The LiveOne logo history: A brand transformation
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The LiveOne logo history: A brand transformation

LiveOne Logo History

The LiveOne logo is a commonplace icon in today’s streaming world. If you’ve ever searched for a way to listen to music and radio on your smartphone, you’re probably familiar with the LiveOne brand. But, how much do you know about LiveOne logo history?

Previously known as LiveXLive, LiveOne has had a phenomenal impact on the way we consume audio entertainment over the last few years.

Combining audio and video into an easily-accessible library, LiveOne serves customers throughout the US and Canada, allowing them to use and share endless customized music stations. 

Like many of the world’s best-known streaming platforms, LiveOne has invested heavily in refining and enhancing its brand image over the years.

Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at how this company has used its eye-catching emblem and icon to capture the attention of customers, and stand out from the competition. Let’s dive in. 

What does LiveOne do? An introduction

Before we begin discussing LiveOne logo history, let’s look at the origins and purpose of the music streaming brand. First launched in 2007, LiveOne, formerly “LiveXLive”, is a music and video platform, committed to giving consumers access to a host of online entertainment options. 

Available both in the US and Canada, across a website and a mobile app, the LiveOne platform allows users to create and share custom music stations.

Not only can consumers build their own playlists from scratch, but they can also customize pre-existing stations, to ensure they hear music and see videos relevant to their preferred genres. 

The company has gone through a number of changes over the years. In 2007, the former CEO of Music Match (purchased by Yahoo Music), Dennis Mudd, created a new online radio service, known as “Slacker radio”.

In 2008, Slacker released its first portable player, and began experimenting with consumer electronics. In 2017, Slacker was purchased by the LiveXLive brand, and rebranded the Slacker app to “LiveXLive, Powered by Slacker”. 

Eventually, the company chose a new name, after purchasing the “PodcastOne” company in 2020. The new title for the business combined the previous titles of the “LiveXLive” organization with the “PodcastOne” brand identity. 

Today, the LiveOne application and website are among the most popular music streaming tools in the US, with more than 420 curated music stations to choose from. Customers can either access free ad-supported content, or purchase subscriptions for additional features and ad-free playlists. 

LiveOne logo history: From the LiveXLive logo to LiveOne

Depending on how you look at LiveOne logo history, the company’s brand identity either started with the original LiveXLive logo, or the Slacker emblem.

Today, the current design is based more heavily on the LiveXLive brand identity, combining simple geometric elements with a bold wordmark. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the emblems created by the LiveOne brand over the years.

LiveOne Logo History


Before LiveXLive purchased the Slacker brand, it already had a distinctive logo of its own. The original design actually has a lot in common with the LiveOne logo most people know today, including the central “X” element.

Initially, the first wordmark used bold, stylized letters, with extended lines on the “V’s” intended to convey movement and dynamism. 

The blocky “L’s” were particularly unique, with sharp points added to the top line, to give them a more modern, geometric shape. In this logo, we see a lot of examples of the use of movement in graphic design.

Slim lines in grey and green behind the wordmark seem to bring the image to life.

LiveOne Logo History


Following the Slacker purchase in 2017, LiveXLive updated its logo to something more streamlined and modern. The letters in the wordmark were refined, with the extra stylistic elements and sharp points removed, leaving behind a sleek and sophisticated image.

The components of the logo were also repositioned, and separated across two lines, with the first “Live” placed just above the “X” icon.

The “X” component itself also became more interesting, featuring new arrows placed on the edges of the right-hand lines, demonstrating forward momentum and innovation.

Here, we see the green coloring from the previous emblem again, presented in a gradient style throughout the stylized “X”. 

LiveOne Logo History


After changing its name to “LiveOne” in 2022, LiveXLive altered its logo yet again, though the changes made were very basic. The font style in this emblem is very similar to the previous design, though the lines are a little shorter and bolder. 

The gradient green color palette in the “X” has also been brightened and made more vibrant, perhaps to demonstrate the company’s characteristics of youthfulness and vitality. To reflect the name change, the second “Live” has also been replaced with a “One”, in uppercase letters.

LiveOne Logo History

Alongside this new logo, LiveOne also introduced a new icon, intended for use as a favicon for browsers and mobile applications. The LiveOne icon removes the wording entirely, focusing instead on the colorful “X” component from the center of this, and previous LiveXLive logo designs. 

The LiveOne logo: Fonts and colors

Ever since creating the first LiveXLive logo, the music streaming company has focused heavily on retaining a dynamic, modern image in its branding. With bursts of color to grab attention, and unique typeface choices, LiveOne tells its audience it’s a forward-thinking and playful company. 

The current LiveOne logo is very similar to the previous design created by the brand, ensuring the business can retain some of the equity it has built over the years. Today, however, the central “X” component is more eye-catching than ever, thanks to the use of a bright green gradient. 

You can see some excellent examples of the LiveOne logo for yourself in the resources here:

Although many aspects of the LiveOne logo have evolved over the years, the company’s choice of colors has remained quite consistent. Since the beginning, the LiveOne logo colors have often consisted of a combination of green shades, white, and black. 

Today, the LiveOne logo color palette is more vibrant than ever, with an almost acid green tone placed at the bottom of the “X” symbol.

The shades are undoubtedly bold and eye-catching, intended to grab the attention of a younger audience, and provide the perfect contrast with the black and white logo elements. In color psychology, green is often associated with life, growth, and creativity. 

What font does the LiveOne logo use?

The original LiveOne logo font was quite a complex typeface, with numerous elements added to make each character appear more blocky and geometric. Today, the typeface is a lot simpler, and certainly more legible across a variety of devices. 

Although the LiveOne team has never revealed any information publicly about the typeface they use, it’s similar in a lot of ways to many other popular sans-serif fonts. The strong lines have similarities to the Open Sans Extra Bold font, or the Vilane font. 

The evolution of the LiveOne trademark

Looking back at LiveOne logo history, we can see the company has only made a handful of changes to its visual identity through the years. Even after removing the “X” element from its name, LiveOne continued to use the iconic symbol in its emblem, and icon. 

Today, the LiveOne logo is a vibrant and eye-catching symbol, perfect for differentiating the music service from many of the other competing brands in the space.

The bright colors, combined with the sleek and sophisticated font choice, present LiveOne as a company brimming with energy and innovation. 

LiveOne FAQ

What is LiveOne on my phone?

LiveOne is a music streaming application which allows users to listen to their favorite music, create curated playlists, tune into podcasts, and even live-stream videos and audio from around the world. The app even occasionally broadcasts live events and festivals. 

Who owns LiveOne?

LiveOne is owned by LiveOne Media. The key people involved in running the company include Brad Kindig (CTO) and Robert Ellin (CEO). 

Is LiveOne Free?

The LiveOne service is available to access for free if you’re willing to listen to ad-supported content streams. Premium subscriptions are available for those who want to avoid listening to ads, and access extra features within the app. 

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