The Norton logo history: A symbol of security and innovation
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The Norton logo history: A symbol of security and innovation

Norton Logo History

If you’ve ever used an antivirus system, or a secure computer, you’re probably familiar with the Norton symbol. But how much do you know about the Norton logo history? You might be surprised to learn the emblem has changed a lot over the years. 

Norton is widely recognized as one of the most reliable providers of antivirus and security software in the world. Created by the “Gen” brand (previously the Symantec Corporation), Norton has taken the world by storm with its intuitive tools and services. 

The Norton logo today may seem similar to many other technology and software emblems, but it has a few distinctive elements which helps it to stand out from the competition. Here’s your complete guide to the history of the Norton logo, and its evolution. 

The Norton symbol: Introducing Norton

Before we dive into our exploration of Norton logo history, let’s begin with an introduction to the Norton brand. Based in America, Norton is an anti-virus, or anti-malware software created by Peter Norton, and distributed by Gen Digital. 

Norton was first established in 1990, and named after its creator. It has gone through a variety of updates through the years, adapting to new security threats and consumer needs. Norton’s family of computer security products cover all aspects of digital security and identity protection. 

Initially, Norton was known as the “Peter Norton Computing” brand, which developed various DOS utilities, including Norton Utilities, which didn’t feature antivirus capabilities. In 1990, however, the brand was acquired by Symantec, and renamed the “Peter Norton Consulting Group”. 

Symantec went on to create antivirus and data management tools, marketed under the Norton name. The company’s wide portfolio of products began with the launch of Norton AntiVirus for PC and compatible computers in 1991, which evolved to become “Norton Security”. 

Norton logo history: Norton antivirus logos

Over the years, as the Norton ecosystem has evolved, the company’s visual identity has transformed to become more innovative and impactful. Initially, Norton’s logo was quite simplistic, though similar to many logos in the software and computer industry at the time.

Let’s take a closer look at Norton logo history. 

Norton Logo History


The first Norton logo was introduced when the company was “Peter Norton Computing”. This was perhaps the most “old-fashioned” of the symbols created by Norton over the years. It featured the name of the brand’s founder, in a decorative typeface replicating brush strokes. 

The “Computing” component of the inscription was added in a simple serif font, to provide contrast and balance to the overall image. 

Norton Logo History


Just before the Symantec acquisition in 1990, a new Norton logo was created, marking the first of the “Norton Antivirus” logos to come. The emblem was relatively simple, featuring a red and yellow rectangular banner, with the “Norton” component in the yellow section.

The word “Norton” was written in black, sans-serif letters, all in uppercase, while the “AntiVirus” component was depicted on white on the red background. The “AntiVirus” section was much bolder, drawing attention to the core focus of the evolving brand. 

Norton Logo History


In 2001, the Symantec parent brand and Norton decided to simplify the brand identity even further, removing the rectangular background and most of the color palette. The new image featured the name “Norton” written in black, with small serifs on the “R” and “N”. 

This was perhaps the most straightforward design ever introduced by Norton, demonstrating the company’s commitment to creating an authoritative, professional image.

Norton Logo History


In 2007, Norton’s visual identity was refreshed again, re-introducing the yellow aspect from previous designs. The yellow “o” in “Norton” became the most compelling part of the image, symbolizing forward movement and progression

The open circle gave the image a sense of dynamism and depth, particularly when accompanied by the contrasting black letters on either side. Notably, the typography for the rest of the letters changed too, with sharper serifs, and less white space between the letters. 

The “from Symantec” element was also added to the emblem in this new design, highlighting the company’s parent brand

Norton Logo History


2010 marked a significant shift in the design of Norton Antivirus logos, thanks to the inclusion of the new “checkmark” symbol. The yellow circle was removed from the inscription, and placed alongside the wordmark, with a pixelated check mark in the center, in black and yellow. 

Though the new design introduced an updated symbol, various elements of the previous logo were also implemented into the image. The Norton typeface remained the same, as did the “By Symantec” font, though this time the “S” was capitalized. 

Norton Logo History


In 2019, Norton made a relatively simple change to its logo. Most of the elements remained the same, including the “Norton” typeface. The yellow circle and checkmark also remained, though the shade of yellow was darkened slightly, creating further contrast. 

The letters in the typeface also became slightly more refined, with slimmer elements in some places. What’s more, the “by Symantec” element was removed entirely, as Symantec had changed its own name by this point. 

Norton Logo History


The most recent version of the Norton logo blends well with the evolving visual components of the technology industry. It’s a much simpler emblem, with fewer decorative elements. The pixelated components of the check mark in the yellow circle have been removed. 

What’s more, the end of the checkmark now aligns perfectly with the gap in the circular border, giving the image a greater sense of balance. The yellow coloring was brightened, and the typeface was updated to something a little more geometric

Notably, the capital letter at the beginning of “Norton” was also removed, giving the image a more streamlined and modern appearance. 

What does the Norton logo mean?

Though the Norton logo might seem simple today, it does have a deeper meaning behind it. First, the checkmark in the yellow circle is intended to act as a symbol of credibility for the company. It demonstrates a commitment to success, reliability, and security. 

The lowercase font, with its bold lines, shows Norton’s modern personality, as well as making the company seem more accessible and friendly to the masses. Additionally, the bright shade of yellow is intended to symbolize Norton’s optimistic view of the world. 

Notably, Norton also shared that the open circle in the emblem represents their believe that excellent cyber security and safety should be accessible to everyone. 

The company has also indicated that consumers may see future updates to the Norton checkmark and wordmark in the years to come. 

The Norton logo: Colors and fonts

A symbol of reliability and optimism, the Norton logo has become one of the most recognizable brand marks in the technology landscape. The use of the color yellow, to highlight joy, is valuable in this instance. 

Not only is yellow an optimistic color, but when combined with black it takes another meaning. Yellow and black are often used in security and safety signs around the world. Similarly, the lowercase inscription demonstrates the friendly and accessible nature of the brand. 

If you want to take a closer look at the Norton logo, you can find some helpful resources here:

What color is the Norton logo?

The Norton logo colors have changed a few times over the course of the company’s history. Initially, the brand started with a simple black and white mark, followed by a design in red, white, black, and yellow. Eventually, however, Norton chose black, white and yellow as its core color palette

The most eye-catching Norton logo color today is the yellow used in the circle checkmark icon alongside the company’s wordmark. This bright and joyful shade highlights the company’s optimistic view of the world. 

What font does the Norton logo use?

The typeface is unique to the brand, but there are some similar options out there. One of the closest options is the Vintage Fonts Collection VFC Ruiz typeface, with some elongated lines and curves, creating a more balanced image. 

Though the Norton logo font has changed a handful of times throughout the years, the company has primarily focused on relatively simple typography options. Today, the Norton font is similar in style to the inscription used on previous logos, though the characters are now all lowercase. 

Trust and security: The Norton symbol

Throughout Norton logo history, we can see some significant changes in the way the company aims to share its values and vision with the world. After experimenting with a range of unique designs, typefaces, and font colors, Norton found the core elements of its identity in 2010.

Today, the modern Norton logo builds on the various elements introduced in 2010, with a simplified and enhanced symbol, demonstrating accessibility, optimism, and professionalism. 

This powerful logo might seem simple on the surface, but it’s designed to inspire customers to see cybersecurity as something that anyone can benefit from. 

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