The Paramount logo history: Making movie magic
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The Paramount logo history: Making movie magic

Paramount Logo

The Paramount logo is easily one of the most recognizable emblems in Hollywood and the movie industry in general. Regarded by many as an icon of cinema, Paramount has produced some of the best-known films of all time and has been transforming the landscape for more than 100 years.

Like many logos with stars in them, the Paramount emblem immediately captures our attention with an emotional appeal that transcends geographical or cultural borders. The compelling Paramount stars and mountain design gives the company a majestic appearance. 

But where exactly did the Paramount mountain logo come from? How has the design transformed over the years, and how does it continue to appeal to movie lovers today?

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Paramount logo history and how the company’s unforgettable brand identity has emerged. 

What is the Paramount logo based on? An introduction

The Paramount logo we’re discussing today belongs to the Paramount Pictures Corporation, an American television production and distribution company. 

The fifth-oldest film company (or studio) worldwide and the second longest-lasting studio in the United States, Paramount is one of the biggest movie creators of all time. 

The story of Paramount Pictures began in 1912, with the original name, the “Famous Players Film Company.” Founder Adolph Zukor believed movies at the time appealed mostly to working-class immigrants. 

With his partners, he decided to start designing feature-length films which would appeal to the middle class, featuring some of the leading theatrical artists of the time. 

By 1916, Zukor had created a contract with 24 different actresses and actors, and each professional added to the company’s roster was honored with a star in the logo. Originally, the company wanted to include a star on its logo for every actor and actress signed with the brand. 

However, as the organization grew, this idea was scrapped. 

The Paramount mountain and stars

While there has been some debate about where the iconic Paramount stars logo came from, some researchers believe it was based on the childhood memories of one of the company’s founders. 

Apparently, William Wadsworth Hodkinson drew the sketch for the mountain in the Paramount logo himself, basing it on Ben Lomond Mountain in Utah. 

As mentioned above, the stars in the logo were intended to represent the actors and actresses who signed contracts with the film studio during the early 1900s. The Paramount team planned on consistently adding more stars to the logo as new professionals joined the team. 

But the success of the company made this an impossibility. 

Originally, there were 24 stars in the Paramount logo, representing the initial 24 actors and actresses who signed with the company in 1916. This number was decreased to 22 at a later date. However, it’s uncertain why the number of stars was reduced. 

Is the Paramount logo a real mountain?

According to stories from the Paramount brand, the Paramount mountain was based on the Ben Lomond Mountain from Utah. This is the location where William Wadsworth Hodkinson, one of the original creators of Paramount, opened his first theatres. 

While the official Paramount logo has 22 stars currently, the number of stars presented in other designs for subsidiaries of the brand has varied over the years. Some people believe the 13 stars in the Paramount Plus logo correspond with the number of letters in the name “Paramount Plus.” 

Paramount logo history: The evolution

While most people associate the Paramount logo with its distinctive mountain and stars, the design of the emblem has changed a few times over the years. Throughout its history, Paramount has introduced a variety of emblems to match its evolving visual identity. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Paramount logo history. 

Paramount Logo


One of the first logos introduced for Paramount featured none of the elements we’re familiar with today. Instead of a mountain and stars, the company used a combination mark featuring the name of the business on top of a crown. The Latin phrase “In Excelsis” was written beneath the design. 

This old-fashioned, hand-drawn logo was consistent with the logo styles of the time. However, it was changed rapidly to feature the components we know today. 

Paramount Logo


In 1916, Paramount began experimenting with the components of its logo that most of us are familiar with today. The design featured a hand-drawn mountain based on the Ben Lomond Mountain. On top of this image, we saw the word “Pictures” in a script font, underlined by clouds. 

Above the mountain, the word “Paramount appears in a contrasting color on a circular background. Numerous five-point stars encircle the entire design. 

Paramount Logo


During 1917, the Paramount logo was refined slightly. The number of stars around the outside of the emblem decreased, and the mountain was made bolder and more elegant. The font style was also updated slightly, making it a little more legible, although the script styling remained. 

This was the first time the 24 stars appeared on the logo to represent the actors and actresses who signed up to work with the company. 

Paramount Logo


By the late 1960s, Paramount had refined and simplified its logo again, removing the clouds around the bottom and top of the iconic mountain. 

The word “Pictures” was also dropped from the emblem. The number of stars in the design was also reduced, although the company didn’t explain why it made this choice. Interestingly, this variant of the Paramount logo didn’t appear on screen until 1975.

Paramount Logo


Today, the Paramount logo maintains most of the same elements as the previous 1967 logo. However, it’s usually depicted in blue rather than black and white. However, the current logo is somewhat variable. 

It will occasionally display the word “Pictures” in a matching typeface to the script-style wordmark. However, this element doesn’t appear on all of the company’s visual assets. 

Additionally, the color of the Paramount logo can vary depending on where it’s shown. Usually, the company uses a contrasting color based on the background for the introduction of a film. The star elements are also frequently animated. 

The Paramount logo: Fonts and colors

The Paramount logo is by far one of the most recognizable emblems from movie history. Although aspects of the emblem have varied over the years, adapting to suit different movie title screens and eras, the iconic Paramount mountain and stars seem to be a consistent part of the brand’s identity. 

Today, the mountain in the Paramount logo symbolizes not only the strength and endurance of the brand but also, its amazing history in the film landscape. Similarly, the stars in the design are representative of the company’s heritage, but they also depict excellence and exploration. 

If you’d like to take a closer look at the Paramount logo, you can find some useful resources listed here:

As mentioned above, the Paramount logo colors used in branding and marketing assets today can vary depending on a number of factors. The design has been created in a wide range of different shades, from yellow and gold to red and green. 

However, the core Paramount logo color palette usually features a combination of bright blue and white.

The hex code for the iconic blue shade is similar to #0064FF. This eye-catching shade tends to appear on most official representations of the Paramount emblem. 

What font does the Paramount logo use?

The Paramount logo font has always been a relatively decorative, script-style typeface, similar to traditional handwriting. The typography has been updated and refined throughout the years to make it more legible and cleaner for fans of the movie landscape. 

Today, the Paramount logo is still unique to the brand, but it’s similar to the Edwardian Script Alt bold font. Some designers also compare the logo font to the Peak sans collection of typefaces. 

Looking back at Paramount logo history, we can see how the iconic emblem became an eye-catching and recognizable symbol of movie history. Today, people all over the globe are familiar with this phenomenal logo in all its unique forms. 

While aspects of the logo can vary from one movie to the next, the Paramount logo has almost consistently used two core components in all of its designs – a selection of five-pointed stars, and a hand-drawn image of a mountain.

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