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As we build brands and shape reputations, we rarely miss an opportunity to polish our own reputation. Brand Fabrik is a series of regular articles raising topical issues relevant to anyone in branding, digital design and marketing communications.

What is a splash page? Let’s dive into better conversions! 

The business world as we know it is changing. These days, you don’t necessarily need a team of investors to launch… More

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Are you for real? How brand authenticity leverages customer loyalty 

Remember that adage: “Fake it until you make it?” Well, forget it. It no longer applies. In today’s highly-connected digital environment,… More

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Naming a company: Read this before you look for your label 

Finding an exceptional name for your company is tough. A great USP can help ‘sell’ your brand to potential leads and… More

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What is a swipe file? Copywriting guidance to swipe right for 

Have you ever found yourself facing the dreaded creative block? All you want to do is craft a fantastic headline or… More

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What is niche marketing? The truth about knowing your tribe 

Think you need to cast a wide net to create a successful brand? Think again. The truth is that most companies… More

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Your guide to viral video marketing: An entertainment epidemic 

Have you been exploring the idea of viral video marketing lately? You’re not alone. Demand for visual content is on the… More

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Branding essentials: How to create a brand strategy that makes your business bulletproof 

What makes a brand? That’s a question we’ve covered many times as a brand strategy agency. After all, there are plenty… More

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What is viral marketing? How to get the brand-boosting bug 

What is viral marketing? Viral marketing is one of those terms that almost everyone has heard of, like SEO or influencer… More

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Indulgence and innovation: Luxury branding in a post luxury world 

The definition of ‘luxury branding’ is changing. In the past, luxury used to be all about pleasure, exclusivity and opulence. Now,… More

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How to promote your website: Tips for digital domination 

Despite what ‘Field of Dreams’ may have taught you, the adage: “If you build it they will come” doesn’t apply to… More

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What’s in a Naim? The incredible story of Naim Audio 

Great branding is all about standing out from the crowd. Some companies achieve this differentiation with exceptional customer service. Others do… More

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What is brand proposition? And how can it help you win the battle of the brands? 

A study into turnover in the S&P 500 suggests that around 50% of today’s top brands will be replaced in the… More

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