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Also known as our blog, Fabrikation is a rapidly changing collection of opinions, observations and outbursts from the people on our factory floor. They may be fabrikated, but they’re totally truthful, representing the diverse views of our craftsmen and women.

What’s the ideal placement for your company logo design online? 

Your snazzy company logo’s a work of art. It really is. You’re proud of it, the MD’s proud of it, the… More

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Why stand still? Reasons to consider animated logo design, with examples 

Animated logo design is increasingly popular area in branding and visual identity. Gone are the days when design was only print-focused… More

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Creating an effective brand differentiation strategy 

Every brand wants to be different. So it stands out to customers in a cluttered market – and compels them to… More

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Managing the merger and acquisition branding process 

You’ve merged the brands. Now you need to brand the merger. But what makes merger branding successful? Is it an exciting… More

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Tips for infographic design inspiration 

Answer honestly, who likes the idea of reading facts and figures? I’m going to make a guess and say you answered… More

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Switch-on to a dedicated internal communications strategy 

Are your people informed and inspired? Or, are they working in the dark? All smart businesses recognise the importance of keeping… More

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The psychology of landing page design that converts leads into customers 

A lot goes into a landing page that converts. Of course all the elements have to be in place, but to… More

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Have you signed-up for employer branding? 

Wouldn’t you like to be the employer of choice? And, wouldn’t you like to be in control of your own destiny… More

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The process of naming a business 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so they say. More often than not, the first impression… More

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Developing a content marketing strategy that works 

Do you want to generate leads and acquire motivated customers? If yes, then you need to take content marketing seriously. But… More

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A joined-up integrated marketing communications plan 

The idea of integrated marketing communications is nothing new. We’ve all heard of the benefits of a 360 degree approach to… More

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Perfecting your brand language and verbal identity 

With some notable exceptions – Innocent and Virgin spring to mind – brand language plays second fiddle to visual language. Surely,… More

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