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Video marketing strategy essentials: Tune into a different channel 

Video is the current darling of online marketing and branding. Brands are following in the wake of the likes of UNILAD… More

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The craft beer revolution comes of age: But what is craft beer? 

You don’t have to be a world-class fan of IPAs to know that something wonderful has happened in the world of… More

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Made in Britain: Flying the flag for British brands 

The world we live in today is much smaller than it once was. It used to be impossible to do business… More

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How to find a great domain name, and why it’s crucial to your business 

At Fabrik, we’re all about exceptional branding. Though most people assume that company branding is restricted to your logo, or the… More

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The value of cultivating corporate culture 

What is corporate culture? For many, that’s a complicated question to answer. On a basic level, corporate culture refers to the… More

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How to conduct a marketing audit and fix all of your pesky communication woes 

When we talk about “marketing audits”, or “communications audits”, we’re typically referring to the methodical process of reviewing and analysing all… More

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Responsive WordPress themes: Making the right choice for your business 

In recent years, the economic environment has shown us that a lot of choice isn’t always a good thing. In fact,… More

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Website colour schemes: Using colour in website design 

Colour is a fundamental aspect of how we perceive the world around us. In fact, it’s so deeply ingrained in our… More

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How to write a design brief that creative agencies can use 

You’ve got an idea in your mind of something that you want to bring to life. You have all the details… More

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The art of brand storytelling: What’s your corporate story? 

People don’t fall in love with businesses. The loyalty, obsession, and engagement of a good consumer/brand relationship comes from the deeper… More

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What is guerrilla marketing and what can it do for your brand? 

[guh-ril-uh] noun
 1. a member of a band of irregular soldiers that uses guerrilla warfare, harassing the enemy by surprise… More

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SEO copywriting: The crucial ingredient in your content marketing strategy 

Today, it’s more important than ever to have a presence online, and SEO copywriting plays a big part in that. We’re… More

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