ServiceNow logo history: Creating a people-centric image
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ServiceNow logo history: Creating a people-centric image

ServiceNow Logo History

If you’re familiar with the world of cloud computing, you might have seen the ServiceNow logo before. But how much do you know about ServiceNow logo history? The evolution of the ServiceNow symbol has drawn a lot of attention over the years.

Rather than just updating its color palette, or refining its typography, like other software and technology companies, ServiceNow decided to introduce a new icon to its logo. This new icon transformed the image of the letter “o” in the brandmark. 

It also demonstrated the company’s evolving focus on its consumers, and its changing values. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the transformation of the ServiceNow logo, and why the updated emblem is so meaningful in today’s world. 

The ServiceNow brand: Introducing ServiceNow

Before we begin discussing ServiceNow logo history, and the changes to the company’s visual identity, let’s introduce the brand itself. ServiceNow is an American software company, best-known for developing enterprise-grade software. 

Initially, the company was founded as “Glidesoft” in 2003, by Fred Luddy. Previously, Luddy had worked as the CTO for another software company, Peregrine Systems. When the old company went defunct, Luddy decided to create one of his own.

Interestingly, Luddy remained the only employee of ServiceNow for 2 years, before he eventually received financing and began to expand his team. In 2007, the company changed its name to ServiceNow, and began introducing new software to the market. 

ServiceNow became a publicly traded company in 2012, and quickly began to earn attention around the world. Today, the brand is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and even acts as a constituent of the S&P 500 Index. 

ServiceNow logo history: Becoming people-centric

Since launching in 2003, ServiceNow has only made one major change to its logo. While the update in 2018 might not seem huge, it holds deep meaning for the company, reflecting a shift in the company’s focus and vision

ServiceNow Logo History


The initial ServiceNow logo was a simple wordmark, similar in many ways to the emblem we know today. The image matched the style of many technology companies at the time, embracing minimalism, and a basic, flat design. 

Within the ServiceNow logo, we see a straightforward sans-serif typeface, with each letter depicted in lowercase, to create balance and a sense of approachability for the brand. The word “Service” was written in grey font, while the “now” component appeared in a dark shade of red.

Notably “Now” was also slightly bolder than the rest of the inscription, helping it to stand out. The most interesting part of the logo was the altered letter “o” in “Now”. It was converted into the recognizable image of a “start” or “power” button used on most computers. 

The image was intended to draw attention to ServiceNow’s focus on the technology space, while giving it a professional, passionate aesthetic. 

ServiceNow Logo History


Following the strategic acquisition of an AI company, ServiceNow chose to update its logo. Although there was nothing wrong with the previous design, it failed to showcase ServiceNow’s new focus and expanding values. The new logo was designed to shift perceptions of the brand.

The new emblem featured a similar font to the previous design, though all of the letters now feature a similar weight, creating a better sense of balance. The color palette has also evolved, moving from grey and red, to two shades of green

The most significant part of the ServiceNow logo today is still the “O” character. Instead of a power button, ServiceNow chose to shape its “O” to make it look a little like a human head, with the shoulders just peeking through at the bottom of the character. 

This decision was made to position “people” rather than technology at the heart of the brand. 

ServiceNow Logo History

What is the symbol for ServiceNow?

The visual identity of ServiceNow today consists of both a wordmark, and an icon or favicon used on the company’s apps and websites. The official symbol for ServiceNow is the unique “O” shape, seen in the company’s wordmark. 

The “O” has been carefully crafted with the inclusion of one small semi-circle, and a larger circle, where you would expect to see the white space in the “O” character. Although at first it looks a little bit like a donut with a bite taken out of it, it’s actually intended to look like a human being.

The company chose this new image to highlight its new focus on making “people” the heart and soul of their company. Combined with the fresh green color palette, this imagery immediately helps to differentiate ServiceNow from its competitors. 

Today, the company’s logo showcases a customer-centric approach to business, a friendly personality, and a commitment to growth and innovation.  

The ServiceNow logo: Fonts and colors

Sleek and stylish, the ServiceNow logo has always embraced a minimalistic approach to design. The company’s original logo was also relatively straightforward. However, as the brand evolved, it decided its first image no longer conveyed the right focus and values. 

Today, the ServiceNow logo symbolizes strength and reliability, as well as a commitment to growing and nurturing customers. The shape of the human being placed within the “O” character is crucial. It demonstrates a growing commitment to the ServiceNow community and audience.

This imagery, combined with the streamlined sans-serif font choice, and the green color palette immediately offers a unique insight into the ServiceNow company’s values and vision.

You can see some examples of the ServiceNow logo here:

What color is the ServiceNow logo?

Originally, the ServiceNow logo colors were grey and red, colors associated with sophistication and passion. When the company updated its logo in 2018, it chose a more natural color palette, in compelling shades of green, not often seen in the technology space. 

The ServiceNow logo color palette today conveys ideas of growth and nourishment, further enhancing the company’s image as a customer-focused brand. 

Outer Space
Hex color: #293e41
RGB: 41 62 65
CMYK: 37 5 0 75
Pantone: PMS 5467 C

Green Sheen
Hex color: #81b4a1
RGB: 129 180 161
CMYK: 29 0 11 29
Pantone: PMS 563 C

What font does the ServiceNow logo use?

The ServiceNow logo font hasn’t changed too much over the years. Since it was launched, the brand was careful to choose a highly legible font, with simple lines and curves. The typeface is bold, to convey strength, but it doesn’t feature a lot of sharp edges, giving it a more comforting appearance.

While the typeface is unique to the brand, it shares some similarities with well-known fonts, such as Calibri Body, with a few alterations. 

A customer-focused logo design

At a glance, the changes that took place during ServiceNow logo history might not seem particularly significant. However, the company didn’t just update its color palette and font choice when it redesigned its image. 

By altering the iconography in the design, ServiceNow effectively demonstrated a change in focus for its larger brand. The company wanted to show its audience that it was committed to putting their needs at the heart of its operations. 

The decision to move from a “power button” symbol to the image of a person helped ServiceNow to convey its values in a far more impactful way. Combined with the green color palette, the new logo tells customers that the company is there to nurture and support them as they grow.  

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