PayPal logo history, symbol, and icon: A global leader in online payments

PayPal Logo

The PayPal logo is one of the most instantly recognizable icons in the technology and financial worlds. A symbol of the digital landscape, the PayPal icon has evolved over the years to become more modern, sleek, and evocative. Here’s your guide to PayPal logo history.

Few brand marks in the fintech industry have achieved the same brand equity as the PayPal logo. For many, this simple but effective emblem is synonymous with secure, simple online transactions. The icon has even become something of a trust symbol for many online retailers. 

However, the PayPal icon hasn’t always had the same sophisticated design most of us know today. Like many technology brands, PayPal has adapted its logo over the years, refining its color palette, font choices, and even iconography. Let’s take a closer look at PayPal logo history. 

The PayPal symbol: An introduction to PayPal

Before we start our journey through PayPal logo history, it’s worth taking a moment to define the brand and examine its meteoric rise to fame. PayPal Holdings is a multinational financial technology company. It operates a global payment system, supporting a range of digital transactions. 

Originally, the solution was designed by Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, and Luke Nosek, who created a business called “Confinity.” The organization initially developed security software for handheld devices, before moving into the world of digital wallets. 

The first version of the “PayPal” system for electronic transactions was launched in 1999, offering a new ways for vendors and consumers to manage payments online. In 2000, Confinity merged with, a financial services company founded by Elon Musk. 

The merger of the two organizations drove the continued growth of PayPal, and pushed the organization to choose a new name “PayPal” in 2001. Today, PayPal is one of the biggest financial technology companies in the world, ranked 143rd on the Fortune 500. 

The solution has also evolved significantly through the years, introducing new features, capabilities, and tools for businesses and everyday consumers alike. 

PayPal logo history: The evolution of the PayPal icon

The official PayPal symbol and logo has gone through a number of changes over the years. Like many technology-focused organizations, the brand has embraced a minimalistic approach to logo design, choosing a simple color palette, and easily recognizable shapes. 

Though many aspects of the PayPal visual identity have changed, some components have remained consistent for most of the company’s lifespan. For instance, the color blue, typically associated with reliability and trust, has always been core to the PayPal icon and logo. 

PayPal Logo


The first official PayPal logo was created in 1999, with the development of the brand-new digital payment system. The design looks a little like a classic monogram, with one regular “P”, reflected against an upside-down “P” facing in the other direction. 

At a glance, the symbol looks a little like a dollar sign, depicted in bold white lines with a dark blue outline. The image also features a circular border, with textured edges that seem to symbolize both movement and speed

PayPal Logo

Later in 1999, PayPal created a different version of its logo, removing the “PP” icon, and focusing instead on a simple wordmark. The image featured bold, white letters, with a thick blue outline. 

Each letter was executed in a modern sans-serif typeface, with each character placed close to the last, to create a sense of consistency. The letters were also slightly italicized, leaning towards the right to convey the same sense of speed as the alternative logo. 

PayPal Logo


Eight years later, in 2007, PayPal updated its wordmark logo again. Instead of white letters, the company now used two shades of blue in their characters. The “Pay” section appeared in dark blue, while “Pal” was depicted in a softer shade. 

The typeface also became a little clearer, though the font was similar to the previous design, it seemed cleaner and more refined. The spaces between the letters was also expanded, making the wordmark more legible on a range of screens and devices. 

Some designers did note, however, that the updated logo didn’t work as well on certain backgrounds, which may have prompted the next major design change. 

PayPal Logo


During 2014, PayPal made another change to its logo, once again refining its wordmark design, and this time adding a new PayPal icon. The icon would appear on the company’s mobile app and favicon designs, as well as other PayPal branded products. 

This PayPal symbol, designed with the help of FuseProject, altered the brand color palette slightly, making the secondary shade of blue a lot brighter and more dynamic. The font style remained very similar to the previous design, with slightly simpler letters. 

The most memorable part of the new logo was the overlapping “P” icon, which placed a dark letter “P”, with no central hole in the upper portion, over a similar light blue “P”. The area where the two letters overlap was also darkened, to demonstrate collaboration and community.

PayPal Logo


Finally, in 2022, PayPal made the most recent change to its logo, maintaining most of the same elements from the previous design. The update was so subtle few people actually noticed the change to begin with. 

The designer’s main goal with this logo was to highlight the credibility of the PayPal brand, and give it a stronger, more robust online presence. The emblem adheres to the ADA standards set for people with disabilities, making the image far more accessible. 

The color palette features a higher degree of contrast, allowing for easy differentiation between different sections of the logos. Additionally, a slight modification to the font made the letters in the monogram and wordmark a little clearer. 

What does the PayPal logo mean?

At a glance, the PayPal logo seems relatively straightforward. The official logo is a combination mark, consisting of a monogram-style emblem, and a wordmark. 

Though the image is simple and simplistic, it’s designed to symbolize a number of concepts core to PayPal’s brand identity. The slight angling of the letters and monogram design showcase a sense of speed and simplicity, crucial to the PayPal experience. 

The modern font choice, with its rounded edges, and sleek contours give PayPal a friendly and accessible appearance, highlighting the customer-focused nature of the business. 

Even the color palette is crucial to differentiating the PayPal companies from competitors in its space. The two shades of blue, chosen for their excellent contrast, symbolize security, loyalty, and trustworthiness in color psychology

The monogram for the PayPal icon, which showcases two overlapping P’s, is intended to highlight the company’s focus on connectivity and peer-to-peer financial transfers. It reminds users that PayPal is an organization committed to bringing people together.  

The PayPal logo: Colors and fonts

The evocative PayPal logo may have gone through various changes over the years. However, every alteration to the design has been carefully chosen, to preserve a specific message. For years, PayPal has focused on building a visual identity that showcases speed, trustworthiness, and reliability. 

The PayPal icon is a symbol of connectivity and community, as well as security and strength. Every aspect of the logo, from the memorable monogram icon to the easy-to-read wordmark helps the business to stand out from its peers and connect with its target audience. 

You can see the PayPal logo in more details within the resources below:

What color is the PayPal logo?

The PayPal logo colors have always been shades of blue. This particular color is common in the financial industry, as well as the technology landscape. It’s often connected with concepts like reliability, trust, security, and credibility. 

The color blue is also considered a relatively relaxing color, which helps PayPal to showcase its focus on delivering simple, tranquil experiences to customers. 

Currently, the PayPal logo color palette consists of two shades of contrasting blue, designed to improve the accessibility and legibility of the emblem. 

Dark Cerulean
Hex color: #1d3384
RGB: 29 51 132
CMYK: 100 99 17 14
Pantone: PMS 287 C

Ocean Boat Blue
Hex color: #3f6fdc
RGB: 63 111 220
CMYK: 90 57 0 0
Pantone: PMS 2727 C

What font does the PayPal logo use?

Since its inception, PayPal has used a relatively simple typeface, to improve legibility and showcase its modern approach to branding. However, the sans-serif typefaces used by the brand have changed slightly over the years. Today, the PayPal logo font is similar in style to the Futura font, with rounded, softer edges, and sleek likes. 

The italic styling of the font showcases progress and innovation. Additionally, the spacing between the letters was added to improve the accessibility of the image. 

The unforgettable PayPal logo

Though the PayPal logo might not be as advanced or decorative as some of the other emblems in the technology and financial space, it’s an evocative and memorable image. Throughout PayPal logo history, we can see the company has made various updates to its visual identity. 

Each change, whether subtle or significant, has helped the organization to further strengthen its position in its industry, and form stronger connections with its target audience. Today, the PayPal logo stands as a memorable symbol of community and reliability. 

Whether it’s the full logo with its included wordmark, or simply the standalone PayPal icon, the symbol of this fintech company instantly grabs audience attention. 

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