18 outstanding personal brand statement examples
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18 outstanding personal brand statement examples

Personal Brand Statement Examples

Personal brand statement examples can be an excellent source of inspiration for professionals, business leaders, and innovators looking to connect with their audience.

While there are numerous factors involved in developing a strong personal brand, your statement is one of the most important tools you have. It shares your vision, mission, and values with the world.

A personal brand statement is more than just a catchphrase providing an insight into your expertise. It’s a declaration that captures the attention of your target audience, differentiates your brand, and gives you direction in your professional life.

The best personal brand statement examples work because they convey more than just a job title. They give target audiences an insight into why they should recognize and remember you.

Unfortunately, even the most experienced business owners can struggle with developing a strong statement. That’s why we’re here to share some inspiration.

Here are some of the top personal branding statement examples, taken from famous professionals around the globe, to set you on the right path.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

Elements of an effective personal brand statement

Just like creating a vision or mission statement for a company, designing an effective personal branding statement can be complex.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy to follow, but in most cases, your personal statement should be strong, descriptive, catchy, and compelling. It should tell your audience everything they need to know about you in an instant.

Once you come up with your own personal brand statement, you can use it on your social media profiles, your LinkedIn profile, personal website, and every other brand asset.

Before we dive into some great personal brand statement examples, it’s worth remembering some of the core components of an effective statement.

In general, the most compelling statements are:


A strong personal brand statement should tell your audience everything they need to know about your skills, abilities, and values in the shortest space possible. It’s not a resume, cover letter, or “about you” page. It’s a single, concise sentence.


The best personal branding statement examples are effective because they’re emotionally provocative. They use compelling language to connect with a specific group of people, and leave a lasting impression. Make sure your statement is impactful.


A good personal branding statement should encourage customers to learn more about you. Whether you’re a personal trainer, marketing consultant, or accountant, your statement should convince customers to get to know you.


The best personal branding statements are formed with purpose. They highlight who you are, what you do, why you’re valuable, and who you serve in a short space, with no additional fluff or flowery language.


Short, succinct, and emotionally charged personal branding statements are intrinsically memorable. Just like strong brands use their statements to differentiate themselves from their target audience, your personal statement should make you stand out.

Personal brand statement examples: Famous statements

Now we’ve covered the key components of a compelling personal brand statement, it’s time to jump into our examples.

There are plenty of outstanding personal brand statement examples out there to choose from, but here are just some of our favorites, from famous professionals:

Personal Brand Statement Examples

1. Larry Kim

Probably one of the most famous examples out there, this personal branding statement conveys a lot of information in just one simple sentence. Larry Kim, the professional search marketing expert, created his statement to highlight the importance of differentiation.

The founder of Wordstream instantly conveys his unique personality in his personal branding statement, showing his fun side, while sending a clear message: Be unique.

The statement also tells us that Larry himself identifies himself as a “unicorn”, and has the authority, insight, and knowledge required to help others achieve the same results.

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to have fun with your personal branding statement. Demonstrate your unique brand personality, while still sending an important message about what you stand for.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

2. Sofia Crokos

Taking advantage of the “rule of three” in writing, Sofia Crokos produced a compelling brand statement, with a focus on clarity and conciseness. The celebrity event planner knows the key things her audience is looking for in a partner, and she conveys all of them in her statement.

The three simple words in this statement highlight the key components of Sophia’s personal brand, her personality, and her values. The words are emotionally compelling and intriguing. They tell us Sophia specializes in luxurious events, while also prompting us to find out more.

Takeaway: The right choice of words can make all the difference to a personal brand statement. Use emotional, evocative language to showcase what you stand for as a professional in your field.  

Personal Brand Statement Examples

3. Nomadic Matt

Another excellent personal brand statement example utilizing the “rule of three” comes from Nomadic Matt, a world-renowned travel blogger and influencer. In his personal statement, Matt immediately addresses the pain points of his target audience.

He knows people want to make the most of their adventures, without spending a fortune. He appeals directly to adventurous spirits, who want to see more of the world, on their own terms.

The personal branding statement he created immediately tells potential customers and readers that they can learn how to achieve their goals with help from Matt.

Takeaway: Address your audience’s needs and pain points. Think about what people really want to accomplish when working with you, and use your personal statement to highlight your value.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

4. Marie Forleo

Marie’s personal branding statement might be a little longer than some of the other examples on this list, but it sends a fantastic message all the same. The statement instantly introduces the professional, in a way that’s friendly and accommodating, paving the way for a rapport with customers.

In the second sentence, Marie outlines who she is in simple, but evocative terms. The phrase “unshakable optimist” is particularly powerful here, as it tells us Marie is committed to seeing the good in everything, and thinking outside of the box.

At the same time, this statement immediately tells us what Marie’s “brand promise” is – she’s committed to helping people become whoever they want to be.

Takeaway: Tell your target market who you are, what you stand for, and what you can deliver in powerful, emotional terms. Let your unique personality shine through.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

5. Thomas Frank

Simple and sophisticated, this personal brand statement example comes from Thomas Frank, the founder of the “College Info Geek” website. He created his business with a focus on helping college students achieve their goals, and make the most out of their education.

This personal brand statement gets straight to the point. It doesn’t tell us anything about Thomas himself, but instead focuses on what he’s going to do for his customers.

Making your personal brand statement with a focus on your audience is an excellent way to show potential customers that you put their needs and interests first.

Takeaway: Make your customers the core of your identity. Focus on showcasing what you’re going to do for them, and why they should trust you.

Personal brand statements for leaders

Depending on the professional career you want to build, and the goals of your personal branding strategy, you may experiment with a variety of different personal branding statements. For instance, leaders tend to focus on inspiring others, and sharing their unique selling proposition.

Let’s take a look at some amazing personal brand statement examples from leaders and entrepreneurs.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

6. Sujan Patel

The best personal brand examples are built on clarity and simplicity. If you want to position yourself as a thought leader, a clear, simple statement is a great way to do that.

Sujan Patel, a well-known digital marketer, tells customers immediately what he does, without any extra fluff. Notice how the statement is confident and direct.

Sujan doesn’t say he helps to grow companies, he says he’s responsible for developing businesses, and helping them reach their full potential. The bold statement is immediately eye-catching and intriguing. It’s also backed up by facts.

If you research Sujan Patel, you’ll see plenty of examples on his personal website of the companies he has developed.

Takeaway: Be confident. Don’t mince words in your personal branding statement. Tell customers directly what you do, and say it without apology.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

7. Simon Sinek

Evocative and emotional, Simon Sinek’s personal brand statement takes a unique approach. Interestingly, he uses the word “we” instead of “I” here, to demonstrate a commitment to community, partnership, and constant growth.

Like many well-known examples of personal brand statements, this declaration addresses the needs and goals of Simon’s target audience.

It highlights important concepts like embracing a sense of safety, inspiration, and fulfillment. Part of what makes Simon’s statement so interesting is that it focuses on intangible, rather than tangible goals.

He doesn’t tell professionals they’re going to make more money; he tells them he can help them achieve a better quality of life.

Takeaway: Think beyond the basics when connecting with your audience. Look at the career goals of your customers, their deep aspirations and long-term goals.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

8. Jessi Fearon

Known around the world for her personal finance and budgeting blog, Jessi Fearon takes advantage of a short and compelling personal brand statement.

Her vision is to provide customers or readers with the resources they need to make intelligent decisions with their money. She achieves this by sharing real, authentic stories, and transparent insights.

The use of the phrase “real life” in this personal branding statement tells us that Jessi is committed to taking an honest approach in her content. She’s not going to make any unrealistic promises, or tell people to do things that may not work for them.

She’s committed to helping people in the real world – a place that’s fraught with challenges.

Takeaway: Personal branding statements don’t have to be long and overly creative. Simple statements which showcase your areas of expertise can make an amazing impact.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

9. Adam Enfroy

Another well-known leader from the marketing world, Adam Enfroy is a blogger committed to helping online entrepreneurs achieve their career goals fast.

This personal branding statement example immediately tells customers what they can expect to get from interacting with Adam – the education they need to scale their “influence”.

Notably, Adam doesn’t talk about scaling the business itself, but improving the impact of the company, and the potential of the brand. The term “startup speed” is interesting here too, as it conveys ideas of agility, constant experimentation, and growth.

Takeaway: Experiment with words and phrases to connect with your target audience. Think about the language that’s most likely to resonate with your ideal clients.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

10. Joe Pulizzi

One of the most interesting personal brand statement examples in the leadership world comes from Joe Pulizzi, a content marketing expert. What makes this statement so compelling is the use of an interesting word: “evangelist”.

Most marketers refer to themselves as specialists, experts, or innovators. The word evangelist is more closely connected to faith and belief.

Joe’s use of the word “evangelist” tells customers that he truly believes in the power of content, and seeks to convert readers to this belief system. We instantly see that Joe isn’t just an enthusiast or an expert, he’s someone committed to helping others develop a passion for content marketing.

Takeaway: Think carefully about how you can describe yourself to your audience. Don’t just use the same terms and phrases as everyone else.

Personal brand statement examples from marketers

Virtually any professional can use a personal mission statement, or personal brand statement to boost their presence in their industry. The right statement can help you connect with potential clients, or capture the attention of employers.

However, professionals in the digital marketing space tend to be particularly good at leveraging the power of personal branding.

Here are some personal branding statement examples from marketers:

Personal Brand Statement Examples

11. Ann Handley

Digital marketing pioneer and best-selling author, Ann Handley, offers a fantastic example of a personal brand statement. Her declaration provides an insight into her personality and passion. The words she uses are wonderfully evocative.

For instance, the term “ridiculously” is unusual in a branding statement, but it also helps to highlight just how amazing Ann’s work is.

The language used also highlights Ann’s tone of voice. The statement isn’t as formal and professional as some of the other options on this list. However, it does help to make Ann stand out in a crowded market.

She hints at how approachable and friendly she really is, with an informal, casual tone.

Takeaway: Use the right tone of voice in your personal branding statement to give customers more information about who you are, and what it’s like to work with you.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

12. Neil Patel

This is another unusual example of a personal branding statement, because it’s not actually a statement at all. Neil asks his target audience a question, which instantly makes his personal brand more intriguing.

The question isn’t particularly complicated either, it’s a query Neil expects his audience to say “yes” to instantly.

This kind of personal branding statement may not work as effectively in other small businesses. However, it’s fantastic for the marketing world. After all, asking questions is a fantastic strategy in marketing, as it piques curiosity, and appeals to an audience’s desire to learn.

Takeaway: Great personal branding statements can pique the curiosity of your target audience. Think of how you can intrigue and captivate your customers.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

13. Aaron Orendorff

This personal branding statement is fun and memorable at the same time. It positions Aaron as a champion in the lives of his customers, drawing attention to his unique value proposition.

He doesn’t just write great content, or help other companies improve their digital marketing skills. He actually “saves” people from the impact of bad content.

Aaron’s personal branding statement is something you’d expect to see on the top of a resume, business card, or website. It feels instantly inspirational and meaningful. When you click into his website, you learn more about how he actually does “save” companies from bad content.

Takeaway: Position yourself as a hero in the lives of your customers. Don’t just address their goals, show them you can solve their problems too.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

14. Brittany Berger

Another amazing and concise personal brand statement in the marketing world comes from Brittany Berger. Part of what makes this declaration so compelling is that it immediately challenges the popular idea that companies have to create infinite amounts of content to stand out.

Brittany tells her audience that quality matters more than quantity. She encourages companies to take the risk of reducing their content strategy, and focusing on delivering value.

The end of the statement, “It’ll be fine, I promise”, encourages us to trust Brittany and her experience as a business strategist and marketing guru.

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to swim against the tide and challenge well-known concepts. An unusual opinion can make your personal statement stand out.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

15. Pam Moore

This personal branding statement hits home because it’s brimming with personality. CEO of Marketing Nutz, Pam Moore tells us a lot about her character, defining herself with statistics like “50% geek”.

She shows her audience that she’s comfortable with being a little nerdy, because it means she constantly delivers results.

The playful and friendly tone tells potential clients how much fun Pam is likely to be to work with. Additionally, it promises customers that they will see results. Overall, this statement defines Pam as unique, relatable, and authentic.

Takeaway: Show your customers who you really are with your branding statement. Be authentic and honest, and you’ll generate stronger relationships.

Inspirational personal brand statement examples

Finally, let’s look at some personal brand statements that are inherently inspirational. If your statement can motivate and engage your audience on an emotional level, it’s more likely to convince people that they’ll want to work with you.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

16. Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson’s personal brand statement is a fantastic example of a declaration that can instantly inspire any audience. As a personal trainer, Dave constantly tells his audience authentic stories about his challenges, and what he’s overcome to reach his goals.

His personal branding statement addresses the lack of confidence his customers have, and encourages them to believe in themselves.

The statement is empowering and motivational, just like Nike’s “Just do It”. It also aligns Dave with his audience, telling them immediately that he’s committed to supporting them.

Takeaway: Speak to your audience, and connect with them. Use your statement to start building a relationship with clients.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

17. Tony Robbins

Renowned entrepreneur, and business strategist, Tony Robbins, has one of the most impressive personal branding statements out there. The short and sweet statement effectively sets Tony apart from the competitors in his space with a unique word: “blessing”.

Tony doesn’t just tell customers he can help them be successful or profitable. He tells them he’ll teach them how to become a valuable addition to the lives of the people around them. Tony’s statement is built on his personal philosophy, that the secret to success in life is “giving”.

Takeaway: Show your personal values and vision in your brand statement. Highlight what you truly believe about the world.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

18. Felicia Hatcher

While most of the best personal brand statement examples utilize well-known, impactful words, Felicia’s takes a different route. She actually made up her own word to really convey what she can offer to her customers.

The word “epicness”, immediately makes us think of success from a new perspective. It tells us Felicia can help us achieve phenomenal things.

The careful choice of words in this statement ensures the message is both impactful and memorable. The wording was also chosen to appeal to a younger audience, ensuring Felicia can connect with the customers who can benefit most from her support.

Takeaway: Think outside of the box with your personal branding statement. Don’t be afraid to use new words if you know your customers will understand them.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

Learning from personal branding statement examples

Hopefully, the personal brand statement examples above have inspired you to start creating your own compelling declaration for your personal brand.

Developing a strong brand statement can seem like a complex process, but when you approach the task with passion and creativity, you’re sure to generate amazing results.

If you need help building your own personal brand, you can also reach out to the team here at Fabrik for help. We’ll assist you in taking the first step towards a phenomenal personal brand.

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