Securing a name for the future of financial crime prevention.

What we did:

A pioneer in data and analytics technology.

In a world where knowledge is power, Quantexa stands at the forefront of innovation, empowering companies to unlock the full power of their data, with intelligent analytical platforms and technology. Founded to address the complex challenges facing companies in the banking and insurance landscapes, Quantexa has revolutionised how organisations perceive risks, and opportunities.

Through its cutting-edge platform, the Company enables business leaders to make more accurate, efficient, and value-led decisions. Harnessing the power of intelligent, contextual data, this platform gives business leaders more clarity and confidence in every choice they make to grow, optimise, and even protect their organisations.

The brief

Devising an identity for a powerful new product.

Keen to stand out in the burgeoning financial services landscape, Quantexa designed a new product, specifically focused on the fight against financial crime, and banking fraud. The vision for their solution was clear – to empower companies with an all-in-one platform for detecting, reducing, and mitigating risk. However, the business still needed one thing before launching the tool: a name.

They approached Fabrik, asking our brand and product naming specialists to help them uncover a title for the new offering that would stand out in the competitive market. They wanted a name that aligned with the personality and spirit of their business name, while also capturing the essence and potential of the new product.

Our input

Discovering “Syneo”: An evocative and inspiring name.

The Fabrik team engaged in initial discussions with Quantexa’s stakeholders, learning about the brand’s ethos, and the value proposition of the new product. We decided the name chosen for the product needed to be intelligent, impactful, and modern, just like the larger company. After exploring various themes and naming types, we agreed on an invented, hybrid title.

Navigating multiple trademark classes and territories, we presented the technology company with a selection of powerful potential titles, eventually settling on “Syneo”. This name combines the words “synergy” and “neo” symbolising the crucial concepts of connectivity and cohesion in the data landscape. It’s a title that sounds and feels fresh, contemporary, and engaging.

Our output

A distinctive identity for a revolutionary platform.

When Quantexa approached Fabrik for help naming their new product, they were looking for more than just an identifying mark. They wanted a title that would resonate with their target audience on a deeper level, and highlight the powerful potential of their software. The name “Syneo” delivered on multiple levels, encapsulating the essence of Quantexa’s technology.

Syneo is a name that highlights the intelligent, forward-thinking, and transformative nature of the Company’s product for the financial services industry. It also boasts the added benefit of being easy to remember, instantly recognisable, and well aligned with the brand’s existing identity.

What we did:


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