Branding and positioning for a pioneering life insurance company.

What we did:

Charting a path to revolutionise life insurance.

GamaLife, a pioneering pan-European insurance startup, was launched with a quest to transform the insurance landscape. The founders wanted to create a company that eliminated the complexities involved in choosing and managing life insurance, elevate transparency in the sector, and give their customers better value for money.

Driven by a team of insurance experts, GamaLife was ready to embark on a trailblazing journey towards its goals, but first it needed a comprehensive brand. The team turned to Fabrik, to develop a comprehensive identity that would reflect its valiant spirit.

The brief

Crafting a brand identity for a trailblazer.

GamaLife approached Fabrik with a vision, and a clear set of goals. The firm needed a visual identity, a voice, and a web presence that would define its unique proposition to the life insurance market. Focused on demonstrating expertise, innovation, and a commitment to customer care, the company needed a brand that would reflect their core values and ethos.

They were ready to build on the foundations they had set with their name: GamaLife, inspired by the Portuguese explorer, Vasco de Gama. This name symbolised the pioneering nature of the company, and a commitment to embracing the future. The same positive energy and idea helped our team chart the path for a comprehensive branding strategy.

Our input

Shaping GamaLife’s voice, image, and identity.

Following exploratory discussions with stakeholders, the Fabrik team clarified the personality and focus of the firm. We identified core values such as fairness, simplicity, and customer care, and a driving ethos: “Planning and protecting our future should be easy”. We conceptualised a strapline “Ready for the future”, and used this positive tone to create a messaging strategy for the brand.

With the character of the brand established, our team moved onto GamaLife’s visual identity. We designed a modern type-mark with a graphic twist symbolising ambition and growth, and a bold colour palette. To prepare the firm for launch, we also created various resources for their web presence, stationary, and business templates.

Our output

Discovering and refining GamaLife’s vision.

Our collaboration with GamaLife resulted in a robust image and brand personality for the innovative insurance firm. The company’s new visual identity is dynamic and modern, encapsulating the brand’s energetic quest for positive change. The website, marketing materials and templates we provided ensure the business can consistently shine in a crowded market.

Discovering the core ethos behind the brand allowed us to build comprehensive marketing messages, and clear statements to refine and showcase GamaLife’s unique personality. Today, GamaLife has all the resources it needs to leave a lasting impression on the life insurance sector, and its customers.

What we did:

—Brand strategy
—Tone of voice
—Visual identity
—Website design

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