The Symantec logo: A visual history of the Gen logo
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The Symantec logo: A visual history of the Gen logo

Symantec Logo History

How much do you know about Symantec logo history? Now known as “Gen Digital”, the Symantec brand has quite an interesting background. In fact, one of Symantec’s logos is often considered to be among the most expensive logos of all time. 

In the quest for the ideal visual identity, Symantec has gone through a number of stylistic changes, experimenting with typography, color palettes, and iconography. Like many tech and software brands, the company has simplified its logo over the years, choosing a more modern design.

However, some of the earlier versions of the Symantec logo are still recognized by consumers around the world today. If you’ve ever wondered about the history of the Symantec logo, this behind-the-scenes guide will tell you everything you need to know. 

From Symantec to Gen Digital: An introduction

Before we start exploring Symantec logo history, it’s take a moment to introduce the brand. The standalone “Symantec” Corporation no longer exists today. Instead, it forms part of the “Gen Digital” brand, along with NortonLifeLock, a subsidiary of the technology company. 

The Symantec company was originally launched in 1982, when Gary Hendrix received a National Science Foundation grant. Initially, the focus of the company was on the development of artificial intelligence software, and database programs. 

In 1984, after experimenting with a range of AI solutions, Symantec was acquired by a smaller software company, C&E Software. The merged company retained the “Symantec” name, and new products began to be launched. 

In 2014, Symantec split into two publicly traded companies, one focusing on cyber security, and the other on information management. Eventually, in 2019, Broadcom purchased the security division of Symantec (known as NortonLifeLock). 

After completing a merger with the Avast brand in 2022, the company adopted the new name “Gen Digital”. Gen is now responsible for a portfolio of products, including Norton, Avast, LifeLock, Avira, AVG, CCleaner, and ReputationDefender. 

Symantec logo history: The evolving Symantec icon

Though most people are particularly aware of a specific version of the Symantec logo (the one rumored to cost over a billion dollars), Symantec has actually had a number of brand marks over the years.

Let’s take a closer look at Symantec logo history. 

Symantec Logo History


In the early 80s, when Symantec first launched, it used a relatively simplistic logo. The design featured a monochrome wordmark, with unique letters, all designed in uppercase. The bars on some of the letters featured gaps, making the image almost look like a stencil. 

Symantec Logo History


As the Symantec company evolved, following crucial acquisitions, its logo transformed, becoming more refined and sophisticated. The monochrome color palette of the emblem remained, but was inverted, to feature white font on a black background.

The font choice was also altered, switching to a serif-style typeface, still with uppercase characters, and elongated feet on some of the letters. The new logo also featured a single white diamond, placed at the end of the wordmark, like a period.

Symantec Logo History


In 2001, Symantec introduced the first version of what would become an iconic color palette, featuring gradient gray and yellow shades, alongside a black wordmark. Two versions of this logo were introduced, one with a three-dimensional design, and the other with a flatter image. 

Both versions of the logo introduced the Symantec wordmark in a simple, serif-style font, with all lowercase letters, giving the image a greater sense of balance. The most interesting part of the logo, of course, was the circular emblem.

The Symantec icon was intended to convey ideas of unity and global reach, as well as connectivity, highlighting its focus on the technical world. 

Symantec Logo History


In 2010, Symantec introduced the most expensive logo in its history, the iconic image featuring the VerSign checkmark. A simplified version of this checkmark design is still present in the Norton brand’s logo – a company which operates as part of Gen Digital. 

The color palette was similar to the previous design, featuring black, grey, and yellow. The color yellow was chosen to highlight optimism. 

Again, the Symantec wordmark changed in this logo, switching to a sans-serif font with a capitalized letter “S”, in a shade of dark grey, instead of black. 

Symantec Logo History


Finally, in 2022, Symantec went through a major rebranding journey, joining forces with NortonLifeLock to become the new “Gen Digital” brand. The old Symantec branding was removed entirely, though elements still remain with the Norton logo. 

The current Gen Digital logo features a simple wordmark, depicted in a sans-serif font with stylized elements. If you look closely, you’ll notice the “G” has been designed to feature an arrow pointing upwards, symbolizing forward progression.

A new color palette was also adopted for this logo. All of the previous shades disappeared, leaving Gen with a bright blue emblem on a white background.

Why was the Symantec logo so expensive?

While the most expensive Symantec logo is no longer in use by the brand today, it’s still worth discussing. The checkmark Symantec icon, now forming part of the Norton logo, was purchased by the brand back in 2010, when the company acquired the “VeriSign” brand.

Often considered the most expensive logo purchase of all time, the acquisition cost Symantec approximately $1.28 billion. However, it’s worth remembering that Symantec weren’t paying for the checkmark icon alone. 

They also purchased the full IP of the VeriSign company, acquiring all of the brand’s technologies, resources, and other tools. The acquisition just happened to let Symantec take over a well-known symbol in the security landscape. 

The checkmark was already instantly recognizable among members of Symantec’s target audience, so it only made sense to add the design to their existing logo. 

The Symantec logo (Gen): Colors and fonts

Since the Symantec logo is no longer in use today, it makes sense to focus on the colors, fonts, and unique components of the Gen Digital logo. Although this emblem might seem a little simplistic compared to previous Symantec designs, it has its own unique appeal.

The straightforward wordmark is instantly eye-catching, thanks to the use of a bright shade of blue. This color is often associated with reliability and trust – something Symantec and Gen Digital both wanted to earn from their customers. 

The unique font also sets Gen apart from its competitors. The modified lines of the characters, and the arrow in the “G” help to convey ideas of forward movement and progression. The logo is evocative and dynamic, brimming with vitality. 

You can find some examples of the Gen Digital and Symantec logo below:

What color is the Symantec logo?

Before the company became Gen Digital, the Symantec logo colors were yellow, black, and grey. The Symantec logo color palette was chosen to convey ideas of optimism, sophistication, and professionalism. The switch to the Gen Digital brand created a new color palette. 

Today, Gen Digital uses an extremely bright shade of blue, intended to grab customer attention and highlight concepts like reliability and trust. 

Hex code: #0400F5
RGB values: (4, 0, 245)
CMYK values: (98, 100, 0, 4)*
Pantone: 2736 C*

What font does the Symantec logo use?

The Symantec logo font was altered a handful of times before the company officially changed its branding and became “Gen Digital”. Today, the Gen Digital font is a modified version of a simple sans-serif font, with broad curves and unique lines. 

The typography is unique to the brand, and includes a special “arrow” shape on the “G” character, pointing upwards and to the right, to convey ideas of progression and ambition. 

The evolution of an unforgettable brand

Looking back through Symantec logo history, we can see the technology brand made a number of changes to its identity before its official rebrand to “Gen Digital”. Symantec invested heavily in building an image that could earn the trust and respect of its target audience

The unique checkmark used in the previous Symantec logo is still in use today by one of the subsidiaries of the Gen Digital brand, although it has been refined. 

Today, Symantec’s new logo as “Gen Digital” is engaging and evocative. It manages to be simple and meaningful at the same time, highlighting ideas of reliability, innovation, and progression. 

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