The best left-handed mouse: 9 brilliant options available today!

Left-handed Mouse

As a left-handed creative, the best left-handed mouse is something you just can’t live without. Whether you’re looking for a lefthanded gaming mouse, or something for work, the right purchase gives you a more ergonomic experience.

Experts say around 12% of the world’s population is left handed. 

This might not seem like a huge number at first, but it means there are still millions of people struggling to cope with right-handed scissors or battling right-handed can openers. 

Having the wrong equipment for your needs can seriously slow down your productivity, and lead to a lot of frustration. In a digital design landscape, where absolute precision is crucial, the wrong mouse could even lead to some catastrophic mistakes. 

So, how do you find the mouse to elevate your abilities instead?

Listed below are our favorite left-handed mice, designed for people who fit within the all-important 12%. 

Our top left-handed mouse options include:

  • Perixx PERIMICE wireless (best power-saving)
  • Evoluent VM4L Vertical (best wired mouse)
  • Razer Viper Ultimate (best professional performance)
  • Jelly Comb wireless (best budget mouse)
  • Logitech G Pro X Superlight (best ambidextrous)
  • ELECOM Left-handed trackball (best trackball)
  • Lekvey Vertical Wireless (best noise reduction)
  • Microsoft ARC Mouse (best portable mouse)
  • AURTEC Rechargeable wireless (best USB charging)

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Left-handed Mouse

1. Perixx PERIMICE wireless (best power-saving)

The best left-handed mouse feels comfortable, performs well, and delivers excellent (speedy) results. The Perixx ergonomic left-handed mouse checks all of those boxes perfectly. 

This ergonomic vertical mouse has been tailor-made to fit perfectly within your hand, reducing wrist strain and general discomfort. 

The Perixx mouse features 6 easy-access buttons, as well as three sensitivity levels to choose from. There’s a set of 3 DPI levels, so you can choose your preferred sensitivity, and a wireless 2.3 Ghz connection, so you don’t need to worry about cables getting in the way of your workspace. 

Features include:

  • Left-handed ergonomic design
  • 6 buttons for increased productivity 
  • 2.4Ghz wireless connection
  • 3 Adjustable DPI levels
  • Power-saving mode included
  • Certified quality according to the highest standards

Compatible with a wide range of major computer systems, the Perixx ergonomic left-handed mouse even comes with a handy power-saving mode, so you can reduce the number of batteries you get through. 

The battery-powered functionality may mean you spend a lot on keeping your device constantly charged, however. 


  • Excellent wireless connection
  • Left-handed ergonomic design
  • 6 buttons for control
  • Customizable DPI with three levels
  • Quality certified


  • Requires batteries to use
  • Not the fastest response
Perixx PERIMICE-713L
PERIMICE-713L is the left-handed version of Perixx’s top selling ergonomic mouse family. Streamline design for the most natural position of human wrist to help prevent RSI.
Left-handed Mouse

2. Evoluent VM4L vertical (best wired mouse)

A wireless left-handed mouse is great for freedom from cables, but it does mean you have the added hassle of keeping your device charged to think about. 

The Evoluent VM4L vertical solves this problem with a traditional wired mouse, featuring ergonomic left-handed design. This mouse comes with pointer speed indicators in the form of LEDs, and powerful functionality, with 6 buttons to choose from. 

The Evoluent mouse stands out as one of the most comfortable on the market, intended to reduce the risk of you having to twist your forearm to get your mouse into the right position. 

Compatible with virtually all operating systems, this left-handed mouse is also wonderfully plug-and-play ready, with no set-up required. 

Features include:

  • Contoured thumb rest
  • Vertical design to support your hand
  • Pointer speed indicators
  • Wide lip to prevent finger discomfort
  • 6 buttons to configure however you choose
  • Hyper-scrolling speed

The Evoluent also comes with built-in software which allows you to change what each button does, so you can have more control over your mouse functionality. You could set additional buttons for things copy and pasting or opening new tabs.


  • Wonderfully comfortable and ergonomic
  • Great scrolling speed
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Contoured thumb rest 
  • Customizable button performance


  • Software is a little outdated
  • Quite expensive
Evoluent VM4L
Thanks to its thumb rest and patented shape, the Evoluent VerticalMouse provides great comfort and relieves user wrist pain. With plug-and-play compatibility, the Evoluent VM4L works with all operating systems that support USB.
Left-handed Mouse

3. Razer Viper Ultimate (best professional performance)

If you’re looking for the best wireless left-handed mouse capable of offering incredible speed, precision, and performance, Razer has you covered. 

The Razer Viper Ultimate is one of the most popular mice in the world, with an incredible 70-hour battery life, and a range of 8 programmable buttons to choose from. 

More than just a left-handed mouse, this 20K DPI optical sensor device comes with a range of adjustable profile options, so you can set your mouse up in the way most comfortable for you. 

You also get the benefit of a lightweight experience, as it only weighs 74g, and comes with its own charging dock so you never run out of power. 

Features include:

  • 25% quicker than competing mice
  • Extreme low latency and interference reduction
  • Faster than traditional mech switches
  • Ambidextrous programmable design
  • Lightweight performance
  • Included charging port
  • Wireless performance for up to 70 hours

The Razer Viper Ultimate offers a wonderfully lightweight and reliable performance, with RGB lighting and a structure you can design to suit you. The shape is beautifully contoured to make sure your hand rests comfortably in any position. 

However, you might find it a little tricky to set everything up to begin with. Despite a few issues, this is one of the best Razer left-handed mouse products available. 


  • Much faster than most competing mice
  • Ambidextrous and programmable
  • Charging port included
  • Excellent wireless performance
  • Convenient 70-hour battery life


  • Requires initial set-up
  • Quite expensive
Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed
The Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed is Razer's zero-compromise, and ambidextrous, wireless mouse. Built for E-sports, this mouse offers great performance in a comfortable and lightweight package.
Left-handed Mouse

4. Jelly Comb wireless (best budget mouse)

A great left-handed mouse doesn’t have to be a major expense. This powerful wireless left-handed mouse from Jelly Comb offers an ergonomic experience for an affordable price. 

The comfortable design encourages a natural position for left-handed designers and creators, keeping your wrist and palm in just the right position for extended work. 

There are multiple DPI levels available so you can alter your sensitivity according to your needs, and you get smooth tracking and ultra-fast responses in any environment. 

The side buttons on the device encourage easy forwards and backwards scrolling, and you don’t have to worry about a complex setup. The Jelly comb mouse is totally plug-and-play ready. 

Features include:

  • Ergonomic handshake positioning for reduced wrist strain
  • 3 DPI levels to choose from
  • Extra side buttons for additional control
  • Plug and play simplicity
  • Compatible with various operating systems
  • Wireless performance up to 10 meters
  • Simple AA battery compartment

The Jelly Comb mouse provides a comfortable experience for anyone who needs a budget-friendly left-handed mouse. The ergonomic design will protect your wrist, while automatic sleep mode ensures you don’t run out of energy too quickly. 

This mouse also works perfectly with a range of operating systems, but it does require you to buy your own batteries.


  • Simple ergonomic design
  • Stable wireless connection up to 10m
  • Automatic sleep mode saves power
  • Compatible with most operating systems
  • Easy set up


  • May not last as long as some mice
  • Requires battery investment
Left-handed Mouse

5. Logitech G Pro wireless (best ambidextrous)

Sometimes, the most comfortable left-handed mouse isn’t one designed specifically for left-handed people. An ambidextrous mouse provides a straightforward and simple experience no matter the shape or size of your hand. 

Logitech’s G Pro wireless mouse is an excellent example of this. Designed in collaboration with leading eSports champions, this ultra-lightweight mouse weighs only 63 grams, and requires no worried connection.

Powered by Lightspeed technology, the G Pro is the fastest and most reliable mouse available from Logitech, and it’s wonderfully ergonomic too. The mouse is shaped to provide absolute comfort regardless of which hand you’re using. 

This is our favorite Logitech left-handed mouse to date.

Features include:

  • Exceptionally lightweight design
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Wired or wireless functionality
  • Hero 25K sensor
  • Powerplay compatible
  • Precise and consistent
  • Fast wireless connection

Though it might not seem like much at first glance, the Logitech G Pro Wireless could be the key to transforming your video editing experiences with amazing precision and comfort. Not only is this product particularly fast, but it’s lightweight, durable, and portable too.


  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Simple but effective ambidextrous shape
  • Wired or wireless functionality available
  • Consistent and precise tracking
  • Ultra-fast wireless connection


  • Expensive
Logitech G Pro Wireless
With a pro-engineered design, the Logitech G Pro Hero features removable left and right-side buttons which make PRO Wireless pc gaming mouse truly ambidextrous, while the DPI button is located on the underside of the RGB mouse to eliminate unintentional DPI shifts.
Left-handed Mouse

6. ELECOM left-handed trackball (best trackball)

The ELECOM trackball is one of the most interesting left-handed mouse options we explored during this review. Although not everyone will appreciate the benefits of trackball functionality, there are still many professionals who prefer using a trackball over the standard mouse. 

The EX-6 series mouse from ELECOM comes with precise cursor tracking for fantastic accuracy, and a unique ergonomic design specifically for left-handed users. 

There are a set of 6 functional buttons available on the mouse, which you can adapt and alter to suit your needs. All you need to do is download the available software from the ELECOM website. You’ll also have a set of two DPI levels to choose from too. 

Features include:

  • Universal compatibility
  • Wireless design with connection dongle
  • Mouse assistant software for assigning buttons
  • Easy maintenance with dirt resistance
  • Left-handed ergonomic design
  • Trackball functionality
  • Excellent tracking speed

Providing wonderful sensitivity and performance, the ELECOM EX-6 is a unique left-handed mouse sure to attract a range of designers looking for tools to help them design in detail. This product can be a little tricky to handle when it comes to remapping buttons, unfortunately. 


  • Ergonomic design is great for left-handed users
  • Trackball functionality included
  • Software available for remapping buttons
  • Dirt resistance for easy maintenance
  • Universal compatibility


  • Can be difficult to set up and customize
ELECOM Left-Handed Trackball
The ELEOM EX-G series trackball provides precise and smooth cursor movement for superior accuracy so you can get where you want on the screen quickly with less hand movement, improving productivity and efficiency.
Left-handed Mouse

7. Lekvey vertical wireless (best noise reduction)

Another wonderful option if you’re looking for a left-handed mouse, the Lekvey mouse promises ergonomic comfort, combined with a distraction-free experience. 

This vertical mouse allows you to use your left hand to control your applications and computer tools, with reduced muscle strain and improved control over your devices. 

Specially created for left-handers, the vertical mouse will position your hand in a natural position as you work, reducing the chances of repetitive wrist-strain injuries. The device is extremely easy to use, with simple plug-and play accessibility. 

You even get extra buttons so you can easily click back and forth between web pages. 

Features include:

  • Ergonomic left-handed design
  • Lightweight performance
  • Excellent plug-and-play functionality
  • Power-saving mode
  • Multifunctional buttons (6)
  • AAA battery performance
  • Wireless connectivity

Using this Lekvey left-handed mouse is quick and simple. All you need to do is insert two AAA batteries and you’ll be ready to go. Unfortunately, the batteries won’t be included with your purchase. 

Just keep in mind the product isn’t suitable for Mac users.


  • Ergonomic left-handed performance
  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Power-saving mode
  • Minimal clicking noise 
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Batteries not included
  • Not suitable for Mac users
Lekvey Vertical Wireless
Specially designed for left-handers, Lekvey's vertical mouse encourages a healthy, neutral 'handshake' position for smoother movement and less overall strain.
Left-handed Mouse

8. Microsoft ARC mouse (best portable mouse)

Many of the best left-handed mouse products on the market today are vertical mice designed for excellent comfort, but not for portability. This isn’t the case with the Microsoft ARC mouse, available in a range of colors to suit your style. 

The ultra-slim mouse is perfectly designed to give you a fantastic experience, regardless of whether you’re right or left-handed. The ultra-slim and lightweight design is ideal for dealing with a wide range of projects. 

There’s also a full scroll plane, rather than a wheel, so you can move horizontally and vertically. 

For designers on the move, the ARC mouse represents a highly versatile product which can snap flat in an instant and slide easily into a bag or pocket. This device feels similar to using a touchpad, rather than a mouse, which could give some creative professionals more control. 

Features include:

  • Ultra-slim lightweight design
  • Snaps flat for easy transportation
  • Optimized design for natural scrolling
  • Full scroll plane
  • Precise tracking
  • Optimized right and left click
  • Multiple color choices

Though simple, the Microsoft ARC mouse represents a fantastic alternative to otherwise clunky products in the left-handed mouse for computer category. One downside is this product is designed specifically for Microsoft products, so you can’t use it with your Mac. 


  • Excellent scroll-plane design
  • Optimized clicking function
  • Precise tracking
  • Snaps flat for transportation
  • Convenient lightweight design


  • Not many button choices
  • Can’t be used with Mac devices
Microsoft ARC
The Microsoft Arc is a great ambidextrous mouse with a focus on being travel-friendly. The overall design is optimized for the most comfortable, natural interaction.
Left-handed Mouse

9. AURTEC rechargeable wireless (best USB charging)

When it comes to choosing wireless left-handed mouse products, the issue of having to buy countless replacement batteries can quickly put anyone off their purchase. Fortunately, AURTEC has solved the problem by creating a versatile ergonomic left-handed mouse with a USB charging cable. 

You can even plug your device in and used it as a wired mouse while it charges. 

The AURTEC features a comfortable vertical design, carefully chosen for left-handed users, with comfortable thumb rests and a contour to help fit the grip of your hand perfectly. 

The easy-to-use design also means you can plug your mouse in and start using it, with no software or additional drivers required. Six buttons give you more control over computer systems.

Features include:

  • Ergonomic vertical design for left-handed users
  • Easy-to-use plug and play performance
  • High-capacity rechargeable battery
  • Intelligent sleep and wake-up
  • Compatible with Windows
  • USB charging
  • Wired or wireless design

The energy-saving AURTEC rechargeable wireless mouse is an excellent choice if you want to make sure you’re always going to be able to access your mouse when you need it. Even if you run out of power, you can simply plug your device in and use it as a wired mouse instead.


  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Intelligent sleep and wake function
  • USB charging for wired or wireless use
  • High-capacity battery


  • Simplistic design
  • Doesn’t work with Macs
AURTEC Rechargeable Wireless
As a vertical mouse, this offering from AURTEC helps to prevent wrist/arm pain and RSI. No batteries are required to use AURTEC's mouse, simply plug your device in and use it as a wired mouse while it charges.

Choosing the best left-handed mouse 

Choosing the best left-handed mouse is a somewhat subjective process. You need to think about how you’re going to be using your mouse, and what kind of design will be most comfortable for you. For creative professionals, there are tons of left-handed mouse options. 

Just some of the factors worth thinking about include:


Vertical mice are very common among left-handed mouse products. These devices give you a more natural grip on your mouse, so you can work with hours without suffering from cramp and wrist strain. 

There are also a range of left-handed specific products with a more simplistic design. 


Many mice come with extra programmable buttons which make it easier to skip back and forth between pages on a website. Multiple buttons can take longer to get used to, but they’re great for boosting productivity. 


Your left-handed mouse should be comfortable and lightweight, but still durable enough to withstand regular use. Look for something made with high-quality materials. 

It’s also important to consider whether you want a wired or wireless mouse. Wired mice are more reliable, but wireless options give you more freedom of movement.

Sensor performance 

Measured in DPI, sensor performance on a wireless mouse makes it much easier to track the movement of your hand when you’re creating something. Go for something highly responsive and accurate.


Budget will always be an important consideration with left-handed mice. Some will naturally be more affordable than others, so make sure you know what you can spend before you start browsing. 

It’s time to decide on the best left-handed mouse!

Hopefully this guide has made choosing the best left-handed mouse easier. The good news is that left-handed mouse products are becoming more common, as manufacturers are forced to stop overlooking their lefty customers.

Although left-handed devices are becoming more common, it’s easier to find ambidextrous mice if you’re feeling limited on choice. In this case, however, you might find you can be more confident about your choice if you test the mouse out before you buy anything. 

Don’t forget we have a wide range of wonderful product lists to help you build the perfect creative toolkit for design and animation check out our reviews of keyboards, monitors, and other products to complete your collection of must-have investments. 

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