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As we build brands and shape reputations, we rarely miss an opportunity to polish our own reputation. Brand Fabrik is a series of regular articles raising topical issues relevant to anyone in branding, digital design and marketing communications.

Are your clients under the influence? Or, is it time for an influencer marketing agency? 

If you’re not already using an influencer marketing program in your digital strategy, then you might feel as though you’re missing… More

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Playing the name game: The rules to apply when naming a business 

What’s in a name? For the modern business, a name might seem like just a small part of the overall branding… More

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Digital marketing campaign ideas to satisfy your appetite for more traffic 

Did you know that this year, 61% of marketers revealed that improving their organic growth was at the top of their… More

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Web design trends 2017: 15 contemporary examples to get you thinking 

How attractive is your website? Though website design has evolved dramatically over the years, it’s still something that’s commonly overlooked by… More

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Bringing in the leads: What is inbound marketing and what can it do for you? 

We all know that digital marketing is crucial to success these days. Don’t believe me? Just look at the stats: Google… More

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You need a dedicated brand awareness strategy, here’s why… 

Your brand is more than just your logo and a set of catchy slogans – it’s the way that you separate… More

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Tone deaf, or in need of a fine tune? Finding the right tone of voice in communication 

Your brand needs to be heard. Most businesses already know that. What they don’t know is that it’s not about “what”… More

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Want to be heard? Then listen up, here’s how to start a podcast 

Podcasts are powerful, engaging, and here to stay. In fact, businesses everywhere are starting to jump on board, entertaining their customers… More

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It’s time to get social: Why you need a social media marketing strategy 

Struggling with social media? You’re not alone. Most businesses today know the inherent value of using social media platforms in their… More

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A brand by any other name… How to come up with a brand name 

Netflix, Coca-Cola, Kleenex, Google. It’s amazing how something as simple as a word can transform a company from a faceless entity,… More

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Brand loyalty: How to build powerful relationships that will live and last 

In simple terms, brand loyalty is a pattern of consumer behaviour, identified by customers who are devoted to their favourite brands…. More

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How to vlog: Why vlogging is changing the face of brand communications 

Ok, so you’ve started blogging, but you want something more. You’re looking for a way to expand your brand’s online authority… More

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