American political party logos: The meaning of US political party symbols

American Political Party Logos

Today, we’re going to be exploring the most common, and well-known political party logos from America. We’ll discuss the design and meaning of the American party logos, as well as which political group they’re associated with.

Political parties are more like businesses than most people realize. Just like your standard company, a political party needs a memorable brand to capture audience attention and loyalty. 

Though it’s often the policies, actions, and tone of voice associated with a political party which gains the most attention long-term, logos have their own role to play.

Around the globe, political party logos inspire entire communities of people to stand up and fight for what they believe in – sometimes to dramatic extents. 

If you’re ready to learn more about the best-known American party symbols, read on…

The political party colors and symbols

There are plenty of memorable political party logos in America, though the best-known options still belong to the Republicans and Democrats. Though each logo has its own colors, shapes, and even characters, they’re all built to represent the ideology and mission of a political party. 

Similar to a company logo, political symbols showcase a specific personality, and vision. These graphics aim to connect with voters and encourage those people to show their support by backing their party of choice. 

Many analysts and political experts believe the right logos can make or break the image of a candidate. 

Unlike other regions in the world, where political logos are often combined with a huge variety of colors, American party symbols are more likely to maintain the same color scheme. Many of the leading political parties maintain a blend of white, red, and blue, to show patriotism. 

The US Democratic and Republican logos, for instance, both use the blue, red and white logo colors. 

However, these designs are most often spoken about for their decision to use a specific animal as a mascot. Though the elephant and donkey icons of the two leading US political parties were created by a cartoonist (Thomas Nast), they also have significant depth and meaning.

The Democratic donkey, according to supporters, is intended to represent humbleness, diligence, and hard work. Although, the Republicans argue the donkey actually represents stubbornness, alongside other negative traits. 

The Republican elephant, on the other hand, aims to showcase dignity, strength, and intelligence. Democrats believe the elephant is more representative of a circus performer.

Let’s take a closer look at the US political party symbols, and what they mean.

As mentioned above, the Democratic Party is one of the most prominent parties in the American landscape, with a memorable white, blue, and red color scheme. 

The logo first emerged following a cartoon created by Thomas Nast, where a variety of zoo animals were loose, running around Central Park in New York. A donkey, wearing a lion’s skin, was chasing animals away, while an elephant wearing a “Republican Vote” sign stood looking panicked. 

The Democrats chose to maintain the donkey as their symbol, demonstrating vigilance and hard work. In some iterations, the design includes a donkey kicking with its back legs, demonstrating a flurry of freedom, movement, and rebellion. 

Another Democratic logo is similar to the Republican elephant logo, with a red, white and blue design. 

Instead of featuring 3 stars, like the Republican elephant, the donkey usually has four stars on its back:

American Political Party Logos

Alongside the standard donkey logo which most people associate with the Democratic Party today, the group also has a second logo. Updated for the new generation, this logo is simply a capital “D” in a circle. 

The image represents the Democratic Party in a range of marketing assets and campaign tools and comes in a shade of light blue. The Democrats often define their “primary” color as blue, while the Republican Party is often associated with red.

Find out more about the Democratic Party logo here.

The Republican Party logo, as we know it today, also stems from the Thomas Nast cartoon mentioned above. The elephant in the drawing was clearly associated with the Republican Party already, thanks to its “Republican Vote” sign. 

The Republicans at the time felt the image of an elephant was an excellent representation of strength and endurance. 

Like the Democratic logo, the Republican logo is in red, white, and blue, to showcase the patriotic nature of the organization. The design has evolved slightly over the years, however, embracing deeper and darker colors to highlight the authority of the Party. 

The latest version of the icon features three stars in the blue portion of the elephant design, each turned with the point facing downwards.

Like the Democrats, the Republican Party also has an alternative logo available where the image of the elephant is shrunken down into a tiny circle, alongside the letters “GOP”. 

American Political Party Logos

The letters stand for “Grand Old Party”, which is the term often associated most with the Republican Party – at least among supporters. The logo features sans-serif white font in a red background, as the main color of the Republican Party is red.

Find out more about the Republican Party logo here.

The Libertarian Party in the US is built around a celebration of freedom, as well as social and civil liberties. As a symbol of free will, the Libertarian group avoid the red, blue, and white designs of other US political party logos, and instead use a combination of white, gold, and blue. 

The symbol of the Libertarian Party is the statue of liberty.

Despite a strong presence among American political party symbols, the image for the Libertarian Party has not yet won the group a seat in Congress. However, Libertarian representatives have seen electoral success thanks to their relatable logo. 

Even the typography of the logo is compelling, with bold serif letters demonstrating strength and sophistication. The gold in this logo stands for prosperity, hope, and a brighter future, while the dark blue evokes professionalism, and patriotism.

Find out more about the Libertarian Party logo here.

American Political Party Logos

The Green Party, perhaps unsurprisingly, stays further away from patriotic colors than other major US political party logos. The full design is green and grey, representing the underlying ideologies of the brand. 

The Green organization is best known for its environmentalism and social justice campaigns. The Party advocates participatory democracy, anti-racism agendas, gender equality, and the protection of the earth.

American Political Party Logos

Alongside highly legible typography, the Green Party symbol is simple and effective, with a green diamond alongside approachable a sans-serif font. The logo helps to make the Group memorable, without any complicated designs or imagery.  

Find out more about the US Green Party logo here.

The Constitution Party is a return to patriotic form among political party logos. Not only does the design feature red, white, and blue coloring, but it has also featured an Eagle – the bird of the USA, in various iterations and design. 

The political logo of the Constitution Party is built out of graphics often associated with the American landscape. 

American Political Party Logos

This highly Christian Party aims to capture the hearts and minds of its voters with meaningful images like the bald eagle, the colors of the American flag and even a selection of stars and stripes infused into the design in some cases. 

The bold coloring and block font demonstrates authority and heritage. 

The Socialist Party, or “SPUSA” as it’s sometimes called, is a democratic socialist group often focused to heavily left-wing strategies for country development. This Party concentrates mostly on supporting civil rights and improving the overall connectedness of the United States. 

The high-level, global concepts and issues this group attempts to address match the design of their logo perfectly.

American Political Party Logos

The Socialist Party logo has maintained a similar design for a number of years, featuring a globe (in blue and green), with two people from different ethnicities clasping hands on either side. There’s a ring around the word saying, “Socialist Party” and “Workers of the World Unite!”. 

The socialist logo’s font is a simple serif typography, great for highlighting sophistication, stability, and history. 

The Social Democrats are an offshoot political party, taken from the American Socialist Party, which currently isn’t running national candidates. The logo is quite meaningful, though it’s changed a few times over the years. 

In most cases, the image will include a hand holding a torch, similar to the torch from the Statue of Liberty – which may help to invoke patriotism. 

American Political Party Logos

The torch may also represent the “passing of the torch” as the American Socialist Party hands the reins over to a new generation of social democrats. The symbol is often very simple, including a red flame, and black outlines of the rest of the image. 

There’s a box around the flame and the hand to highlight the icon, and “SDUSA” often appears underneath in sans-serif font, to remind you of the name of the political group. 

The Modern Whig Party is lesser-known in the USA than the Democrats and Republicans, but it often advertises itself as being a middle-ground solution somewhere between the Republicans and Democrats. 

The “Modern” Whig Party is a revival of the original group, which appeared in the United States during the 1800s. 

American Political Party Logos

The design of the Modern Whig icon is similar to many of the major American political party logos, using a combination of red, white, and blue. Like the Democratic logo, the Whig also has four stars within the blue section of the image. 

Similar to both the Democratic and Republican logos, the Whig Party design also has an animal mascot in the form of an owl, demonstrating wisdom and balance. This Party believes the future of American lies in the meeting of minds from both the right and left side of politics. 

Often faced with some controversy, the American First Party believes (as the name suggests), America should always come first in any decisions made by the government. 

This also means breaking any labor treaties with other countries and stepping out of wars to focus on the growth of the USA, instead of the rest of the world. 

American Political Party Logos

To convey the ideology of putting American first, this Party’s logo features the red, white, and blue imagery you’d expect from a highly patriotic group. There’s a blue circle with a series of white stars, featuring a man standing atop a red and white striped flag inside. 

The man in the American First logo carries a gun in an attempt to demonstrate the importance of protecting America from within.

Another excellent example of a highly patriotic logo design, the independent part of America, or Independent America Party stands out with a series of American political symbols. 

Like other US political party logos, this image features a carefully selected combination of red, white, and blue to represent the American flag. 

American Political Party Logos

In the background of the image, you have a capital I to represent the “Independence” aspect of the group. In front of this, there’s a bald eagle designed in the stars and stripes of the American flag. 

It’s an extremely eye-catching image for a group which focuses heavily on strong traditional families, national sovereignty, and patriotism. 

Quite different from many of the popular American political party logos today, the US Working Family Party has designed its symbol entirely in blue and white. The WFP is only a minor party in the US, but the logo has still gained some traction throughout the country. 

This Party focuses on issues like healthcare, creating jobs, student debt management, public education, and the environment.

American Political Party Logos

The purple background and bright color of the font helps to create an exciting, eye-catching logo that immediately grabs attention. Sunburst-style stars combined with a sans-serif font arranged in a circle makes the logo more friendly and approachable. 

The use of the circular shape for the font helps to create an idea of inclusiveness and community. 

What about presidential campaign logos?

Notably, the US political party logos are just one example of the political groups in the US using icons and colors to represent themselves in the political battles of the modern day. Most of the people aiming for presidency throughout the years have also had their own dedicated campaign logos too. 

For instance, Obama had his own logo in 2008, which showed a white circle rising in a blue background, behind a red and white striped field – representing the dawning of a new age.

American Political Party Logos

In 2012, President Obama used a similar design, though the focus was more on the “2012” font than the name Obama the second time around. The circular design with the rising white sun in a blue background was placed within the “0” of 2012.

When Trump ran for president in 2016, he used the red, white and blue colors too, with highly spaced-out sans-serif font to help capture attention. The slogan “Make America great again” was probably the most famous part of Trump’s branding. 

No matter how you feel about the former president, the “MAGA” slogan remains memorable to this day. 

American Political Party Logos

The most recent president, Joe Biden used the same red, white and blue colors as his former candidates, this time focusing exclusively on his name and Harris’ name to attract attention. 

The unique part of this logo was the “E” in Biden, which was highlighted in bright red on a white background. The red lines of the “E” looked like the stripes of the American flag.

American Political Party Logos

All of these logos, combined with the accompanying US political party logos of the groups the candidates were running for, helped to add more depth and context to each campaign. 

In America, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, the candidates of political events are prone to using all kinds of imagery and branding to attract attention from voters

Understanding the American political party logos

Like most political Party logos throughout the world, the US uses imagery for each political candidate, as a way of helping voters remember what each group stands for. 

The majority of the best-known logos in America for political parties today focus on patriotism, and the love of America. Because of this, it’s most common to see logos in red, white, and blue.

However, just like business logo designs, political logo designers can also use additional colors to represent other ideas. For instance, gold might showcase prosperity, while green demonstrates a commitment to the environment, and the protection of the earth. 

No matter what your opinions might be about politics, it’s easy to see how the right imagery can influence the minds and thoughts of voters as they choose their next president or representative. 

Alongside extensive marketing campaigns, speeches, and carefully chosen policies, American politicians use their logo to cultivate loyalty from a wide selection of voters.

Over the years, the designs of various political party logos have changed. What’s more, many groups have additional logos, such as the Republican’s “GOP” logo which appears from time to time alongside campaigns. 

Despite this, having a general knowledge of the US political party logos can give you a better idea of how colors, images, and symbols can influence the behavior of an entire nation.

Check out our other articles to learn more about the political party logos.

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