The top 21 cell and mobile phone company logos (the ultimate list)
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The top 21 cell and mobile phone company logos (the ultimate list)

Mobile Phone Company Logos

Mobile phone company logos are everywhere in today’s modern world. For years now, these companies have transformed the way we communicate, search for knowledge, and even seek entertainment. What’s more, their devices are getting smarter every day.

Mobile phones or cell phones have become a core part of everyday life for many of us. As of 2023, more than 6.92 billion people owned a mobile phone (85.74% of the world’s population). By 2028, more than 7.7 billion people will have a mobile network subscription.

Though mobile devices have become a necessity for many of us, the market is still highly competitive. This means to capture and retain customers; a phone brand needs more than just an innovative product; they need a memorable brand.

Today, we’re looking at some of the most evocative and eye-catching mobile brand logos present in today’s world, and why they’re so powerful. 

The features of a great mobile phone company logo

There are hundreds of mobile phone companies operating around the world today, all competing to capture the attention of millions of potential customers. The perfect mobile phone logo is more than just a differentiator for these organizations, it’s a powerful tool. 

Good mobile phone logos capture the attention of consumers, and connect with them on an emotional level, inspiring loyalty, and trust. However, what makes a great logo can vary for each business.

Some communication logos concentrate on showcasing ideas of global connectivity and freedom. Others use design elements to convey reliability and credibility. 

Although all of mobile phone company logos we’ll mention below have their own unique elements, they usually feature:

Evocative symbols and shapes

Shapes are common in mobile phone logos, particularly circles, which remind us of concepts like community and connectivity. Most symbols are simple, ensuring they can be easily conveyed through a range of platforms.

Engaging color palettes

Every color palette chosen by a mobile phone company has a hidden meaning. Blue stands for trust and reliability, black and white conveys professionalism, red highlights vitality and passion.


Though some phone brands use nothing but a symbol in their logo (like Apple), many include a wordmark, reminding customers of the carefully chosen name of the brand, like Samsung, or Huawei. 

The top mobile phone company logos worldwide

Since there are countless mobile phone company logos present in the world today, it would be impossible to cover all of them here. Today, we’re going to focus on the most well-known cellular phone companies, and the design elements they use to convey the brand’s personality.  

Mobile Phone Company Logos

1. Apple Inc

Founding date: 1976

Revenue: $383.29 billion (2023)

Location: US (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 161,000 (2023)

One of the most memorable mobile phone company logos in the world comes from Apple, a market leader in the technology and telecommunications space. The company was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne as a computer brand in 1976.

Since then, the company has revolutionized the smartphone market, and became the world’s biggest company by market capitalization in 2023. It’s also the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, capturing millions of consumers. 

The Apple logo is unforgettable, featuring a simple Apple shape, with a bite taken out of the right-hand side. The design symbolizes innovation, growth, and nourishment, connecting with everything from the story of Isaac Newton to the bible’s Adam and Eve.

Mobile Phone Company Logos

2. Android

Founding date: 2003

Revenue: $13.54 billion (2023)

Location: US (and worldwide)

Number of employees: Uncertain 

Android doesn’t actually produce mobile devices itself, but it does create the operating system that many modern devices use. The Android group released its first operating system in 2008, and the solution is available in more than 100 languages. 

Android is the best-selling operating system worldwide, since 2011. It has more than 3 million monthly active users, giving it the largest installed base of any operating system. 

The Android logo features an Android character, depicted in green, with black eyes. Above the mascot design, we see the name of the company in simple sans-serif font. 

Find out more about the Android logo here.

Mobile Phone Company Logos

3. Alcatel

Founding date: 1988

Revenue: $2.7 billion (2023)

Location: France (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 56,623+ (2023)

Previously known as Alcatel Mobile Phones, and Alcatel OneTouch, Alcatel is a French brand responsible for creating mobile handsets. Currently, the company operates under the Nokia brand, and with support from TCL Technology. 

Alcatel’s original phone company was established in 2004 as a joint venture between the TCL Corporation, and Alcatel-Lucent. This joint venture was dissolved in 2005, and the brand branched out on its own, before joining Nokia.

The Alcatel logo includes a simple sans-serif wordmark in a light shade of blue, to convey ideas of reliability and trust. The central “A” is designed to look a little like a speech bubble, connecting to the world of communications. 

Mobile Phone Company Logos

4. Vodafone

Founding date: 1991

Revenue: $46.7 billion (2023)

Location: UK (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 104,000 (2022)

British multinational telecommunications company, Vodafone was established in 1991, following on from the previous Racal Telecom and Voda-Racal Telecom brands. The name of the company comes from the phrase “voice, data, phone”. 

Vodafone operates in 21 countries worldwide, and connects with partner networks in a further 48 countries, making it one of the biggest mobile brands in the world. 

Depicted in red and white, the Vodafone company logo highlights ideas of vitality and passion. It includes a “speech mark” symbol, to remind us of the company’s focus on communication. 

Mobile Phone Company Logos

5. Samsung

Founding date: 1938

Revenue: $302.2 trillion (2023)

Location: Korea (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 266,673 (2022)

Samsung is more than just a well-known phone brand. It’s a leading technology manufacturer, responsible for creating all kinds of products for the modern market. The company was first launched in 1938 as a trading company, before moving into the electronics industry.

The Samsung name apparently comes from the Korean hanja which stands for “three stars”. According to the founder, the word “three” represents something big and powerful, while stars stand for concepts like “eternity”. 

The Samsung mobile brand logo is simple, but evocative. The blue coloring conveys trust and reliability, while the “A” shape, missing its vertical bar represents an arrow pointing upwards, symbolizing growth.

Find out more about the Samsung logo here.

Mobile Phone Company Logos

6. Verizon

Founding date: 1983

Revenue: $136.8 billion (2023)

Location: US (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 117,000 (2022)

Otherwise known as Verizon Communications, Verizon is an American multinational telecommunications company. The company was founded in 1983, as the Bell Atlantic Corporation, before it changed its name to Verizon.

Verizon comes from the Latin term for truth, “veritas” and the word “horizon”. Today, the phone company runs the second-largest wireless network in the United States, with more than 143.3 million subscribers. It also sells accessories for PCs and mobile devices.

Verizon’s logo is modern and straightforward. It features the company’s name in bold letters, followed by a red checkmark, to convey ideas of excellence and accomplishment. 

Mobile Phone Company Logos

7. Sony 

Founding date: 1946

Revenue: $76.5 billion (2023)

Location: Japan (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 113,000 (2022)

Like Samsung, Sony creates a lot more than just smartphones. For a time, the company experimented with subsidiaries focused on mobile devices, such as Sony Ericsson and Sony Mobile. However, today’s Sony phones are simply sold under the parent brand.

Sony is one of the biggest multinational technology companies in the world. It was originally established in 1946, and began its journey into technology with radios. 

The Sony logo, like many of the top mobile phone company logos on this list, is straightforward but powerful. It features the company’s name in a black serif font, showcasing professionalism. 

Mobile Phone Company Logos

8. Nokia

Founding date: 1865

Revenue: $24.91 billion (2023)

Location: Finland (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 86,896 (2022)

Featuring one of the most innovative cellular phone company logos on this list, Nokia is one of the world’s best-known brands. It’s also one of the oldest mobile phone companies mentioned here, originally established in 1865. 

The company has operated in various industries over the decades, but moved predominantly into the telecommunications landscape in the 1990s. The brand currently has a presence in more than 130 countries worldwide. 

Nokia’s logo conveys the modernity of the company, featuring a wordmark with missing elements in the letters. This aims to highlight the company’s focus on innovation and connectivity.

Mobile Phone Company Logos

9. Motorola Mobility 

Founding date: 2011

Revenue: $9.5+ billion (2023)

Location: US (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 1,000-5,000 (2022)

Previously established simply as “Motorola”, Motorola Mobility is an American consumer electronics manufacturer, focused primarily on the production of smartphones. It was formed when the original Motorola Inc split into two companies.

Motorola Mobility was owned by Google for a short time, who worked with the brand to develop their own line of smartphones, but the project was unfortunately short-lived. 

Motorola’s logo today is reminiscent of the previous logos used by its parent company, featuring an “M” shape in white on a black circle, next to a wordmark in all lowercase letters.

Mobile Phone Company Logos

10. LG

Founding date: 1983

Revenue: $62.32 billion (2023)

Location: Korea (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 75,000 (2023)

South Korean company, the “LG Group” was first established as Lucky-Goldstar in 1983. The multinational conglomerate produces everything from electronic devices and telecommunications products to chemicals. 

The LG logo is one of the most memorable on this list. The brand uses a combination mark, featuring the letters “LG” in a bold font, depicted in a sophisticated shade of grey. Next to this, we see a red circle, with the letters “LG” also present in white.

The “LG” emblem is intended to look a little like a human face, showcasing the company’s commitment to its consumers and community. 

Mobile Phone Company Logos

11. Huawei

Founding date: 1987

Revenue: $87.8 billion (2022)

Location: China (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 208,000 (2023)

Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, was initially launched in 1987. It designs and develops telecommunications equipment, as well as smart devices, consumer electronics, and solar products. The company has expanded into more than 170 countries since it originally emerged. 

Huawei’s name comes from a slogan the founder Ren Zhengfei saw on a wall, which translated to “China has Promise”. Huawei has also been translated to mean “splendid achievement”. 

Like many cellular phone company logos, Huawei’s emblem features a wordmark, accompanied by a simplistic shape of a lotus flower, considered to be good luck in many Asian countries.

Mobile Phone Company Logos

12. HTC

Founding date: 1997

Revenue: $23.7 billion (2018)

Location: Taiwan (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 2,137 (2023)

Though HTC is a smaller phone brand than many of the companies listed here, it’s still making waves in the technology market. After launching in 1997, it focused its attention on smartphones based mostly on Windows Mobile operating systems. 

Although HTC was initially successful as a mobile vendor, it has since begun to diversify its business, focusing on virtual reality and extended reality solutions, with HTC VIVE. 

Similar to many mobile brand logos, HTC’s emblem is quite simple, featuring the name of the phone company in bold, green letters, designed in both upper and lowercase letters. It’s intended to convey modernity and growth.

Mobile Phone Company Logos

13. Google

Founding date: 1998

Revenue: $289.531 billion (2023)

Location: US (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 139,995 (2021)

Though Google doesn’t focus exclusively on the creation of mobile phones, it has become one of the major competitors in the smartphone landscape over the years. The company was initially established in 1998, and sells everything from consumer electronics, to advertising tools. 

Google is currently one of the world’s biggest technology businesses, alongside Amazon, Apple Inc, Microsoft, and Meta. It serves the mobile market primarily through the production of Pixel phones.

Google’s logo is one of the most memorable on this list, featuring various colors to convey the different elements of its product portfolio. 

Find out more about the Google logo here.

Mobile Phone Company Logos

14. Lenovo

Founding date: 1984

Revenue: $71.618 billion (2023)

Location: China (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 75,000 (2022)

Otherwise known as Lenovo Group Limited, Lenovo is a Chinese technology company offering everything from desktop computers, to servers, data storage devices, and smartphones. The brand was launched in 1984, and now sells products in more than 180 countries.

Lenovo’s name is a portmanteau of the “Le” element from “Legend”, and “Novo”, the Latin ablative for “New”. It’s connected with ideas like creativity and connective thinking. 

The Lenovo logo is a red rectangular banner, highlighting ideas of passion and vitality, with a simple white business name in the center. The “E” is slightly angled to convey fun and youthfulness.

Mobile Phone Company Logos

15. AT&T

Founding date: 1883

Revenue: $120.74 billion (2023)

Location: US (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 160,700 (2022)

AT&T is one of the world’s largest multinational telecommunication companies. It’s also the largest wireless carrier in the United States. The company first launched in 1983, as “Southwestern Bell”, before changing its name to the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. 

In 2023, AT&T was ranked as number 13 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest corporations in the United States. It also had a monopoly on the mobile phone market in the 20th century, taking over most of the US telecom industry. 

The AT&T logo draws attention to the company’s global reach, with a blue sphere placed on a white background. The company’s logo also features the abbreviated name, AT&T. 

Mobile Phone Company Logos

16. Xiaomi

Founding date: 2010

Revenue: $40.7 billion (2023)

Location: China (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 32,543 (2022)

Featuring one of the most interesting mobile phone company logos on this list, Xiaomi is a Chinese technology manufacturer. It might be lesser-known in the western market, but it’s the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world today.

Xiaomi was founded by multi-billionaire Lei Jun in 2010. The company is well-known for producing highly affordable products, which stay on the market for longer than most smartphones. 

Xiaomi’s logo conveys the brand’s message through an orange square, symbolizing creativity and refreshment, with white characters on the inside. This image is also accompanied by a grey wordmark, in lowercase letters. 

Mobile Phone Company Logos

17. Vivo

Founding date: 2009

Revenue: $25.4 million (2022)

Location: China (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 40,000 (2022)

A slightly smaller competitor in the mobile phone industry, Vivo is a Chinese multinational company that designs and develops software, smartphones, and online services. The company also creates unique software for its phones, distributed through a branded store. 

Since launching in 2009, Vivo has rapidly expanded its global market, and now has more than 400 million customers worldwide. 

Similar to many of the mobile brand logos on this list, Vivo keeps things simple with its brand mark, using a straightforward wordmark in lowercase font, depicted in purple. The shade purple is often associated with luxury, and mystery. 

Mobile Phone Company Logos

18. OnePlus

Founding date: 2013

Revenue: $308.3 million (2022)

Location: China (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 2,700 (2022)

Chinese consumer electronics company, OnePlus, operates as a subsidiary of the Oppo brand. It was launched in 2013, with the purpose of developing a high-end flagship smartphone running a unique operating system for the Chinese market. 

The company released its first smartphone, the “OnePlus One” followed by a range of alternative phones, such as the OnePlus Nord, and OnePlus X. 

Standing out among many mobile logos, the OnePlus emblem is depicted in red and white, and features a wordmark in uppercase letters, alongside a symbol with the character “1” inside of a square border, with a plus sign on the corner.

Mobile Phone Company Logos

19. Oppo

Founding date: 2004

Revenue: $37 billion (2022)

Location: China (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 40,000 (2022)

Oppo is another major Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, responsible for producing smartphones, audio devices, power banks, smart devices, and more. The company registered its name in 2001, and has since expanded to over 50 countries. 

In 2016, Oppo stood as the largest smartphone manufacturer in China, selling phones at over 200,000 outlets. It was also ranked number five in the top-selling mobile companies in market share worldwide in 2019. 

Oppo phones feature a simple and modern logo, depicting the name of the company in a bright green shade. The green coloring stands for growth and innovation. 

Mobile Phone Company Logos

20. Honor

Founding date: 2013

Revenue: $8.4 billion (2017)

Location: China (and worldwide)

Number of employees: Uncertain

Smartphone brand Honor is majority owned by a state-owned enterprise, controlled by the government of Shenzhen. It was previously owned by Huawei, and develops smartphones, wearable devices, and tablet computers. 

The Honor mobile phone logo is interesting because it features a number of variations. There’s a black and white version, and an available design that features a number of bright colors blended together. In both instances, the logo features the company’s name.

The letters of the logo feature straight lines and bold elements, highlighting the strength and modernity of the company. 

Mobile Phone Company Logos

21. Realme

Founding date: 2018

Revenue: $332.4 million (2023)

Location: Chinese (and worldwide)

Number of employees: 1,000-5,000

A relatively new addition to this list of mobile phone company logos, Realme is a Chinese consumer electronics company, founded in 2018 by a former vice president of Oppo. The company started life as a sub-brand of Oppo before branching out in its own. 

Quickly, this company became one of the fastest growing 5G smartphone brands in the world. By 2020, the organization had 35 million customers worldwide. Additionally, the organization has entered 27 different markets worldwide. 

Realme uses a yellow banner as its logo to symbolize joy and happiness, with the word “real-me” depicted in the center. The “R” character is quite angular, symbolizing strength and innovation.

Learning from mobile and cellular phone company logos

While all of the mobile phone company logos above feature their own unique elements, they’re all designed to connect with audiences in the telecom industry on a deeper level. Each design has a unique meaning behind it, conveyed through color, shapes, or typography. 

Today, smartphone users around the world are familiar with at least some of these logos, and many new designs are entering the market all the time.

If you’re inspired by the mobile phone logos above, reach out to Fabrik brands, to discover the benefits of working with a professional designer on your own unique image. 

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