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As we build brands and shape reputations, we rarely miss an opportunity to polish our own reputation. Brand Fabrik is a series of regular articles raising topical issues relevant to anyone in branding, digital design and marketing communications.

Glocal warming: How glocalisation is changing the business environment 

Visit Shanghai, and you’ll be able to get a Peking duck burger for your lunch from KFC. Hop on a plane… More

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Sensory marketing: Strategies for a sensational campaign 

Your customers are drowning in advertisements. Now, more than ever before, the world around us is covered in business messages, from… More

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Sensory branding strategies to seduce your customer’s senses 

Sometimes, it’s easy to simplify the complexity of the term “brand” into something simple, like a visual appearance, logo or a… More

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Great global branding: Building brands without borders 

A few decades ago, in the 1980s, there were only a handful of brands big enough to deliver their products and… More

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The basics of web hosting 

Are you unfamiliar with web hosting and unsure of how to begin the whole process? The objective of this guide is… More

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The “Gig” is up: What is the gig economy, and what does it mean to you? 

When the first industrial revolution arrived, it brought with it the steam engine and new methods of exploring the world. The… More

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Have a heart: Selecting a brand essence statement with spirit 

A brand is so much more than a product or a catchy name. While anyone can build a website and begin… More

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A complete beginner’s guide to creating a business website in 2019 

Gone are the days when the first component of building a website for business was an experienced and well-trained website developer…. More

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Hospitality marketing ideas and how to retain a 5-star reputation 

No matter the industry, an effective marketing strategy is crucial. Your promotional plans are how you build trust around your brand,… More

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What is marketing channel strategy? Channel surfing for the digital era 

Could a channel strategy get you more leads and customers? Before you can answer that question, you need to understand the… More

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How to conduct a marketing audit and measure your messaging methods 

Are you guilty of resting on your marketing laurels? You choose a marketing strategy, find out whether it works, automate whatever… More

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Behavioural marketing: How to encourage beneficial behaviour 

Behavioural marketing is changing the way consumers and brands interact online. Now that 30% of all internet users are set to… More

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