Markem-Imaje MiVista


Launching a new connected services product suite

Markem-Imaje MiVista
Markem-Imaje MiVista
Markem-Imaje MiVista

Markem-Imaje deliver intelligent product marking solutions for manufacturers through a range of printer hardware, software, expertise and services.

The business was looking to launch a state-of-the-art services suite and turned to Fabrik to help create a name for it. The service will streamline customers printing operations and deliver peace of mind through 24/7 real-time visibility providing risk alerts and diagnostics, performance monitoring, insightful analytics, actionable intelligence and improvement advice.

Following our naming discovery with the product and marketing team at Markem-Imaje, we agreed a set of criteria for the new name.

The new name needed to appeal to a global B2B audience, particularly with individuals who have operational responsibility for manufacturing sites. It also had to sit comfortably alongside the existing Markem-Imaje portfolio, while providing clear differentiation from key competitor products. These were looked at in some depth during this initial phase. We also defined a clear strategy for the required due diligence and trademark clearance searches.

We identified a clear set of naming themes, which included:

  • Vantage, viewpoint, visibility
  • Intelligence, insight, knowledge
  • Reassurance, peace of mind, control
  • Empowering, proactive, efficient

Of the most common naming types, we agreed both compound and evocative names would fit within the MI portfolio, work well with the audience and stand out in the space.

Our naming team generated the first round of names and following due diligence checks shortlisted 20 to share with the Markem-Imaje team. From that shortlist, the chosen name, MiVista emerged.

MiVista has a strong link to the master brand, with a clear connection to the ‘vantage/visibility’ theme which proved the most fruitful. The name also has a sense of personalisation with the prefix which can be read as ‘My’.