Company Naming Strategy

Company Naming Strategy

Reflect the true nature of your business through a dedicated company naming strategy.

Shakespeare may think that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but your customers won’t be attracted to the wrong title.

In the business world, names aren’t an arbitrary concept – they’re a crucial part of what makes your brand unique and memorable. After all, when you’re thinking of your favourite companies you don’t just imagine their logos, you remember their name too. That’s why you need to work with an agency who understands the complexities of company naming strategy.

Since naming is such a complicated process, it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared to choose a title with the right impact, and that means creating a company naming strategy. As specialists in product naming and company naming, Fabrik offers an in-depth insight into creating the ultimate framework for your company naming strategy. By working with you in comprehensive, custom naming workshops, we can help you discover what it takes to truly stand out with and exceptional company name.

Company Naming Strategy

Fabrik: Your company naming strategists

At Fabrik, our team is proud to offer a broad selection of company naming strategies, designed to help you find everything from the right business name, to the correct domain name.

As naming specialists, we’ve spent years developing our own company naming strategy to ensure that we can deliver both creative and practical solutions to our clients. We can show you exactly what it takes to help naming ideas flow naturally within your team, so you feel confident about the labels you place onto your business, and the products it sells.

Company naming strategists like Fabrik help you to rediscover the creativity in your organisation while making sure that any naming decisions you make are suitable for your brand. We’ll help you to navigate hurdles like trademarking, geographical impact, and copyrights, so that you can rest assured your name will resonate with all the right people.

Our in-depth company naming strategies include:

  • A full evaluation of your brand and industry: We’ll learn everything there is to know about your company, personality, and goals as a company while evaluating external factors like competitors and market positioning too.
  • Creative brainstorming: With an in-depth knowledge of your brand, competitors, and customers, we’ll get into brainstorming mode, using all our years of expertise to suggest a naming strategy and framework that accurately represent your organisation.
  • Due diligence: We’ll make sure that all the naming frameworks we suggest are free from trademarks and available to purchase as domain names, so you don’t have to worry about growing your brand once you choose the structure, format and name.
Company Naming Strategy

Developing your company naming strategy

With decades of experience in the branding and marketing sector, we’ve learned a lot about finding the ideal naming strategies. At Fabrik, we can introduce you to the benefits of a bespoke company naming strategy, and help you discover how the right names will not only attract customers now, but make your business more sustainable in the long term. We’ll look at things like:

  • What kind of names suit your brand positioning: Descriptive, inventive, or mashed up?
  • Whether your names need to have regional appeal or international reach.
  • If you need your names to follow specific naming conventions, frameworks and hierarchies.
  • If your naming strategy might need to evolve as your company changes and grows.
  • Whether you have a policy on straplines and descriptors.

Once we’ve unlocked your company’s real potential for recognition and awareness, we can begin to build your presence in your target market too, with additional advertising and promotional support. We’ll even use the latest online tools to make sure that you’re set-up with the right domain for digital success.

When you come to Fabrik for a company naming strategy, you get more than just a list of random words and clichés. We use bespoke, research-driven techniques to make sure that every company naming strategy has the right impact on your business and your customers. Every framework we suggest will be creative, focused and designed to suit you.

Company Naming Strategy

Every company needs a naming strategy

Though your organisation’s name is often one of the first things your audience will remember about you, it’s easy to overlook just how important it is. Many business leaders assume that the right name will come to them, but this is rarely the case.

For every fantastic company name like Google or Nike, countless others won’t resonate with your target audience. However, as many businesses quickly learn, having the right name is half the battle when it comes to earning brand exposure and generating recall for your company.

Organisations come to Fabrik for their company naming strategy because they know that the right framework endures, generating loyalty and brand recognition just as heartily as your logo or website. Unlike other generalists in the marketplace, the team at Fabrik has invested countless hours into studying the art of naming. We’ve learned what it takes to create the kind of company naming strategy that not performs well, but contains the right emotional resonance with your audience.

An upgraded company naming strategy

Your business name is crucial to your success. Don’t rely on novices to help you find the naming strategy that will build that all-important first connection between you and your target audience. A brand naming strategist like Fabrik will develop a framework that sets your organisation up for long-term success.

We’ve helped countless organisations to discover their real potential through exceptional brand naming strategies. Could you be our next success story? Discover the power of a dedicated company naming strategy with Fabrik…

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