The colorful story of the ColourPop logo
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The colorful story of the ColourPop logo

ColourPop Logo

The ColourPop logo might have started life on social media, but it’s quickly taking the world by storm. One of the better-known Insta-famous beauty brands, ColourPop burst onto Instagram a number of years ago, with a fun and creative approach to cosmetics.

Empowered by the support of beauty influencers worldwide, ColourPop branding quickly spread throughout the world, prompting new partnerships with a range of reputable brands.

Today, ColourPop has won a host of beauty awards from leading publications like Glamour and OK!

The question is, where did this social media superstar come from, and why did ColourPop choose such a fun and playful logo to depict the brand?

Let’s take a closer look at the history of ColourPop cosmetics.

ColourPop Logo

ColourPop background: How did ColourPop get started?

ColourPop Cosmetics, sometimes known simply as “ColourPop”, is an American cosmetics brand with a base in Los Angeles, California.

Founded in 2014 by siblings John and Laura Nelson, ColourPop started a revolution in the cosmetics industry with a brand built mostly via social media.

Initially, the sibling co-founders behind ColourPop began by creating a company named “Seed Beauty”, as an off-shoot from their father’s makeup brand, better-known as Spatz Laboratories.

Spatz was founded by Walter Spatz in 1955 and was best-known for producing a host of innovative beauty products. Spatz even owned a number of important patents over the years.

Seed Beauty produced makeup products for other brands to begin with, but eventually, the siblings decided they wanted to create something new of their own.

ColourPop Cosmetics was purposefully launched as a social media beauty business, with products sold primarily through the ColourPop website.

The company chose to launch and build its identity mainly on social media, at a time when influencers and Instagram were becoming increasingly popular.

The playful nature of the brand, its connection with its customers in the digital world inspired the friendly, informal logo we see today.

Is ColourPop a high-end brand?

Part of what made ColourPop such a significant success in the cosmetics industry, was its ability to offer a versatile range of products, without a huge price tag.

ColourPop rapidly earned attention in 2014 as a company selling high-pigmented shades of lip, and eyeshadow products, for an affordable price tag.

This set the company apart from many of its competitors.

Despite this, many people regard the ColourPop brand highly because all of the products are made in the USA, and they’re entirely cruelty free. The company is committed to delivering high-quality, rich, ultra-pigmented products, without raising prices.

Who started ColourPop Cosmetics?

As mentioned, ColourPop Cosmetics was created by the siblings, Laura and John Nelson. Before building ColourPop, the pair initially created the Seed Beauty brand as an off-shoot of their father’s company.

The Seed Beauty company also used to own KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics.

Where is ColourPop Cosmetics made?

ColourPop Cosmetics is made in the USA, which is part of what makes the company so appealing to a wide range of customers. The brand is also highly ethical and cruelty-free.

Who is ColourPop owned by today?

Seed Beauty is still the parent brand responsible for ColourPop. John Nelson and Laura Nelson own both Seed Beauty and the ColourPop brand.

ColourPop Logo

As a relatively young brand in the beauty industry, the ColourPop Cosmetics company hasn’t had many variations of its logos over the years. However, the fun thing about this logo, is how versatile it can be.

Rather than consistently using the same logo for all branding and marketing campaigns, the ColourPop team regularly change the color scheme.

While the iconic ColourPop font remains the same throughout every logo iteration, the background and font color can change drastically. The official ColourPop logo colors might be black and white, but there’s a good chance you’ve seen countless variations of this logo through the years.

The changeable nature of the logo comes from the company’s background as a social-media beauty company. The ColourPop organization rose to fame on Instagram, where it’s common for brands to regularly update the theme and look of their feed with different color palettes.

ColourPop has also taken the initiative to update its logo and color choices to celebrate collaborative partnerships with various celebrities and companies.

Over the years, the brand has had collaborations with brands like Disney, Hello Kitty, The Powerpuff Girls, Hocus Pocus, Sailor Moon and many others.

ColourPop brand elements: Font and colors

ColourPop cosmetics is a diverse and friendly brand with a heavy focus on community. The company came to life on social media and has remained focused on its fans in the social landscape ever since.

Today, the brand consistently pursues partnerships with other social media influencers and self-made celebrities, as well as well-known companies.

ColourPop’s community-driven approach to branding is evident in its choice of logo. The wordmark for the business is simple but effective, showcasing an authentic and creative nature.

The unique lettering gives the image a hand-drawn effect, which makes the ColourPop brand feel more human and relatable. The changeable nature of the color scheme also means the company can adapt to suit a range of different marketing themes.

You can find some useful ColourPop logo resources here:

The official ColourPop logo color is simply a black and white image. Usually, the company places a black wordmark on a white background, or a white wordmark on another color of background.

However, there have been a number of variations of the ColourPop logo colors over the years.

The company frequently experiments with a host of different shades not just in its marketing campaigns and social media presence, but on all of its various products and packaging too.

The diversity of the ColourPop logo color options has allowed the brand to consistently maintain a colourful and versatile image.

ColourPop Logo

What font does the ColourPop logo use?

The ColourPop Cosmetics font is a fun, hand-drawn font in a sans-serif finish. The design is intended to look as though it was quickly scribbled by hand on top of the packaging of the makeup products.

Notably, the “P” letters in the image seem to stand out as particularly large, perhaps in an effort to highlight the bold nature of the brand.

The font used for the logo was designed by Dale Harris and is named “Irrep”. You can find the same font available for commercial and personal use online.

The right logo can often be a difficult thing to find. The ColourPop logo is an excellent example of how companies can allow their unique personality, and the values of their brand shine through in their logo decisions.

With the ColourPop Cosmetics logo we see into the heart of the brand.

The ColourPop logo is a bold and eye-catching image, very different to something we would generally expect from a majority of sophisticated high-end beauty brands.

Taking a more authentic and natural approach to their wordmark has allowed ColourPop to stand out in a saturated market.

It’s also worth noting how flexible ColourPop Cosmetics is with its logo. Depicting the image in a range of different shades and styles allows the company to draw attention to their creative and versatile approach to beauty.

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