often have the versatility to add splashes of color in their packaging and future branding materials.

There are a few popular black and white logos likely to jump to mind whenever you imagine a company with a minimalist image. Nike’s black swoosh is often depicted on a white background, as is Apple’s unforgettable icon.

Black and white work perfectly together in logo design because they embody the perfect contrast. Black is powerful and bold, while white is clean, crisp, and pure.

Today, we’re going to be looking at just some of the best-known companies with black and white logos.

Why do companies use black and white in their logos?

Black and white represent the most sophisticated, simple, and flexible color combination for a brand. Paired together, these two shades are excellent for demonstrating timeless beauty and style. We associate the combination of black and white with things like elegance and professionalism.

Countless famous fashion designers and beauty companies use black and white in their logos, because the combination oozes attractiveness and grace. There’s a distinct charm to a white logo with black font, while a black background with a white font can conjure up images of grandeur and luxury.

In some cases, black and white can come together to create an air of mystery or nobility, in others, it conveys a sense of minimalism many consumers find appealing.

To fully understand the impact of a black and white logo, we need to look at some options in action.

Here are some of the most popular black and white logos you may be familiar with…

Black and white logos come in a variety of shapes and sizes, spread across a multitude of industries. Because the combination is so versatile, it can adapt to suit a range of different brand personalities.

While most brands with black and white logos aim to convey sophistication and simplicity, others use the colors for a different effect.

Let’s take a look at some amazing black and white company logos.


Nike’s logo can either be black on a transparent background, or black on a white background, depending on the marketing and branding initiative. Either way, we get an excellent insight into how the combination of black and white in a logo can have a powerful and motivational impact.

Nike’s black swoosh is bold and invigorating. Designed to represent the wing of the goddess Nike, this swoosh symbol is something many people associate with accomplishment and victory. The use of black is a powerful way to convey strength and confidence.

Find out more about the Nike logo here.


Like many fashion and beauty companies, Chanel can be quite flexible with its black and white logo. The most common variation of the logo features a black symbol and wordmark on a white background. However, you may have seen the design inverted at times too.

Chanel’s choice of black and white for its logo is a deliberate one. The simple color combination is perfect for conveying the elegance and grace of the company. The brand wants to be associated with timeless beauty and style.

Find out more about the Chanel logo here.


One of the world’s best-known automotive companies, the Lexus Company is best-associated with sophisticated, and high-quality vehicles. It only makes sense the company would want to highlight its authoritative nature in its black and white logo.

As with many black and white logos today, the white elements of the logo are often made transparent to ensure they can appear on any background easily. However, it’s still common to see the colors black and white used together in branding for Lexus Cars.

Find out more about the Lexus logo here.


Like many famous black and white logos, Uber relies primarily on the color black for its brand image. However, there are variations of the emblem which use white font on a black background, such as the icon for the Uber app on your smartphone.

The combination of black and white in this logo is excellent for depicting a sense of ingenuity and sophistication. Uber uses black and white to highlight itself as a highly professional, reputable, and credible company in the growing gig economy.


In a logo, the combination of black and white can be bold and intuitive. The strength of the color black on a white background can denote confidence and forward-thinking genius. This is something you can definitely sense with the Apple logo.

This black and white logo is one of the better-known examples in the world. The white elements of Apple’s branding convey ideas of inspiration and growth, while the black elements demonstrate the professionalism and powerful standing of the brand.


Similar to a number of logos in this list, Gucci’s logo isn’t always on a white background, but it’s most common to see the company using a combination of black and white. Once again, the choice of black and white as the primary color combination here is to denote sophistication and class.

Gucci, like many fashion brands, wants to be associated with timeless elegance and beauty. The use of the black and white symbol also ensures any versions of the Gucci logo printed onto clothing or labels won’t lead to clashing.

Learn more about the Gucci logo here.

Miu Miu

One of the most exciting up-and-coming fashion brands in the world today, Miu Miu was created by Prada in 1993, and focuses on a younger audience. The eye-catching Miu Miu logo grabs attention for a number of reasons, starting with its unique use of shapes for an amazing font.

Though the Miu Miu Company has used a number of colors over the year in its logo, the brand eventually settled on a black wordmark depicted against a black background, for a timeless image of style and luxury.


Easily one of the most famous black and white logos in the world today, WWF uses its color combination carefully, to convey an important part of what the brand stands for.

The charitable organization for the protection of wildlife combines black shapes with white space to depict the image of a panda.

Over the years, the panda has become something of an unofficial mascot for the wildlife fund, highlighting the company’s commitment to saving some of the more endangered species on the planet today.

Roman Films

The colors of black and white together can often be an excellent way of depicting originality and cleverness. These colors are bold and distinct, which give them an excellent sense of confidence within any branding strategy.

This is the case with the Roman Films black and white logo.

The combination of a bold and modern wordmark, alongside an abstract design for the main focus point of the emblem give this company an inspirational and forward-thinking aesthetic.

Bad Bunny

If you’re a fan of the rap music scene, you are probably familiar with the Bad Bunny logo. A compelling part of the artist’s unique appeal, this logo is compelling because it tells a story about the history of the musician.

While there are variations of this logo which include stripes of color around the Bad Bunny symbol, many people are still familiar with the black and white design. The image is bold, eye-catching and confident, perfect for a musician.

Find out more about the Bad Bunny logo here.


The American Broadcasting Company has experimented with a number of different logo designs and visual choices over the years. However, for most people, the best-known version of the emblem features simple white font on a black circular background.

The distinctive logo might look simple for an entertainment brand, but it’s also very impactful. The black and white combination here looks authoritative, highlighting ABC as an influential and highly persuasive brand.


Easily one of the better-known technology companies in the world, Sony creates some of the most popular products in the home today, from consoles to television sets. The Sony logo is all about conveying authority, power, and innovation.

Often depicted either as a black wordmark on a white background, or a white wordmark on a black background, Sony takes full advantage of the versatility of the black and white color combination.

It’s an excellent choice for such a forward-thinking company.


Similar to ABC, the BBC (British Broadcasting Company), uses the colors of black and white to create a sense of authority and strength. The organisation is one of the oldest in the UK for entertainment, and its black and white logo helps to highlight this heritage.

The bold white letters on strong blocks of black in the background creates a highly robust and impressive image for the BBC. The design really makes the company look more reliable, professional, and trustworthy.


One of the better-known athletics companies in the world today, Puma’s black word mark and evocative image often appears on a white background. However, there are instances where you may see the inverted color scheme too.

The Puma logo is all about strength and power. The bold letters of the wordmark, combined with the leaping Puma make us think of physical prowess, elegance, and exceptional performance.

Find out more about the Puma logo here.


We can’t mention Puma without also giving a shout-out to Adidas. Once again, the Adidas logo is usually depicted as a black emblem on a transparent background. However, most people would associate this company with the colors of black and white.

The bold color choices in the Adidas logo help to set the company apart as an innovator and leader in its field. As an athletics clothing company, Adidas has become one of the most popular brands in the world, and among the most successful.

Find out more about the Adidas logo here.


Black and white logos are relatively common among beauty brands because they’re so frequently associated with elegance and grace. The Aveda black and white logo has a slightly different impact.

Although we definitely see the stylish nature of the brand here, the unique font choice also helps the brand to stand out as modern.

This contemporary logo appeals to a younger audience in search of a more innovative line of beauty products. It’s perfect for a forward-thinking brand.

Find out more about the Aveda logo here.


An unforgettable contender in the beauty industry, MAC has rapidly emerged as one of the best-known brands in the world. The MAC brand uses a combination of black and white to showcase the sophisticated and contemporary nature of the organization.

This company is best-known for its versatile range of products, and bold approach to beauty, which makes the color combination of black and white and excellent choice.

Bobbi Brown

Speaking of beauty brands with a black and white logo, Bobbi Brown is definitely one of the more famous companies on this list. You may recognize the Bobbi Brown logo in white font written on a black background, or black font written on a white background.

Like many fashion and beauty companies using a combination of black and white, Bobbi Brown’s logo can flip between a standard or inverted version, depending on the nature of the marketing, or branding asset.

Find out more about the Bobbi Brown logo here.

DC Shoes

Not to be confused with the DC Comic Book brand, DC shoes is a company best-known for creating shoes for the alternative sporting landscape, including the skateboarding space. The DC shoes logo is bold and eye-catching, with a unique design featuring inter-laced letters.

The use of white on a black background is common for this company, but you may have seen a variation of the logo with inverted colors too.


An excellent example of a black and white car logo using the themes of wings and flight, the Rossion logo depicts a forward-thinking automotive company from America. This brand was founded in 2006, and its emblem-style logo is perfect for showcasing power and sophistication.

The design of the Rossion logo is beautifully eye-catching, despite being quite simple. Elements like the shield background are extremely effective at making the company look more prestigious.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Another excellent example of popular black and white logos from the beauty industry, everything about the Anastasia insignia conveys sophistication and elegance. The unique elements of this logo come together to create something wonderfully eye-catching and imaginative.

The black lettering on a white background in the logo helps to set the company apart as sophisticated, timeless, and charming. The white background also helps to convey a sense of purity, which is something many customers see as important in beauty brands.

Find out more about the Anastasia logo here.


One of the better-known shoe brands in the world, Converse was first launched in 1908, and has been producing amazing footwear ever since.

Now a subsidiary of the Nike Company, Converse is well-known for using black and white in its branding. In fact, many shoes include the symbol of a black star in a white circle.

Though the version of the Converse logo in use today is a simplified version of previous images, it still relies heavily on the impact of the black and white color choice used together.


Bold and eye-catching, the compelling Clinique black and white logo makes an immediate impact. Similar to many of the makeup and cosmetics companies mentioned here, you may have seen the Clinique logo in its inverted variation, with a white font on a black background.

However, the most common version of the Clinique logo uses eye-catching and slightly nuanced black font on a white background. The image is excellent for making the brand stand out as a leader in the cosmetics space.

Find our more about the Clinique logo here.

Fenty Beauty

If you’re a fan of the modern beauty and cosmetics space, you’re probably familiar with Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. This company is one of the biggest up-and-coming brands in the industry, thanks in large part to its famous connection with singer Rihanna.

The phenomenal black and white logo by Fenty Beauty is elegant and refined, ideal for demonstrating a sense of luxury and high quality. The innovative font also helps to set the company apart as a trendsetter – giving the black and white coloring a more modern vibe.

Learn more about the Fenty Beauty logo here.


An often overlooked example of a black and white logo, the Wikipedia emblem actually uses a white globe with a number of different symbols depicted on it, in an attempt to demonstrate the various connected components of knowledge within the website.

The Wikipedia logo is a little old-fashioned by today’s standards, but it still has a fantastic impact on viewers. The use of black and white, combined with the sophistication of a serif font helps to convey the brand as being a reliable thought leader.

Giorgio Armani

Like many fashion companies utilizing black and white in their logo, the Giorgio Armani brand chose this color combination as a way of depicting strength and timeless beauty.

The compelling logo depicted here highlights the intuitive nature of the brand, and its focus on soaring to new heights.

The impact of the Giorgio Armani logo is made all the more impressive by the use of a beautiful serif-style font, specifically designed for the company.

Van Halen

Though the Van Halen logo is usually depicted as a black emblem on a transparent background, the colors of black and white are major components of the group’s identity. The famous rock and roll group regularly also use inverted versions of its logo, with white on a black or dark background.

Here, the color combination of black and white highly power, intrigue, and strength, all important characteristics for a rock band to convey. The image is wonderfully eye-catching, and great for setting Van Halen apart from the crowd.

Find out more about the Van Halen logo here.

Celebrating black and white logos

Famous black and white logos are present all around the world, used to depict a wide variety of brands with different personalities and backgrounds.

A great black and white logo can be a fantastic symbol of strength and power for the right company, highlighting a brand’s resolve, or focus on sophistication.

Companies with black and white logos are often seen as graceful and elegant, with a timeless image they can use easily in a range of different mediums and environments.

Black and white logos might not be the most visually aggressive, compared to colorful logos, but they can be just as impressive. After all, the “less is more” concept can apply to logo design in certain situations.

Versatile and elegant, black and white logos can make it easier to remember a brand’s image. What’s more, these logos are perfect for printing onto a wide range of different products and materials.

Although some companies have opted to place their black logos on a transparent background over the years, the colors of white and black are still a common part of many branding efforts.

If you think a black and white logo might be an ideal choice for your business, perhaps its time to reach out to Fabrik for some inspiration?

Fabrik: A branding agency for our times.

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