A descriptive naming solution for a credible lender.

What we did:

A visionary in peer-to-peer lending.

Investing in the rapidly growing peer-to-peer lending space, the team behind Profunder conceived a vision of a future where accessing financial resources would be simpler, and more convenient. They wanted to create a platform where borrowers and lenders could discover an alternative to traditional, and often complex banking options.

The team developed a powerful digital solution, ready to connect funders and borrowers through a streamlined portal. However, before they could share their innovation with the world, they needed a name for the platform that would inspire and engage customers.

The brief

A name to represent the future of lending.

The team behind the new peer-to-peer lending platform approached Fabrik with the task of choosing a name that would inspire trust in their audience, and engage both borrowers and lenders. The title needed to highlight the credibility and expertise of the financial organisation, while also standing out among a huge selection of competitors.

They told us the name should give their customers a sense of safety when exploring funding options online. It needed to encapsulate the Group’s focus on innovation, as well as its commitment to delivering secure, compliant, and reliable funding solutions.

Our input

Building authority and trust through naming.

Following our initial conversations with the stakeholders of the Company, we dove into the process of exploring valuable naming conventions and strategies. Fabrik conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis, to analyse the state of the current market, and discover points of differentiation. While we found abstract names had some appeal, this title needed to be clearer, and more distinct.

We created a series of naming options for the business to choose from, highlighting the distinct benefits of each moniker. Finally, Profunder emerged as the clear favourite among all stakeholders. It offered the perfect blend of strength and professionalism, reflecting the Company’s commitment to revolutionising the financial world.

Our output

A descriptive name that forges connections.

Our approach resulted in a title that addressed all of the core goals of the brief. We conceived a name that was clear and descriptive, but also evocative, highlighting professionalism and expertise. The new title inspires trust in consumers, and demonstrates the credibility of the company.

Our meticulous naming process laid the groundwork for Profunder’s branding narrative to unfold, giving it the foundations required to build a powerful identity in the financial space. The business now stands poised to redefine the norms of lending, bridging the gap between lenders and borrowers with unparalleled simplicity and reliability.

What we did:


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