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Perfecting the product naming process: PC Specialist

What we did:

A pioneer in the customised computing landscape.

Standing on the cutting edge of the technology landscape, PC Specialist delivers custom-built computing experiences to consumers across Europe. Known for their bespoke approach to crafting made-to-order machines, the company caters to a diverse clientele. Their customer base spans from professional users, to gaming fanatics.

With a customer-focused approach, and an eye on the future, PC Specialist blends expertise with creativity to address consumer needs. However, the competitive nature of their industry means the business needs to constantly find new ways of capturing and retaining consumer attention. This means taking a comprehensive approach to building an unforgettable brand identity.

The brief

Memorable names for new product collection.

PC Specialist were ready to take the next step with their product portfolio, consolidating some previous models, and introducing new solutions to suit a diverse range of buyers. Eager to inspire and engage their community, they engaged Fabrik for help choosing the perfect names for a family of six innovative machines.

Each product tailored to a specific segment of the company’s audience, from entry-level systems, to high-end gaming powerhouses. The names given to these solutions needed to convey their unique features and value, connect with customers emotionally, and be easy to remember.

Our input

Engaging customers with creative product names.

Following enlightening initial discussions with the organisation, we agreed on a naming strategy. The titles chosen needed to be succinct, easily pronounceable, and distinct from the cliché sci-fi monikers used by competitors. We explored a range of options, before settling on invented, evocative titles, that felt fresh, relatable, and modern.

Each name chosen connects with the potential of its corresponding product. “Initia”, inspired by the word “Initiate” symbolises the effortless simplicity of the brand’s lightweight laptop. “Ionico”, derived from “Ionic” highlights the versatility and dynamism of an entry-level gaming system. “Elimina” taken from “Eliminate” conveys the dominating nature of the company’s high-end computer, for serious gaming enthusiasts.

Our output

An exciting product portfolio, redefined.

Our collaborative naming journey with PC Specialist culminated in a revitalised product range, enhanced by the resounding impact of names that aptly capture the essence of each system. The new titles, though distinct, seamlessly align under a shared theme and personality, creating a sense of cohesion in the company’s portfolio.

This creative product naming exercise helped the tech firm to reinforce their position as one of the leading names in the custom computing industry. Today, the names chosen for each of the company’s innovative laptops are just as powerful and engaging as the products themselves.

What we did:

—Discovery & research
—Naming strategy
—Product architecture
—Name generation
—Due diligence

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