FN Herstal

FN Herstal

Creating a suite of product names for a global defence specialist.

FN Herstal

FN Herstal is one of the world’s leading defence specialists. 

They have a wide portfolio of small caliber ammunition products which are used by military, police and security forces worldwide. 

The business were launching several new cartridge types into their product range, plus a new ‘green’ product label to signify the use of more environmentally friendly materials. They briefed Fabrik to create this suite of product names for them. 

Working with their existing naming convention (pre-fixing all names with ‘FN’) we created a series of naming options for the team to consider. The team chose the following names for their products:

  • Azuron (overarching name for their environmentally friendly products) to reflect the pursuit of clear, blue skies.
  • Propass (armour piercing) a professional projectile that passes through armour.
  • Permax (enhanced performance round) for maximum potential and high performance
  • Aria (reduced range) an intelligent, harmonious twist on the word ‘area’.
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