The best dual monitor stand: 9 fantastic options
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The best dual monitor stand: 9 fantastic options

Dual Monitor Stand

The best dual monitor stand gives you more scope to work with when you’re designing incredible visual assets for clients and companies. With an adjustable dual monitor stand, the restrictions of a standard monitor simply disappear.

Having two monitors to work with can seriously increase your productivity. You can spread your work out more evenly between two screens or have useful resources on one screen as you work on another. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find enough room on a desk for two computer screens.

Dual monitors also give you a lot more space to work with than your standard computer screen.

The only problem? Situating two high-quality monitors side-by-side on your desk takes up a lot of space. If you’ve also got animation tablets and other tools you need to keep in the same location, it becomes incredibly difficult to fit everything in one space.

A dual monitor stand could be a great solution to your problem. These stands elevate both of your monitors according to your unique needs, freeing up desk space. A dual monitor stand can also make your screens more adaptable, with the option to change angles and heights. 

Here are some of the best dual monitor stand products we’ve seen so far.

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Dual Monitor Stand

1. MOUNTUP dual monitor stand (best swivel)

Promising universal compatibility with a range of monitors, the MOUNTUP adjustable dual monitor stand can mount most screens up to 32 inches in size. VESA support is included, and each arm can support a maximum weight of up to 8kg. 

Aside from giving you a handy way to organize your screens, the Eono stand also allows for ultra-flexible viewing angles. 

There’s a 180-degree swivel option, so you can make your monitor horizontal or vertical. 90-degree tilting in both directions means you get the perfect view, and an ultra-solid base ensures you never have to worry about unnecessary accidents. 

There’s even a set of cable clips included to keep your wires well-organized for a neat appearance.

Features include:

  • Support for monitors up to 32 inches
  • VESA 75 and 100mm compatible
  • Max weight support up to 8kg
  • 90-degree tilt
  • Allen key storage slot
  • Quick and easy installation

Setting up your new monitor stand should be a breeze with the Eono dual monitor platform. You can choose between a grommet or C-clamp base, depending on your setup. Plus, customer support is ready to help you out if necessary.


  • Quick and simple installation
  • Cable organization
  • Lots of swivel and rotate options
  • Fits a range of desks
  • Suitable for all kinds of monitors


  • Limited height adjustment
MOUNTUP Dual Monitor Arm
With VESA 75mm & 100mm support, the Eono Dual Monitor Arm can support two 27-inch monitors. With tilt, swivel, and pivot adjust for a wide range of ergonomic options.
Dual Monitor Stand

2. ErGear dual monitor arm (best wide screen)

If you’re looking for a dual monitor stand for desk use which can handle wider screens, the ErGear team have you covered. This height adjustable dual monitor stand can support ultra-wide monitors of up to 32 inches. 

There’s a maximum load limit of 12kg for each arm, and all the tools you need are included for installation and mounting too. 

VESA plate design makes it quick and simple to get your monitors ready for work, while the adjustable monitor arm allows for quick height adjustments. You can extend one screen or another according to your needs, and access up to 180-degree swivels and 360-degree rotation. 

There’s no limit to how you can adjust your monitors for better ergonomics.

Features include:

  • Complete cable management system
  • Full-range motion in the arm
  • Swivel up to 180 degrees and rotate to 360
  • Monitor tilting
  • Wide range of mounting accessories included
  • Supports up to 32-inch-wide monitor
  • Weight capacity of 12kg per monitor

If you’re really trying to make the most out of your ultra-wide screen editing and design experience, the ErGear dual monitor stand is an excellent choice. You get complete control over the position of your monitor and can easily switch screens into horizontal mode. 

One slight downside is the screw to fix the tilt angle isn’t ideal.


  • Cable management system included
  • Very easy to install and mount
  • Can support much wider monitors
  • Great arm strength for monitor support
  • Multiple swivel and tilt options


  • Not the best component quality in some areas
ErGear Dual Monitor Stand
The ErGear Dual Monitor Stand can fit monitors from 13-inches up to 32-inches, And provides a wide range of adjustment to get optimal height, viewing angle, and posture.
Dual Monitor Stand

3. HUANUO dual monitor stand (best for stacking)

Sturdy, safe, and suitable for up to 32-inch screens, the HUANUO dual monitor stand has it all. This powerful gas spring powered dual monitor stand from HUANUO promises to give designers more control over their workstations. 

You can even stack one screen on top of the other and move between sitting and standing positions while you work. 

The dual screen arm on this height adjustable dual monitor stand is perfect for adjusting your view with multiple angles and tilts to choose from. You can gently push the VESA mount into place and raise it up to 60cm above the desktop. 

The flexible dual arms can work completely independently, so you can create the system which works for you. 

Features include:

  • High strength and stability built-in
  • Stacking option for more height control
  • Adjust each arm individually
  • Raise up to 60cm from the desktop
  • Fantastic space utilization
  • C-clamp or grommet mounting base

With multiple mounting options to choose from, you can save a huge amount of desk space, and ensure you have plenty of room for your mouse and keyboard. There’s also a hidden cable management system to keep your desk neat. 


  • Excellent for vertical stacking
  • Manual control for each arm
  • Great strength and durability
  • Simple VESA mounting function
  • Multiple mounting options


  • Can take a while to get the arms perfectly situated
HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand
Built for screen between 17-32inches, the HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand no only allows monitors to sit side-by-side but also one on top of the other. Perfect for any type of workload, or media consumption.
Dual Monitor Stand

4. NB North Bayou dual monitor stand (best extension)

The best adjustable dual monitor stand is the one which can give you the extra space you need, while improving office ergonomics. This NB North Bayou solution is a heavy-duty dual monitor stand capable of fitting up 2 monitors up to 27 inches in width. 

The VESA 75 or 100mm fitting makes it quick and simple to get your system set up in no time. 

With this dual monitor stand, users can conveniently spin their monitor into vertical mode for video editing, or adjust the angle of the screen to eliminate glare. There’s also a 21inch extension option for the arms, to bring your monitors closer to you while you work. 

Two modes of installation include both Grommet and C-clamp mounts. There’s also a handy tension adjustment system.

Features include:

  • Built-in gas spring function
  • Full-motion tilting
  • Easy installation with multiple mounting choices
  • Compatible with screens up to 27-inch monitors
  • Fully extendable up to 21 inches
  • Situate monitors horizontally or vertically
  • Desk clamp or grommet
  • Swivel, rotation, and tilting supported

If you’re looking for a dual monitor stand you can use to bring your work closer to you, the NB North Bayou is the perfect choice. This product comes with multiple mounting options, and extra-strong metal arms. 

However, there is no cable management system.


  • Gas spring functionality for easy adjustments
  • Desk clamp or grommet mounting options
  • Swivel, rotate, and tilt according to your needs
  • Extend the arm forwards up to 21 inches
  • Easy to install


  • No cable management
NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Stand
This monitor stand supports two 17-27inch displays, up to 14.3 lbs each. Made from air-craft grade aluminum alloy, this mount is light, durable and reliable.
Dual Monitor Stand

5. BONTEC dual monitor stand (best budget option)

Simple but effective, the BONTEC dual monitor stand is an affordable, easy to use desk mount for designers with multiple monitors. The strong steel structure gives you peace of mind when mounting up to two 27-inch monitors side by side. 

Each arm can hold up to 10kg of weight, which makes this an excellent heavy weight dual monitor stand. 

The BONTEC product fits all flat-screen televisions and monitors with ease, with support for 75 and 100 mm VESA mounting. You can access 90-degree tilting angles, 180-degree swivel, and up to 360-degree rotation to show your work to customers. 

There’s also an arm extension option of up to 43cm, and 2 mounting choices.

Features include:

  • Double-arm steel desk mount supporting 27-inch monitors
  • Up to 10kg of weight support for each arm
  • 75 and 100mm VESA mounting
  • 90-degree tilt, 180-degree swivel and 360-degree rotation
  • Desk clamp or grommet base installation
  • Concealed wiring design
  • Storage slot for Allen keys

Great for keeping your desk in order, the Bontec dual desk stand comes equipped with a concealed wiring design, and a storage slot for your Allen keys. All the fixtures and fittings required to install your desk mount are included too. 


  • Excellent tilt, swivel, and rotation
  • Ultra-strong mounting arms
  • Concealed wiring and Allen key storage
  • Multiple installation options
  • VESA plat compatible


  • Not a lot of height adjustment options
BONTEC Dual Monitor Stand
Strong and stable, BONTEC's dual monitor stand offers all the ergonomic adjustments you'd expect to find on less budget-friendly options and comes with a great cable management system.
Dual Monitor Stand

6. Duronic monitor arm freestanding (best free-standing)

If you’re looking for a way to improve your view of your graphic design monitors without clamping, Duronic could have the product for you. This free-standing dual arm monitor stand makes it quick and easy to optimize your desk space, with a lightweight aluminium design. 

The DM35 design is both sturdy and flexible, with a range of tilting and motion options to choose from. 

The Duronic dual monitor stand is fully adjustable in position, height, and angle of the arms. The aluminium arms can move back and forth, up or down, and rotate up to 360 degrees. You can also easily push the screen back to make it almost flush with the stand, which is excellent when not in use. 

The head fitting can also swivel left/right, and rotate up to 360-degrees, allowing you to view the monitor vertically. 

Features include:

  • Aluminium strong but lightweight structure
  • Height adjustable and angle adjustment
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Push the screen back to be almost flush with the stand
  • Compatible with VESA monitors
  • Grommet mounting included
  • Free-standing desk option

Whether you choose to mount your dual monitor stand onto your desk, or simply leave it free-standing on top of the table, the Duronic product offers plenty of flexibility. Just be careful when you’re adjusting the arm positions when the monitor is free-standing.


  • Lightweight and strong aluminium structure
  • Multiple viewing angles to choose from
  • Height and angle adjustment options
  • Excellent free-standing design
  • Attractive appearance


  • Not as sturdy when in free-standing mode
Duronic Monitor Arm Stand
A wide range of installation modes, including freestanding, mean that this monitor stand can clear desk space even for those who may not like the clamp or grommet bases.
Dual Monitor Stand

7. MOUNT UP dual monitor stand (best for space)

The MOUNT UP dual monitor desk mount is an excellent gas spring powered device with excellent durability and strength. 

Capable of holding monitors up to 32 inches wide, the MOUNT UP stand comes with an attractive polished steel design. You can use VESA mounting patterns of 75 and 100mm, and there are multiple mounting options. 

Explore a variety of screen combinations, including a full vertical swivel mode, if you want to change the position of your work between horizontal and vertical modes. Each arm can hold up to 8kg of weight and provide full-motion flexibility. 

Aside from the 180-degree swivel you also get an up to 90-degree tilt and 360-degree rotation. 

Features include:

  • Excellent compact design for corner mounting
  • Aluminum steel finish
  • VESA mounting for 75 and 100mm
  • Holds monitors up to 32 inches wide
  • 8kg of strength for each arm
  • 90-degree tilt, 180-degree swivel and 360-degree rotation
  • C-clamp or grommet installation

The MOUNT UP dual monitor stand promises a compact and simple way to make your office more ergonomic, while saving desktop space. With multiple mounting options to choose from, it’s easy to get everything set up too. 


  • Very compact for small offices
  • Lots of swivel, tilt, and rotation options
  • VESA mounting options included
  • C-clamp or grommet installation
  • Strong and durable arm performance
  • Fantastic 3 year support


  • Can be quite difficult to adjust the arms
MOUNT UP Aluminum Dual Monitor Stand
The MOUNT UP dual monitor stand is highly compatible and fits a wide range of monitors from 13-inch to 32-inch models (VESA 75/100mm). The base is perfect to make use of your desks with limited space.
Dual Monitor Stand

8. Mount it dual monitor arm (best heavy duty)

If your monitors are a little chunkier, or heavier than most, you’re going to need a heavy-duty dual monitor stand. This product from the Allcam Store is specially made to handle heavier monitors. 

The product comes with support for monitors up to 27 inches in width and the arms are compatible with 75 and 100mm VESA mounting, with 10kg of support per arm.

Like most of the best dual monitor stands, the Mount it comes with a variety of ways to adjust your view. The twin screen mount can be tilt adjusted up and down 90 degrees, swivel left and right 180 degrees, raise and lower 17″. Each screen can be rotated and placed in portrait or landscape orientation independent of one another. This gas dual monitor stand is suitable for monitors under 27-inch.

The mounting system also comes with c-clamp components, so you can quickly set up your new desk space. 

Features include:

  • Support for up to 10kg per arm
  • Enough space for 2 27-inch monitors
  • VESA 75 and 100mm mounting
  • Tilt, swivel and rotate
  • C clamp mounting components included
  • Quick release height adjustment
  • 5-year warranty

The quick release height adjustment feature is a nice added extra for this device, allowing users to change their monitor position quickly. You also get the bonus of a five-year warranty included with your purchase, allowing for complete peace of mind. 


  • Quick release height adjustment
  • VESA mounting options
  • Heavy duty arms supporting up to 10kg each
  • 5-year warranty included
  • Strong steel construction for durability


  • Limited tilting control
  • Only one mounting option
Mount it Dual Monitor Arm Stand
Constructed from extra heavy duty steel, the Mount it supports up to 10kg per monitor arm. You can purchase upgrade modules separately to suite your needs. Ideal for those with displays on the bulkier side.
Dual Monitor Stand

9. HUANUO gas spring arm (best gas spring)

Another fantastic product from HUANUO, this gas spring dual-arm monitor has a lot to offer. Easy to install and made with high-quality materials, this stand promises an easy way to transform your work experience. 

Designed to be safer and sturdier than the competition, the HUANUO dual monitor system supports both curved and flat screens at the same time. 

LiLike many of the best dual monitor stands, this gas spring product from HUANUO comes with a fantastic gas spring adjustment system, to ensure you can independently move each arm to the position right for you.

The twin screen mount can be tilt adjusted up and down 90 degrees, swivel left and right 180 degrees, raise and lower 17″. Each screen can be rotated and placed in portrait or landscape orientation independent of one another. This gas dual monitor stand is suitable for monitors under 27-inch.

Features include:

  • Aluminum die-casting and alloy frame
  • Flexible dual arm design
  • Gas spring functionality for better motion
  • VESA mount supported
  • Tilt, swivel, and rotate your screens
  • Easy to install with included brackets
  • C-clamp or grommet option

Whether you choose to install your new dual monitor stand with a grommet or c-clamp system, you’re sure to save plenty of space for accessories like your keyboard and mouse. The HUANUO dual stand also comes with hidden cable management to make your desk look more professional. 


  • Highly sturdy and durable frame
  • Gas spring functionality makes movement easy
  • Tilt, swivel and rotate to get the best position
  • Multiple clamping options
  • Hides cables easily


  • Limited tilting function
HUANUO gas spring Dual Monitor Stand
With this gas spring dual VESA arm, the position of your monitor can be customized completely without any 'slack' or interfering with the other monitors positioning.

Choosing the best dual monitor stand

The best dual monitor stand is a wonderful way to upgrade your productivity by transforming your desk space. With a reliable height adjustable dual monitor stand, there’s no limit to what you can do. 

As you can see from our reviews above, there are plenty of mount options to choose from. 

When you’re selecting your dual monitor stand, remember to consider:


Your dual monitor stand needs to be able to hold the right size and weight of screen for your needs. The most common products can handle up to 27-inch screens, but there are some wide-screen options available. 

Make sure your device can also handle the weight of your screens easily, without breaking. 


There are various ways to use a dual monitor desk mount, from placing it on top of your desk with a free-standing system, to mounting with a c-clamp. Most products come with multiple mounting and clamping options to choose from. 


A good dual monitor stand should give you full control over the position of your monitors. Make sure your device can easily swivel, tilt, and rotate each monitor to the position best for you. Some can even stack one monitor on top of the other. 


Monitors can be expensive. Don’t risk using a stand which can’t provide the durability and resiliency you need. A good desk mount should feature high-quality materials which can stand the test of time. 

Height and extension

Aside from being able to swivel and tilt your monitors, your dual monitor stand can also allow you to adjust the height and position of each screen. The best product will be able to bring your screen closer to you when you need it or elevate it away from the desk. 

With a little luck, you’ll have all the tools you need now to go and find the best dual monitor stand for your needs. Don’t forget to check out our other reviews for insights into the top monitor, keyboard, and mouse options to finish off your workspace. 

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