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Switch-on to a dedicated internal 
communications strategy 

Are your people informed and inspired? Or, are they working in the dark? All smart businesses recognise the importance of keeping… More

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Perfecting your brand language and verbal identity 

With some notable exceptions – Innocent and Virgin spring to mind – brand language plays second fiddle to visual language. Surely,… More

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The process of naming a business 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so they say. More often than not, the first impression… More

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Planning your b2b marketing strategy 

If you don’t have the exposure of Apple or Amazon, how do you go about building your b2b brand? The answer… More

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Integrating your 
marketing communications plan 

You’ve worked hard to create a brand that stands head and shoulders above the competition. You have an attention grabbing logo… More

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How epic is your education brand strategy? 

When it comes to education brand strategy, is your university or college a megastar? Is it in the spotlight for the… More

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Finding your true tone of voice in communications 

Is your company tone deaf? Or is it simply in need of a fine tune? An imaginative and distinctive tone of… More

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Charity marketing strategy with a ‘special ingredient’ 

Squeezing the last drop of ‘specialness’ out of your charity brand has never been more important. But, you’ll need to find… More

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Managing the merger and acquisition branding process 

You’ve merged the brands. Now you need to brand the merger. But what makes merger branding successful? Is it an exciting… More

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Making the case for branding consultancy 

Is it time to call in the branding consultants?As a director of an established branding consultancy in London, I’ve seen some… More

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Creating an effective brand differentiation strategy 

Every brand wants to be different. So it stands out to customers in a cluttered market – and compels them to… More

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Authentic digital marketing campaigns 

Authenticity is the most solid foundation for any successful digital marketing strategy. Now, this doesn’t mean shouting it from the roof… More

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