The top list of electric car company logos and brands
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The top list of electric car company logos and brands

Electric Car Company Logos

Electric car company logos have become commonplace in today’s automotive market. As consumers grow more eco-conscious, and environmental issues capture more attention, electric car brands are thriving. They offer customers a way to minimize their carbon footprint, in style.

As the electric car market continues to grow, estimated to reach a value of $1,579.10 billion in 2030, the number of competing businesses in this space is increasing. Consumers now have access to an impressive range of electric trucks, SUVs, sports cards, and passenger vehicles.

Just like in any competitive market, electric car companies know they need an eye-catching image and brand identity if they want to capture the attention of their audience.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular electric car companies, and the compelling logos that help them stand out in the evolving industry. 

Electrifying branding: The power of electric vehicle logos

In the last few years, growing environmental concerns, changing consumer preferences, and increased awareness of electric vehicles has significantly increased EV demand. According to the “International Energy Agency”, sales broke records in 2022, exceeding ten million units. 

In the last three years, sales of electric cars have more than tripled, demonstrating an incredible opportunity for electric car manufacturers. However, as demand has increased, so too has the amount of competition in this space. 

As such, electric car companies need more than just access to the latest technologies to capture the attention of their target market. The perfect electric car logo offers an opportunity to engage potential consumers, demonstrate authority, and cultivate brand loyalty. 

With carefully chosen color palettes, shapes, and typography, business leaders can draw attention to their unique values and vision, and engage consumers on an emotional level. 

Today, we’re looking at just some of the passenger, sports, truck, and luxury vehicle brands around the world, with compelling, powerful logos. 

The top electric car company logos: U.S. companies

While the number of electric car company logos is increasing worldwide, the United States is currently one of the largest markets for high-performance EV production. Known for market-leading organizations like Tesla, the US market is thriving.

By 2032, the size of the electric vehicle industry in the U.S. alone is expected to increase by 15.5%, driven by the rising need for efficient, eco-friendly cars.

Here are some of the top electric car logos present in the US.

Electric Car Company Logos

1. Tesla

Easily one of the most popular electric car companies worldwide, Tesla, or Tesla Inc, was first founded in 2003, as “Tesla Motors”. Today, the company, owned by Elon Musk, is one of the largest electric vehicle producers in the world, with a market cap that temporarily reached $1 trillion.

Tesla’s logo might seem simple at first glance, but there’s more to the electric car symbol that means the eye. The stylized “T” is designed to look like a cross section of an electric motor, drawing attention to the company’s focus on the electric car market.

The red coloring in the logo symbolizes passion and vitality, making the brand look powerful, energetic, and modern. 

Find out more about the Tesla logo here.

Electric Car Company Logos

2. Lucid Motors

Californian electric car company, Lucid, was launched in 2007. It instantly grabbed attention with Lucid Air, offered in a range of trim levels to suit different consumer needs. Interestingly, the company was founded by a former Tesla Motors Vice President.

The electric car emblem used by Lucid is one of the simplest on this list, featuring only a wordmark, with stretched, sans-serif letters. The black and white emblem gives the company a fashionable and refined appearance, exuding sophistication, and modernity.

Electric Car Company Logos

3. Rivian

Launched in 2009, Rivian is an American electric vehicle manufacturer offering passenger vehicles, delivery vans, pickup trucks, and more. The company was initially branded as “Mainstream Motors” before choosing the name “Rivian” as a plan on the Indian River in Florida.

The diamond-shaped emblem in the Rivian logo highlights concepts of innovation and luxury. Consisting of multiple arrows, it also showcases a focus on innovation and vendors. 

The yellow coloring reminds us of energy and light, ideal for the electric vehicle industry.

Electric Car Company Logos

4. Canoo

Innovative automotive brand, Canoo was introduced in 2017, under the name “Evelozcity”. The company currently manufactures passenger electric vehicles, though it plans on producing a range of commercial vehicles in the years ahead. 

Like many electric car company logos, the Canoo symbol is relatively simple. It features a sans-serif wordmark, with significant white space between each letter. 

The characters at the beginning and end of the company’s name are surrounded by lines, to represent the tail lights of a car. 

Electric Car Company Logos

5. Nikola

Focusing on heavy-duty commercial and battery-electric vehicles, the Nikola Corporation was founded in 2014. The Arizona-based electric vehicle company has faced some controversies over the years, but is still making a profit today.

The symbol used in this logo features a hexagon shape in blue, to symbolize strength, safety, and trust, as well as the letter “N” for the brand name. 

The wordmark is sleek and sophisticated, using a unique custom font with modifications on each character to demonstrate modernity.

Electric Car Company Logos

6. Workhorse

Originally known as AMP Electric Vehicles, the Workhorse Group is an equipment manufacturer and technology company. It produces electric delivery vans, telematics software, and drones. 

Drawing inspiration from other electric car logos, the Workhorse emblem is a combination mark, featuring an emblem in the shape of a shield, consisting of a stylized letter “W” surrounding a “H”. 

The design is accompanied by a bold wordmark, in a red/orange shade, conveying ideas of passion, creativity, and power. 

Electric Car Company Logos

7. Karma Automotive

Based in California, Karma Automotive was launched in 2014, and is best-known for producing luxury cars for the electric vehicle market. The company stands out in the automotive industry with a futuristic design for its logo. 

The image features a shining silver ring, with a blue-purple color in the center. Symbolizing mystery, as well as reliability and trust. This circle is surrounded by an orange and red border, to elicit ideas of creativity and passion. 

The wordmark also stands out, with a glossy silver font, and a three-dimensional appearance. The “A” characters also look like arrows, pointing upwards to showcase ambition and growth.

Electric Car Company Logos

8. Faraday Future

Launched in 2014, Faraday Future is a well-known producer of electric motors for the American market. The innovative company is focused on the development of high performance electric vehicles, and is named after a well-known concept, Faraday’s law of induction. 

At a glance, the electric car logo looks like an abstract shape, consisting of 8 disconnected lines. However, if you take a closer look, the lines actually form two connected letter “F’s”. 

With no wordmark included, this logo is extremely sophisticated and modern. It also looks a little like an upward pointing arrow, demonstrating progress and achievement. 

Electric Car Company Logos

9. Drako Motors

Lesser known than some of the electric car company logos on this list, Drako Motor’s emblem is still worth mentioning. The company, founded in 2013, is named after its founders. It focuses on the development of luxury sports cars, powered by electricity. 

The Drako motors logo demonstrates the strength and sophistication of an automotive company, featuring a sleek white wordmark, in stylized white font, on a black background. 

The “D” is particularly interesting, with an arrow built into the back line, to showcase forward movement and progression. 

Electric car symbols from Chinese companies

Although the United States is home to a huge variety of electric car companies, China has begun to surge ahead in the production of electric vehicles in recent years. Let’s take a closer look at some of the iconic electric car logos from Chinese companies.

Electric Car Company Logos

1. Nio

Launched in 2014, Nio is a Chinese automobile manufacturer, specializing in the development of electric vehicles and battery-swapping stations for its cars. The company’s Chinese name is Weilai, which means “Blue Sky Coming”. 

The most compelling part of the Nio logo is the symbol, which looks a little like a sun rising over a landscape, casting shadows below. This symbolizes a focus on the future and forward momentum.

Nio also uses a bold wordmark, to showcase strength and reliability.

Electric Car Company Logos

2. XPeng

Chinese car company XPeng Motors was launched in 2014, and focuses on the development of various styles of electric vehicles, as well as autonomous driving technology. 

The first car produced by the company was initially launched in 2018. The XPeng electric car logo is extremely modern, featuring a stylized letter “X” which looks like a pair of arrows, pointing towards each other, or a set of wings. 

This symbol is accompanied by a sleek stylized wordmark in a custom font.

Electric Car Company Logos

3. Zeekr

Launched in 2021, Zeekr is one of the newest electric car manufacturers on this list. The company first began delivering vehicles to customers in 2021, though quickly expanded to support consumers in more than 330 cities throughout China.

Zeekr’s logo is interesting. Alongside the company name, presented in an uppercase sans-serif font, we see a black box with an angled line in the middle. This could represent part of a circuit, connecting to the concept of energy storage and electricity. 

It could also be a reference to a road, demonstrating Zeekr’s commitment to help consumers on their journey towards a more sustainable future.

Electric Car Company Logos

4. BYD

Launched in 2003, BYD overtook Tesla as the world’s largest plug-in electric vehicle manufacturer in 2022. Although most of its sales are in China, the company is rapidly expanding into foreign markets throughout the world. 

The automotive company uses a red wordmark, surrounded by an oval on a white background as its logo. The simple electric car symbol showcases sophistication and strength, as well as the company’s passion for environmental sustainability. 

The unique styling of the letters also make the company appear more modern and creative. 

Electric Car Company Logos

5. Leapmotor

Introduced in 2015, Leapmotor is an automobile manufacturer specializing in the production of electric vehicles. Its models range from sports cars to hatchbacks and station wagons.

Like most of the electric car company logos on this list, Leapmotor uses a simple but refined combination mark for its logo. The design features a symbol on the left side, combining the letters “L” and “P” into a box shape. 

Alongside this emblem, we see the Leapmotor wordmark, designed in a stylish sans-serif font, with missing segments from various letters.

Electric Car Company Logos

6. Aiways

Otherwise known as the “Aiways Automobile company”, Aiways was introduced in 2017. The “Ai” segment of the name comes from the Chinese name for “love”. 

At a glance, the Aiways symbol looks a little like a car, with four wheels around a central body. The modern emblem accompanies a sophisticated wordmark, depicted in a unique sans-serif font. 

Like many of the electric car logos mentioned here, the image is depicted entirely in black and white, showcasing sophistication and professionalism.

Electric Car Company Logos

7. Arcfox

Operating under the BAIC Group, Arcfox is a subsidiary brand selling electric crossovers and passenger cars. It was initially launched in 2017, and produced its first microcar, the “Lite” vehicle, to target premium class customers.

Arcfox uses a simplistic image of an artic fox in its logo, created with a series of arrows to symbolize movement and progression. 

The sleek design is accompanied by the brand’s name, which has been designed to look cutting-edge and modern, with a unique typeface.

Electric Car Company Logos

8. HiPhi

The premium electric vehicle brand of Human Horizons, HiPhi focuses on the development of smart vehicles with battery-powered and electric motors. The company’s first production car was a full-sized electric crossover, first launching in 2020. 

Though simple, the original logo of the HiPhi brand is one of the most impressive on this list. It features a simple symbol, consisting of three lines, which looks a little like the image you would see on a power button. 

The black and white image of the company makes the brand seem sophisticated and professional. 

Electric Car Company Logos

9. Singulato

Introduced in 2014, Singulato Motors is the energy vehicle brand of the Chi Che-hung Group, known for its innovation in the technology sector. Initially, the business was launched as an internet focused company, producing premium “new energy” vehicles. 

Alongside electric cars, Singulato plans on producing a range of intelligent vehicles, with autonomous driving systems and automotive networking services. 

The logo features a simple bow shape, in grey, which symbolizes connectivity, as well as a sleek wordmark in a matching shade. 

Electric Car Company Logos

10. Ora

Subsidiary of the Great Wall Motor brand in China, Ora was established in 2018. Interestingly, the company initially focused on producing vehicles intended for a female audience. The “Ora IQ” compact car was intended to be more appealing to feminine buyers. 

Ora has captured a lot of attention in recent years, not just for its innovative branding and vehicles, but also for the names of its vehicles, which often included the word “cat”. 

Ora’s logo features a vertical black oval, surrounded by a silver border, with a bold exclamation mark in the center, symbolizing excitement and innovation. 

Logos of electric car manufacturers around the world

Though many of the best-known electric car company logos come from the US and the Chinese market, there are various popular brands distributed all over the world. Let’s take a closer look at some of the sleek designs used by electric car manufacturers worldwide.

Electric Car Company Logos

1. Polestar

Swedish electric car brand, Polestar was launched in 1996. It drew inspiration for its name from the STCC Polestar racing team. The company currently belongs to the Volvo Cars Group.

The key component of the Polestar logo is a symbol consisting of two silver arrows, intended to look like a polar star. The design signifies the professionalism and focus on excellence that drives the business today. 

The Polestar logo occasionally includes a wordmark, but the symbol alone is enough to give the business an edgy, sharp, and modern vibe.

Find out more about the Polestar logo here

Electric Car Company Logos

2. Rimac

Introduced in 2009, Rimac Automobili is a Croation automotive company, responsible for producing electric sports cars, battery systems, and drivetrains. The brand is named after its founder, Mate Rimac, and initially produced one of the world’s fastest production electric vehicles. 

The Rimac logo combines futuristic and traditional elements. The symbol includes a shield, with a letter “R” in the center, representing the company’s name, and its focus on driver security. 

The stylized wordmark, consisting of characters with removed components, highlights the brand’s commitment to innovation. 

Electric Car Company Logos

3. Aspark

One of the better-known Japanese electric car brands, Aspark was launched in 2005, and focuses on the development of electric vehicles like the “Aspark Owl”. 

Unlike many of the electric car company logos we’ve reviewed so far, Aspark doesn’t include a wordmark in its emblem. Instead, the brand relies on a stylized three-dimensional symbol, depicted in blue, which creates the shape of an “A”. 

The blue color palette draws attention to the brand’s trustworthy and reliable nature. 

Electric Car Company Logos

4. Venturi

Based in Monaco, Venturi was initially founded in 1984, before it declared bankruptcy in 2000. The same year, the company was revived, with a new focus on electric vehicle production. 

Venturi has an extremely eye-catching logo, featuring a black rectangular background, with a large letter “V” depicted in a red, serif typeface in the center. Above this design, we see the name of the Venturi brand, in a sleek, horizontally extended font.

Like many of the best logos on this list, the design draws attention to the company’s focus on cutting edge technology, modernity, and luxury. 

Electric Car Company Logos

5. Vinfast

One of the fastest-growing electric vehicle companies on this list, Vinfast is one of the largest private conglomerates in Vietnam. It was also the first company to bring new electric cars to the region, earning it an innovative reputation.

Compared to some of the electric car logos on this list, the Vinfast emblem is a little more traditional. It features a simple sans-serif wordmark, in uppercase letters, and the letter “V” crafted with a series of white and grey lines. 

The logo aims to make the name of the company more memorable, while demonstrating a focus on innovation and creativity.

Powerful electric car emblems

This list of electric car company logos demonstrates just how diverse the automotive industry can be when it comes to crafting memorable brands. Each of the symbols we’ve mentioned above has its own unique design elements, drawing attention to the core values of the company.

However, many of the top electric car logos also feature similar components, from sleek wordmarks with unique font, to simplified color palettes, and evocative shapes. 

If you’re looking to create your own powerful logo, reach out to the Fabrik Brands team today, to discover how the right branding partner can power your brand image. 

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