TD Bank logo: The TD Bank icon and meaning
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TD Bank logo: The TD Bank icon and meaning

TD Bank Logo

The TD Bank logo is a simple, minimalistic image, ideal for conveying convenience, support, and security ideas. You’ve probably seen this icon dotted around the streets in your hometown if you live in North America or Canada. But what does the TD Bank logo mean?

Like most bank logos, the TD emblem was designed with a specific purpose, to generate a sense of trust among audiences, demonstrate credibility, and help the TD business stand out from the crowd. 

As a relatively new bank compared to some other organizations in the financial industry, TD Bank hasn’t introduced many variations of its logo. However, there have been a handful of changes to the design, specifically since the brand changed its name. 

If you’ve ever noticed the TD Bank logo and wished you knew more about it, you’re in the right place. Today, we’ll dive into the history of TD Bank, explore its branding assets, and tell you everything you need to know about the TD logo.

TD Bank meaning: Introducing TD Bank

Let’s start simple, what does “TD” stand for in the TD Bank name? The “TD” refers to the company’s legal trading name, the Toronto-Dominion Bank.

Today, the organization conducts business as the TD Bank Group and is a Canadian multinational financial services and banking corporation. With headquarters in Toronto, TD Bank operates throughout Canada.

TD is recognized as one of Canada’s “Big Five” banks and one of the two these organizations initially founded in Toronto.

As of 2021, TD Bank became the largest bank in Canada according to market capitalization and total assets. It’s also one of the top 10 banks in North America and the 23rd biggest bank worldwide.

TD Bank, as we know it today, was founded in 1955, following the merger of two previous companies, the Bank of Toronto and the Dominion Bank.

These two organizations were founded in 1855 and 1869. In 1967, TD Bank found a new headquarters in downtown Toronto, and in the next 12 months, it began a new partnership with the business that would become Visa (ChargeX).

What was TD Bank called before?

Technically, TD Bank has only ever had the name TD Bank or Toronto-Dominion Bank. However, the prior companies which merged to create the TD Bank were the Bank of Toronto and the Dominion Bank, two large financial institutions launched in the 1800s.

What is TD Bank’s Slogan?

TD Bank has used a few different taglines and slogans over the years. The first-ever slogan was “The Best in Banking Service.” After that, the company experimented with “The Bank Where People Make The Difference” and “America’s Most Convenient Bank.”

Who Owns TD Bank?

TD Bank is owned by the Toronto-Dominion Bank group and the TD Bank US Holding Company. Essentially, the organization operates as a member of the TD Bank Group.

TD Bank logo history: The evolution of the TD Bank icon

TD Bank as we know it today hasn’t been around in its current form for very long. The name “TD Bank” was established in 1955, when the Bank of Toronto and the Dominion Bank joined forces. Before this, the Toronto-Dominion Bank didn’t exist.

The Bank of Toronto and the Dominion Bank had some pretty interesting logos. In 1855, the Bank of Toronto used a logo similar to a coat of arms, with imagery from the Canadian coat of arms and various elements from the United States emblem included.

TD Bank Logo

The Dominion Bank also used quite a traditional logo, featuring a shield with several unique Canadian elements included, such as maple leaves.

The Dominion Bank’s logo was formed in the shape of a circle, with the name of the company and the date when it was established included in the image border.

TD Bank Logo

Interestingly, to create the TD Bank we know today, the TD Bank Group purchased a “Commerce Bank” company and merged with TD Banknorth.

The Commerce Bank logo was quite different from the image we know for TD Bank today, featuring bold sans-serif letters and a large red C, which looked a little like a teardrop.

TD Bank Logo

What does the TD logo mean? Why is the TD logo a chair?

TD Bank Logo

When TD Bank NA was formed to operate as the US subsidiary of the TD Bank Group, it introduced a new logo still in use today. The eye-catching design features the letters “TD,” written in white on a bright green block background.

The letters appear connected, with the top part of the “T” curving around to form the “D.” The word “Bank” is placed alongside the icon in a much darker shade of green.

TD Bank Logo

The official TD Bank Group logo is a variation of this logo, removing the “Bank” element. The TD Group uses only the green square with the letters “TD” written in white.

At a glance, the TD Bank logo might look a little like a chair, but that’s unlikely to be the intent behind the design. Instead, the connected elements of the “T” and the “D” potentially convey the company’s commitment to unity and cohesion.

The connected letters may also reference the partnership between the two companies that created TD Bank.

The green coloring used in the TD Bank and TD Bank Group logos is essential to the brand’s visual identity. Green is a color we often associate with concepts like wealth and growth.

TD Bank logo colors and fonts

The TD Bank logo today is a relatively modern emblem with a broad appeal.

The bright color palette is engaging and interesting, helping to separate TD Bank from other competitors in its industry. At the same time, the shade choices are relevant to the banking sector, as green is a color we typically connect to finances and wealth.

The bold yet friendly typography choices are another critical factor of TD Bank’s identity. The use of sans-serif font in a logo demonstrates modernity and accessibility.

The slightly bolder font helps showcase the bank as strong and confident. If you’d like to explore the TD Bank logo in closer detail, you can find some valuable resources here:

Unlike other banking emblems, the TD Bank logo has maintained the same consistent color scheme and design since it was originally established. The company uses a combination of two shades of green for the official “TD Bank” logo alongside the neutral shade of white.

In color psychology, white is often associated with strength and purity, while the color green is connected with concepts like wealth and growth. The colors included in the TD Bank logo are:

Hex: #54B848
RGB: (84, 184, 72)
CMYK: 0.543, 0, 0.608, 0.278

British Racing Green:
Hex: #003F2D
RGB: (0, 63, 45)
CMYK: 1, 0, 0.285, 0.752

What font does the TD Bank logo use?

The TD Bank logo has two different font choices in its design. The letters “T” and “D” in the TD Bank icon are fused in a unique typography explicitly created for the company. The font used for the “Bank” wordmark is Frutiger UltraBlack, designed by Adrian Frutiger.

The TD Bank logo is quite an unusual emblem in the financial sector.

It’s relatively modern and engaging, designed in bright colors to grab the audience’s attention. This logo doesn’t appear to have any of the traditional elements you might expect from a bank logo, such as an image related to security or a serif-style font.

However you feel about the TD Bank logo, denying its visual value is difficult. The image is refined and strong, helping to identify the bank as stable, confident, and secure. The color choices also remind us of printed money, growth, and nourishment.

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