The definitive list of the most famous airline logos from across the world

Airline Logos

If you’ve ever sat in an airport, gazing out at the planes on the tarmac, you may have noticed how amazing airline logos can actually be. Designed to excite, inspire, and engage customers, airline company logos are fantastic at making an emotional connection with their audience.

Looking at some of the most famous airline logos and names, we can see how branding truly elevates a company.

Like most companies, airlines use their logos to send crucial messages about their core values, brand mission, and identity to their target audience. While each compelling emblem or brand mark is unique in its own way, airline logos tend to have some commonalities.

You may have noticed many of the most successful airlines use similar imagery, such as birds in flight, or components of planes to highlight the concepts of exploration and discovery.

Some are depicted in the national colors of the countries they serve, while others provide an insight into the airline’s origins and history.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the most impressive airline company logos, and how they’re designed to resonate with their target audience.

Exploring amazing airline company logos

Throughout the aviation industry, there are numerous different examples of unique airline logos worth exploring and evaluating. An airline’s logo, just like the brand mark for any company, isn’t just a tool used to differentiate that organization from its competition.

Airlines invest heavily in producing the best logo and brand assets possible, utilizing a careful combination of typography, color, and imagery to connect with audiences around the world.

Many of the most popular airline company logos combine references to a specific geographical location, with universal symbolism, such as wings and birds.

Though the company logo of each airline can evolve over time, each is carefully cultivated to convey the most important aspects of the airline’s brand. You’ll notice many of the logos mentioned above highlight ideas of passion, transformation, exploration, and professionalism.

The goal of most organizations in the airline industry is to excite and engage audiences, while also giving them peace of mind, and showcasing a commitment to care.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at how the top airline companies utilize their logos as powerful tools for audience engagement, brand awareness, and growth.

The most famous airline logos and names

Currently, there are more than 5,000 airlines worldwide with their own ICAO code. Clearly, we can’t cover all of those fantastic companies here. That’s why we’re going to be focusing specifically on the most well-known, iconic, and memorable airline logos and names.

Let’s dive in.

Airline Logos

1. Air Asia

AirAsia, otherwise known as Capital A Berhad is a Malaysian low-cost airline, and the largest airline in Malaysia based on destination options and fleet size. Compared to some of the other airline logos you’ll see on this list, the AirAsia emblem is quite simple.

The red coloring of the wordmark symbolizes passion, color, and energy. The soft, sans-serif font also gives the company a friendly and accessible nature. AirAsia designed its logo to look modern and fresh.

It’s intended to capture the hearts and minds of customers with bright, engaging colors.

Airline Logos

2. Air Canada

The largest airline in Canada based on size and number of passengers, Air Canada was first founded in 1937. The company is also a founding member of the Star Alliance. Air Canada invests in state-of-the-art aviation equipment, and exceptional customer service.

Like many aviation brand marks, Air Canada’s logo features the name of the company, alongside a memorable symbol. The maple leaf, known to be Canada’s national mark, reminds customers that this organization is the flagship airline of Canada.

The bright color of red symbolizes passion and energy, while the bold, sans-serif letters of the wordmark demonstrate stability and security.

Airline Logos

3. Air France

The flagship carrier of France, Air France was first founded in 1933, making it one of the older airlines on this list. The company operates a mixed fleet of Boeing and Airbus jets in routes all around the world.

Though simplistic, the Air France logo is compelling and meaningful.

The bold lettering used for the wordmark is intended to symbolize strength, security, and reliability, particularly when matched with the dark blue color choice. The sleek red line on the side of the design intends to showcase innovation and sophistication.

Airline Logos

4. Air India

The flag carrier of India, Air India belongs to the Talace Private Limited organization, and first launched in 1932. Air India owns a fleet of Boeing and Airbus crafts, serving 102 international and domestic destinations.

Today, the Air India logo is one of the most memorable in the aviation industry. The symbol on the right of the design looks a little like an airline wing or a bird.

The design features the Wheel of Konark Sun Temple, in an orange shade. Air India’s wordmark, located to the right of the icon, is slanted slightly towards the right, demonstrating speed and forward motion.

Airline Logos

5. American Airlines

Currently one of the biggest airlines in the world, American Airlines is one of the most impressive aviation companies around. First launched in 1936, the US-based airline has the largest fleet, and largest number of scheduled passengers in the world.

Though simplistic, the minimalistic logo of American airlines is packed with symbolism and meaning. The design on the right is intended to look like an eagle, symbolizing both America, and the power of flight.

The design is also similar to the shape of an airplane. This powerful design uses color and negative space in an innovative way, to capture audience attention.

Airline Logos

6. Aer Lingus

First launched in 1936, Aer Lingus is the flagship carrier of Ireland in the aviation industry, and was founded by the Irish government. The company might be one of the smaller brands on this list, but it still features one of the best airline logos around.

Aer Lingus draws attention to its Irish heritage and origins, with the use of a clover icon, synonymous with the Irish landscape.

The green coloring of the logo symbolizes growth and creativity, while the simple, sans-serif wordmark showcases the friendly and comforting nature of the company.

Airline Logos

7. Alaska Airlines

Ranked as the fifth largest airline in North America, Alaska Airlines is a major aviation company, with an excellent reputation for customer service. In fact, it was ranked as having the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any traditional airline for 12 years in a row.

Alaska Airlines keeps things simple with its logo, choosing a simple wordmark with no additional icons or graphics. The design of the wordmark is smooth and elegant, with a slight tilt towards the right to demonstrate speed and movement.

The letters are bold and memorable, and the color blue conveys ideas of reliability and trust.

Airline Logos

8. British Airways

The flagship carrier of the United Kingdom, British Airways is the second largest UK carrier, based on passengers carried and fleet size. The company was first launched in 1919, and has consistently used references to its English origins in its branding.

The logo was inspired by the “speed bird” symbol used by the British Air Force in World War 2, and it effectively conveys ideas of discovery and exploration.

Created in the colors of blue, white, and red, this iconic brand mark reminds us of the origins of the company, while the serif-style font conveys traditionalism, and sophistication.

Airline Logos

9. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the United States, as well as a “legacy carrier”. It’s one of the oldest aviation companies still in operation, as it first launched in 1925. Delta has nine hubs and is ranked second among the world’s largest airlines in terms of passengers carried.

As one of the most famous airline brands around, Delta has a compelling and eye-catching logo. The symbol on the right represents the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet (Delta).

However, the triangle shape pointing upwards also reminds us of growth and transformation.

Airline Logos

10. Emirates

Perhaps one of the most elegant airline company logos on this list, the Emirates emblem belongs to the Emirates brand, one of the two flag carriers of the UAE. The company is a subsidiary of the larger Emirates Group, and is the world’s fourth largest airline overall.

The compelling aviation logo of the Emirates Group is intended to demonstrate confidence and passion, with the colors of white and red.

The Arabic lettering on the top of the wordmark gives the company a somewhat sophisticated and unique appearance. It seems to convey luxury and elegance.

Airline Logos

11. EasyJet

First founded in 1995, EasyJet is a low-cost airline group from the United Kingdom, known for operating international and domestic services on over 900 routes.

The EasyJet Company is currently the biggest airline in the United Kingdom, and has grown significantly over the years, thanks to mergers, and acquisitions.

EasyJet’s logo is designed to be fun and friendly. Like many of the best airline logos, this emblem utilizes color to its advantage, drawing on the creative and energetic elements of the color orange.

The use of a lowercase “E” and an uppercase “J” helps to set this airline’s logo apart from its competitors. The design also features a fun, bold font, with blocky serifs.

Airline Logos

12. Ethiopian Airlines

Commonly referred to just as “Ethiopian”, Ethiopian Airlines first emerged in the aviation industry in 1945. It’s the flag carrier of Ethiopia, and currently serves a network of 125 passenger destinations worldwide.

In terms of passengers carried, this is the largest airline in Africa.

Ethiopian’s emblem stands out among Airline brand logos, with the careful use of color. The wing on the right hand side of the design is depicted in the colors of the African flag. On the left, we see the name of the Airline company depicted in a trustworthy serif-style font.

Airline Logos

13. Garuda Indonesia

Like some of the other airline logos featured on this list, Garuda Indonesia’s emblem is steeped in history. Although the design has been tweaked, it hasn’t changed much since the company was first founded in 1947.

Today, Garuda Indonesia is the flag carrier of Indonesia.

The design of the airline company logo features a common symbol in the aviation space – a flying bird placed on the right-hand side of the emblem. The design is clean and modern, featuring the colors of blue to symbolize trustworthiness and credibility.

Airline Logos

14. Gulf Air

One of the major airlines in the Bahrain region, Gulf Air was first founded in 1950 by a British Pilot named Freddie Bosworth.

Today, the airline operates flights throughout 52 destinations and 27 countries worldwide. The falcon imagery in the Gulf air logo shows strength and beauty.

The coloring of this logo is meaningful too. The blue wordmark showcases concepts of reliability and trust, while the golden elements give the company’s branding a luxurious air.

The overall design for this airline company is both elegant and opulent.

Airline Logos

15. Hawaiian Airlines

Few airline brand logos stand out more than the Hawaiian Airlines logo. Updated in the last couple of decades, this logo aims to highlight some of the core components of the Hawaiian landscape. The woman in the emblem is a representation of Pualani, the island girl.

Hawaiian Airlines’ current logo is packed with color and symbolism. It immediately draws the mind to thoughts of exotic places and relaxation. The name of the airline, written in an interesting sans-serif font with sharp edges, demonstrates a modern corporate identity.

Airline Logos

16. Japan Airlines

Another of the most compelling airline symbols belongs to Japan Airlines, or JAL. First founded in 1951, Japan Airlines is Japan’s largest airline as of 2022.

The emblem of the company features a Japanese crane with extended wings. This symbolic icon is intended to symbolize life, prosperity, and good health.

Alongside the symbol of the crane, Japan Airlines’ logo benefits from the use of a passionate, eye-catching shade in the color red. This color is also meaningful in Japan, where it symbolizes happiness.

The bold letters of the Japan Airline wordmark also showcases ideas of strength and stability.

Airline Logos

17. KLM

Otherwise known as Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the main carrier of the Netherlands. It’s one of the oldest operating airlines in the world, and first launched in 1919.

KLM’s airline logo design conveys ideas of excellence, sophistication, and heritage. The crown shape on the top of the wordmark intends to demonstrate the stability and strength of the commercial airline.

What’s more, this airline tail logo stands out with the use of the color blue, often associated with trust, reliability, and credibility.

Airline Logos

18. Lufthansa

Currently the largest airline in Germany, and one of the biggest airlines in Europe, Lufthansa was first launched in 1953. The company has one of the most recognizable airline brand logos on this list, as it hasn’t changed much since the design was first created decades ago.

The emblem features a flying bird in a circular badge on the right hand side, intended to demonstrate ideas of elevation and exploration. Like many other airline company logos, this design also features the name of the airline itself, depicted in bold, sans-serif letters.

Airline Logos

19. Ryanair

Irish low-cost airline, Ryanair was first founded in 1984, with a mission to deliver more affordable flights to people throughout the UK. Today, it forms the largest part of the Ryanair family of airlines, which include options like Malta Air, and Buzz.

The Ryanair airline company logo features an angel and a harp on the right-hand side, intended to demonstrate a commitment to Irish culture, and a focus on elegance and luxury. The bold letters in the design help the company to stand out as confident and strong.

Airline Logos

20. SriLanken Airlines

Previously known as Air Lanka, SriLanken Airlines first launched in 1976, and is the flag carrier of Sri Lanka. The airline operates across 126 destinations and 61 countries worldwide. Compared to other Airline symbols, the SriLanken logo definitely stands out.

The colors in the design are bright and eye catching, conveying ideas of passion, innovation, and growth. Like other airline companies, SriLanken Airlines takes advantage of bird symbolism in its emblem, and uses a unique typeface to highlight the concept of movement.

Airline Logos

21. Southwest Airlines

Perhaps the most popular low cost airline in the United States, Southwest was first launched in 1967. It’s the world’s largest low cost carrier, providing scheduled service to 121 destinations in the US, as well as a variety of 10 other countries.

Among airline company logos, the Southwest logo is perhaps the friendliest and most compassionate. The simple sans-serif wordmark conveys the reliable nature of the company, while the multi-colored heart symbolizes a commitment to excellent care and customer service.

Airline Logos

22. Swiss Airlines

If you’ve ever spent some time examining airline tail logos, you’ve probably noticed the Swiss Airline symbol. One of the most recognizable airline logos in the world, this emblem combines elements of the Swiss flag, with a bold and energetic design.

The color scheme of red and white is instantly eye-catching, and evocative of the Swiss landscape.

Like other designers in the Airline landscape, Swiss Airlines utilizes the shape of a tail fin from a plane as its design inspiration. The airline name, depicted in a bold red color showcases the strength of the brand, and its enduring power in the aviation space.

Airline Logos

23. Thai Airways

Another excellent example of one of the best airline brand logos in the world today, the Thai Airways logo is brimming with color and symbolism. Thai is one of the biggest airline companies in the world today, and the flag carrier of Thailand.

The design of the logo features the colors of yellow, purple, and pink, intended to symbolize compassion, luxury, and happiness.

The design is wonderfully exotic, thanks in large part to the sharp serifs on the letters in the brand name. The emblem also contrasts with the color palettes used by many other companies, helping the business to stand out.

Airline Logos

24. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier of Turkey, serving 340 destinations worldwide. It’s one of the largest mainline carriers in the world by number of destinations. First launched in 1933, Turkish Airlines has created a memorable brand identity over the years.

The wild goose, depicted in white on a red background, was chosen based on the incredible flying abilities of the goose itself. The Airline logo also features the colors of the Turkish flag, drawing attention to the origins of the company.

Airline Logos

25. Qantas

Another standout example of airline logos and names with incredible impact comes from Qantas airways. The flag carrier of Australia is the second oldest airline still in operation today, and first launched in 1920.

The Qantas moniker is an acronym of the company’s original name, the Queensland, and Northern Territory Aerial Services.

The emblem features the wing of a plane on one side, with a stylized symbol of a silver kangaroo in the middle, drawing attention to the Australian landscape. The smooth uppercase letters of the airline logo design, next to the triangular shape give the emblem a professional appearance.

Airline Logos

26. Qatar Airways

When it comes to memorable airline logos, few designs stand out more than the Qatar Airways symbol. This design bucks the trend of using birds as imagery, utilizing An Oryx mascot instead – the country’s national animal.

This powerful logo is impressive and evocative, featuring bold, uppercase letters to demonstrate strength and reliability. The color palette of purple and silver gives the emblem a sophisticated, elegant, and almost luxurious appearance.

Airline Logos

27. United Airlines

Sleek and simple, the United Airlines logo is one of the most instantly recognizable emblems in the travel industry. United Airlines chose a combination logo, featuring the word “United” in bold sans-serif fonts, alongside a square icon with a multi-faceted globe graphic. 

The bold wordmark, depicted in uppercase letters demonstrates the stability and strength of the company, particularly when paired with its unique color palette. The color blue is often associated with concepts like trust and reliability. 

The globe icon demonstrates the company’s commitment to serving customers all over the world, and helping them explore new landscapes. 

Find out more about the United Airlines logo here.

Learning from the best airline logos

Hopefully, this insight into airline logos from across the globe has given you plenty of inspiration to work with.

While airline logos and names may have a lot of components in common, from the use of the word “airline” in the moniker, to flying bird symbolism, each design has its unique elements.

The airline company logos above all effectively provide insights into the origins of the company, and the history of the location they serve. Additionally, they all demonstrate important brand values held by the companies themselves, with a careful use of color and typography.

If you’re inspired to create your own logo based on these airline colors and logos, reach out to Fabrik brands today. Discover how we can help you take your branding to new heights with our design expertise.

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Stephen Peate
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