Car logos with wings: The 50 biggest car brands with wings
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Car logos with wings: The 50 biggest car brands with wings

Car Logos With Wings

With dozens of car companies scattered around the globe, you’ll have no trouble finding car logos with wings. Car emblems frequently feature wings as a testament to ideas of freedom, speed, and motion. While some symbols are obvious, others use very subtle aviation imagery.

For logos to be effective in any industry, they need to convey meaning as quickly and simply as possible. To minimize the risk of misunderstandings, companies frequently use imagery and symbols their audience are familiar with. 

The star car emblem, car logos with animals, and images with wings are all extremely common. 

Today, we’re going to be exploring some of the better-known winged car logos in the industry. These designs all leverage wings in their own unique way.

Memorable car logos with with wings

Car logos with wings are popular in the automotive industry for a number of reasons. As mentioned, wings, feathers, and other bird-related shapes are often associated with concepts vehicle companies want to convey with their branding.

A set of wings on a car logo can depict a sense of speed and accuracy, as birds are often fast creatures, capable of exceptional precision in the way they swoop and soar. 

Wings also elicit ideas of freedom, something many dedicated car owners feel when sitting behind the wheels of their vehicle. 

If you’re ready, let’s explore some of the top car logos with wings in greater depth, for an insight into how different brands use wings to their advantage.

1. Alta

Alta may not be a name you’re familiar with today, but it’s one worth mentioning as we explore the wide variety of car brands with wings. Alta was a Greek company operating between the years of 1962 and 1978. 

Though the brand had a number of logos during its history, one of the better-known options featured the name “Alta” emblazoned on wings similar to those of a bat.

2. American LaFrance

Otherwise known as “ALF”, American LaFrance was an American manufacturer focusing heavily on the production of emergency and rescue vehicles. The company ran between 1873 and 2014, using the image of an eagle to represent power and grace. 

The silver badges of the vehicles produced by ALF featured the name of the company, and the eagle spreading its wings.

3. American Austin

Another winged car logo proudly displaying the word “American”, American Austin is a historical auto manufacturing company which ran between 1929 and 1956. 

The organization used a logo with a bright red and gold color pattern. In the center of a red oval, the logo included a mythological creature (a griffin), with a set of golden wings.

4. Anteros

Anteros coachworks was a very small company located in California. The Anteros company only produced one vehicle, based on the C6 Corvette, with amazing 500+ supercharged horsepower. The company, established in 2005, featured a bull with a set of black wings on the logo. 

This is likely to be a company you’re not too familiar with today.

5. Arash

The Arash Motor Company is a super and hyper car manufacturer based in England. The organization has only made a total of four models to date. Only two cars remain in production today, but a new car was set to be released during 2021. 

The company is an ultra-low volume manufacturer, so it’s hard to find cars by Arash today. Previous versions of the company’s logo featured a bird swooping down, perhaps to attack prey.

6. Arrinera

One of the car emblems with wings we’d consider to be more subtle than the majority of the options on this list, Arrinera’s wings are sleek and stylish. 

The company, launched in 2008, is located in Poland, and has used a number of logo designs over the years, each featuring their own version of the classic wing image. 

7. Aston Martin

Aston Martin is a British luxury sports car manufacturer, first founded in 1913. The official winged logo of Aston Martin emerged in 1927, featuring the name of the company placed on a background of two phenomenal eye-catching wings. 

The design has evolved multiple times over the years, but wings have remained a consistent part of the emblem ever since.

Learn more about the Aston Martin logo here.

8. Avion Voisin

Operational in France between the years of 1905 and 1946, Avion Voisin was a historical car manufacturer known for the iconic wings in its emblem. 

The badge for Avion Voisin, which featured a set of gold and blue wings, was often much larger than you’d expect to see on most vehicles.

9. Bandini Automobili

This Italian automobile manufacturer was named after its founder, Ilario Bandini. The company, founded in 1946, and closed in 1992, produced luxury post-war sports cars. 

The Bandini logo is compromised of a selection of features, from the Italian flag to an unidentified bird, which looks similar to a rooster. 

10. Bentley

Another British company featuring a car symbol with wings, Bentley is best-known for its high-quality vehicles and amazing attention to detail. The Bentley brand, like many of the companies using wings in their car logo, combines a set of intricate wings with the name “Bentley”. 

There’s also a large custom “B” on the image, in the middle of the wings.

Learn more about the Bentley logo here.

11. Bignan

An historical winged car logo comes from Bignan, a French automobile brand operating between the years of 1918 and 1931. The organization only served a very small audience in France, selling classic “torpedo-body” cars, with four-cylinder engines. 

The company collapsed decades ago, but many vintage car collectors still know the symbol today. 

12. Biddle

The Biddle symbol is an example of a subtle car emblem with wings. Established in 1915, the manufacturer closed only 7 years later, in 1922. 

The company’s badge looked primarily like a shield, with a banner in the middle, a crown, and a set of wings in the very bottom left corner.

13. Bizzarrini

The name of an Italian automotive manufacturer in the 1960s, founded by former Ferrari and Alfa Romeo engineer Giotto Bizzarrini, Bizzarrini is famous among collectors. The company produced a small number of highly developed and advanced sports cars, before eventually failing in 1969. 

The logo featured the name of the company on a red background, with a bird in the center. 

14. Chrysler

You may argue the Chrysler brand’s wings aren’t quite as obvious as some of the other options on this list – but they’re still identified as such. The Chrysler logo features the name “Chrysler” on a blue badge in the middle of two long silver wings. 

These wings are very simplistic and look almost like the front bumper of a car from a distance. 

Learn more about the Chrysler logo here.

15. Cole

The Cole Motor Car Company might not have been around for long, but it sold vehicles for long enough to earn a place on this list. The brand, operating from 1909 to 1929 produced classic cars for the luxury audience. The make is also a pioneer of the V8 engine. 

One of the logos for the company featured a large set of silver wings. 

16. Changan

Changan is a state-owned vehicle company in China, producing microvans, passenger cars, light trucks, and commercial vans. The organization has been operational for more than 159 years at the time of writing. 

Though the shape in the Changan emblem might look like a simple V, it’s actually intended to be a set of wings. 

17. Donkervoort

This little-known company in the Netherlands built hand-made and ultra-lightweight sports cars in 1978. The badge for the brand is a very simplistic example of a set of wings, but it still counts for the purpose of this list. 

The wings are similar in style to those used by the Chrysler brand

18. Durant

Durant Motors, established in 1921, is a lesser-known company from Lansing, Michigan. The organization had a number of official logos over the years, including one which showed a mythical creature similar to a dragon on top of a star. 

The mythical creature was a common element on many of the crests produced by Durant. 

19. Duesenberg

A US vehicle manufacturer now defunct, the Duesenberg brand first emerged in 1913 and closed its doors again in 1937. It’s still possible to find some of the iconic cars held among collectors. The logo of the brand features an eagle in gold, with its wings supporting the name “Duesenberg.” 

The number “8” appears on the bottom of the bird’s tail in this example.

20. FAW

Otherwise known as First Automobile Works, FAW is one of the “big four” of the Chinese automakers, and a state-owned company in the country. 

The brand is best-known for producing a host of different automobiles, including passenger buses, and light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks.

21. Gumpert

One of the best-known sports car manufacturers to come from Germany, Gumpert produced the “Gumpert Apollo” vehicle. The organization, founded in 2004, was produced by Ronald Gumpert, who was also once a director for the Audi Sport brand

The various logos of Gumpert, now “Apollo Automobil” featured a number of unique characters, including a griffin with a set of wings.

22. Genesis

One of the top Asian car companies in the world, Genesis is a luxury manufacturer from South Korea. The company belongs to the much larger automobile giant, the Hyundai Motor Group. Genesis itself was established in 2015 as a division of Hyundai dedicated to luxury cars. 

The Genesis logo is very similar to Chrysler, with a simple badge and name placed on a set of broad wings.

23. Haima

Another memorable car emblem with wings, Haima’s logo features a very simplistic set of shapes, ideal for the modern vehicle manufacturing world. The company, established in 1992 is mostly involved in the production of vehicles for the corporate landscape. 

The visual identity is very easy to remember, with a sleek winged shape placed over a silver circle.

24. Hawk Cars

With a name like “Hawk Cars” you can only expect an emblem with its own set of wings. Hawk Cars is the name of a British automaking brand, responsible for producing custom vehicles. The organization isn’t very well-known today, but it’s logo is definitely worth mentioning. 

The emblem features a hawk flying atop a circle border in silver. 

25. Hillman

A British automobile marque founded in 1907, Hillman ran between the years of 1907 and 1931, with the support of founders William Hillman and Louis Coatalen. This car symbol with wings is very similar to what you’d expect from the majority of luxury vehicle manufacturers today. 

The name “Hillman” is written on a banner in front of a set of white wings. 

26. Hispano-Suiza

This Spanish Swiss automotive company launched in 1904, currently still exists as part of the Safran and Peralada Group, producing automobiles and aviation products. 

The logo of this brand is beautifully sleek and modern, featuring a circular center with the representations of the Swiss and Spanish flags. To either side of the circle is a three-feathered wing. 

The logo seems perfectly suited to the aviation industry, but it’s an eye-catching choice for automobiles too. 

27. Invicta

A British automobile manufacturer with cars now sought after among collectors, Invicta started life in Surrey, England, and produced a host of unique vehicles over the years. This company was well-known among automobile fans in part due to it’s eye-catching and iconic emblem. 

The logo featured the letter “I” in the middle, with the word “Invicta” written on it. Either side of the “I” are a set of highly-detailed wings.

28. ISO Rivolta

Another small brand on our list of car brands with wings, ISO Rivolta was a small Italian company running between the years of 1953 and 1978. The brand specialized in the production of motorcycles and passenger cars, with a bold, yet elegant visual identity. 

The logo included the name of the company, the Italian flag, and a griffin in gold with a set of broad wings.

29. Isdera

Best-known for the production of stunning sports cars, Isdera launched in Germany in 1982 and introduced a beautiful logo during the same year. The vertically-oriented badge in soft blue featured a black bird (which looks similar to a falcon) flying above the company’s name. 

This attractive image was ideal for the company, which produced a number of sleek, stylish vehicles.

30. Jensen Motors

Founded in the UK, Jensen Motors Limited ran for a total of 99 years, and stopped trading officially in 2011. The company produced sports and commercial vehicles in England, as well as building specialist car bodies for major companies like Fords and Chrysler. 

The Jensen logo featured a set of broad wings with sharp, angular edges. 

31. Laraki

Responsible for some truly phenomenal conceptual and high-performance sports cars, Laraki automobiles produces stunning vehicles in Morocco. The company, which still runs today, launched in 1999 under the watchful eye of Mohammed Laraki. 

This organization features one of the most attractive winged car logos, with a singular, silver wing. 

32. London EV Company

The London EV Company, better known as LEVC is an automotive engineering company, based in the UK. The brand is a subsidiary of the Chinese car brand, best-known as Geely. LEVC’s logo features the head of a horse in a circle, surrounded by a set of beautiful black wings. 

The logo is beautifully elegant, and ideal for a sophisticated brand.

33. Lagonda

Another fantastic example of a car emblem with wings, Lagonda is a brand from England, best known for the production of luxury cars. Aston Martin purchased the Lagonda company in 1947, helping the organization to grow in popularity. 

The logo of Lagonda is quite similar to Aston Martin’s, with the name of the company written over a set of splayed wings.

34. Mazda

The symbol for the Mazda company might not look much like a set of wings at first, until you take a closer look. The Japanese automobile manufacturer uses a V shape in the center of an oval to represent a flying bird. 

The way the bird’s wings connect to the oval of the badge also makes it looks a little like the letter “M”. 

Learn more about the Mazda logo here.

35. Mini

One of the best-known British automotive marques in the market, the Mini company was founded in 1967, and was purchased by BMW in 2000. 

Though at a glance, the Mini symbol might look like a circle with a series of lines around it, the manufacturers say the emblem actually features a set of wings. 

The silver wings represent speed and independence. 

Learn more about the Mini logo here.

36. Morgan

The British certainly have a love for car symbols with wings. This is evident in the Morgan brand, a family-owned company from the UK founded by Henry Morgan. The logo of the brand features a circle in the centre with the name “Morgan” written over the top in a cross shape. 

The sleek and broad wings in the background are designed in silver. 

37. Packard

Widely regarded an iconic car manufacturer by many collectors, Packard was an American marque responsible for developing luxury cars in Detroit, Michigan. The first vehicles by this company emerged in 1899, and the brand officially shut down in 1956. 

The emblem for Packard is very traditional, with a swan splaying is wings at the top of an ornate crest. 

38. Panther

You probably wouldn’t expect a company with a name like “Panther” to be on a list of car emblems with wings. However, the British car manufacturer has a unique symbol, featuring a set of broad wings on either side of something similar to an old-fashioned car grille. 

Like many winged car logos, there’s also a central banner on the image displaying the company’s name. 

39. Peerless

The Peerless Motor Car Company was one of the “three P’s” in the production of vehicles, which included Packard and Pierce-Arrow too. 

Peerless was best-known for producing high-quality luxury vehicles, and it popularized a number of innovations which later became standard equipment, such as drum brakes and enclosed-body production cars. 

One of the early logos featured an eagle with a set of huge golden wings. 

40. Qvale

A small Italian automobile manufacturer established by Bruce Qvale, the Qvale company uses the image of a dragon with a set of three straight lines to represent a wing on its logo. 

Though the company only existed for a couple of years, some experts consider the vehicles produced by this brand to be quite the collector’s item. 

41. Rezvani

Compared to some of the companies listed here, Rezvani is a relatively new automobile manufacturer, first appearing in 2013. The company was founded by one of the designers who formerly worked with Ferrari and Aston Martin, Ferris Rezvani. 

The logo for the image features a set of wings which look similar to the wings on a plane. 

42. Rossion

The progressive automotive brand Rossion takes a classic approach to car emblems with wings, placing a swooping hawk or falcon on a black shield-style crest. The name of the company also appears on the badge, with a sleek and modern typography. 

This is an excellent example of how classic winged car logos can become sleeker to suit a new audience. 

43. Russo-Balt

One of the very first companies to produce vehicles and aircrafts in Russia, the Russo-Balt logo was based on the visual identity of the Russian Empire heraldic symbol. Here, you’ll see an Eagle with two heads and a huge set of ornate wings. 

Obviously, this image is a little complex for modern cars, but it’s ideal for a company all about heritage. 

44. Simca

The Simca logo is almost retro in style, with its unique combination of bright colors, and a swallow-style bird depicted on the top of the emblem. The Simca automobile company was launched in France in 1934, and officially shut down in 1970. 

Today, there are still a handful of collectors with their own Simca branded vehicles. 

45. SsangYong

Easily one of the better-known Korean automaking companies, SsangYong was originally a set of two separate companies which merged together in later years. The company produced all kinds of tanks, busses, trucks, and jeeps, among other speciality vehicles. 

SsangYong’s set of curved wings is still a logo you can see throughout Korea. The image looks similar to a wreath but maintains a simplistic essence ideal for a modern brand. 

46. Stutz

The historical Stutz automotive brand from the United States appeared first in 1911, producing a selection of high-quality luxury cars. The logo, though bright and somewhat intense compared to other examples, featured a lot of the traditional elements of an auto manufacturer emblem. 

The Stutz logo even had a racing flag placed on a set of blue wings, to help further enhance the idea of speed and performance. 

47. UAZ

When it comes to listing car emblems with wings, UAZ isn’t likely to be a name you know very well. The UAZ company comes from Russia, and is best-known for the production of military vehicles, including aviation products and cars. 

Compared to other winged car logos, the UAZ image is a lot more modern, with a shape closer to a plane than a bird. 

48. Vauxhall

For many people, it’d be easy to overlook the wings on the Vauxhall logo without someone to point them out to you. 

The emblem features a griffin holding a flag with the letter “V” in the middle. On the right hand-side of the circular frame for the mythical beast, you can see its wing curving up above its head. 

The smooth, clean, and modern lines of Vauxhall continue to make the company instantly recognizable today. 

49. Venturi

Another example of a luxury brand using a set of wings in its logo, Venturi is the name of a luxury automaking company established in Monaco during 1984. 

The brand has a fantastic emblem associated with it, which includes an eagle-style bird spreading its wings in the middle of a triangle shape, at the center of a red oval. 

50. Wuling

Last but not least, Wuling is a relatively new Chinese vehicle manufacturer, established in 2007. The company produces electric vehicles, and features a logo made of red diamonds. 

The geometric design looks similar to both a bird, and the letter “W”, making it ideal for the representation of the brand. 

Car logos with wings

With a little luck, we’ve covered most of the more popular car logos with wings in our list above. However, you may also know some other lesser-known symbols which embraced the wing shape in the past. 

A car logo with wings is more than just a way to grab audience attention. Like many of the popular shapes used by vehicle companies in their branding initiatives, wings have deeper meaning. 

The use of a pair of wings, a single wing, or even just a shape intended to indicate flight, can bring life and energy to a vehicle company’s brand. 

While wings are used in various other industries too, from aviation, to the scientific, health, and even medical landscapes, they seem to have a special power in the car sector. Hopefully, this exploration of car symbols with wings has helped your imagination to take flight.

Well, there you have it, we hope you’ve enjoyed our definitive guide to car logos with wings, and come back to Logofile for regular updates on the world’s most famous, and little-known, logos!

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