Boston Scientific logo history: A symbol of innovation

Boston Scientific Logo

Few tech emblems have garnered more attention in recent years than the Boston Scientific logo. Known throughout the world for the production of some of the most iconic robotics and tools in the modern landscape, Boston Scientific has become a beacon of innovation. But, how much do you know about Boston Scientific logo history?

As a relatively modern company, Boston Scientific hasn’t made a lot of changes to its visual identity over the years. However, various versions of the design have been produced for different purposes.

Though simplistic, the emblem stands as one of the most memorable in both the medical and technical spaces, showcasing sophistication, innovation, and authority.

If you’ve ever wondered where the Boston Scientific emblem came from, or how the company chose its iconic inscription, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the Boston Scientific symbol throughout the decades, and its variations.

What is Boston Scientific known for?

Before we begin exploring Boston Scientific logo history, let’s examine the origins of the relatively modern medical technology company. Boston Scientific, otherwise known as “BSC”, is considered a pioneer of the healthcare space, known primarily for its less invasive medical devices.

The company is a specialist in developing powerful devices used in medical specialties, from interventional radiology to cardiology and neuromodulation. In the medical landscape, Boston Scientific is perhaps best-known for its development of the Taxus Stent, a product used to open clogged arteries.

The company has also developed a minimally invasive ICD, known as the EMBLEM for cardiovascular cases.

Originally, Boston Scientific was formed in 1979, in Massachusetts, as a holding company for the company Medi-Tech. The venture was asked in 1967 to produce a steerable, remote-controlled catheter, as well as some other pioneering tools for the medical industry.

The Boston Scientific Team quickly became well-known in the medical space for its phenomenal technology.

In recent years, Boston Scientific has grown both organically, and through mergers and acquisitions with other major medical brands. The company has acquired a host of well-known companies, from Vertiflex Inc, to Preventice Solutions.

The organization also has a strong reputation for its social commitments. The brand has set a standard for implementing an integrative organizational culture, and prioritizes diversity among its employees, leadership teams, and managers.

What is the slogan of Boston Scientific?

The slogan of Boston Scientific rarely appears on the company’s logo today. However, it’s still evident in a lot of the company’s branding and marketing campaigns.

The slogan, “Advancing Science for Life” is based on the brand’s core mission, to develop meaningful and innovative tools for the medical landscape.

Is Boston Scientific a top medical device company?

Currently, Boston Scientific ranks as one of the most powerful medical device manufacturers in the world.

With around 45,000 employees, and an average revenue in sales of $12.682 billion, Boston Scientific has become an innovator in the medical space, committed to transforming lives with pioneering solutions for care.

Despite spending almost half a century in the medical landscape, Boston Scientific hasn’t made many significant changes to its logo over the years. The company’s iconic wordmark has remained a core part of its brand identity since it was originally created.

Though relatively minimalistic compared to some other technology and medical logos, the Boston Scientific emblem is memorable and impactful.

The core logo of the brand is a simple wordmark, set across two lines, with the letter “B”, balancing alongside an enlarged letter “S” between the two levels. The typography chosen for the emblem is a serif-style font, with softened curves on the edges.

Boston Scientific Logo

The elegant and sophisticated wordmark highlights the authority of the company in the medical sector, giving it a sense of professionalism and confidence. The curved elements in the letters remind us of the company’s compassionate nature, and its commitment to serving its customers.

While the primary logo of the Boston Scientific company is generally depicted in a dark shade of blue on a white background, there are variations of the emblem which invert these colors, or switch the shades to a simple black and white alternative.

Boston Scientific Logo

Notably, there is a version of the Boston Scientific logo which includes the company’s slogan. In this version of the emblem, the slogan, “Advancing science for life” appears in a simpler, sans-serif font, which contrasts with the typography placed above.

Alongside the central wordmark used by the Boston Scientific Corporation, the company also designed a simpler “icon” version of its logo, intended for use in the digital world. This icon appears on the company’s website, as well as various other branded assets and applications.

Boston Scientific Logo

The icon showcases the letters of the “Boston Scientific” name when simplified for branding purposes. The letters “BSC” appear all in a sans-serif font, separate from the typography we usually see on the main emblem.

They’re also all depicted in uppercase, to give the design a sense of balance and unity. The icon is available, like the core logo, in two color palettes.

The primary icon uses the color of dark blue as its central shade, with the letters written in white. However, there’s a black and white version of the design also available for mediums with dark backgrounds. These colors can also be inverted in some cases.

The Boston Scientific logo: Fonts and colors

Like many famous medical and technology companies, the Boston Scientific brand took a relatively simplistic approach to developing its visual identity. There are no decorative elements or complex components in the emblem, just a simple wordmark.

Even the icons produced by the brand are relatively straightforward, with simple color palettes and lines.

Despite its minimalistic appearance, the Boston Scientific logo is evocative and eye-catching. It provides an insight into the core characteristics of the company, from its creative and innovative nature, to its authority in the medical landscape.

The Boston Scientific logo color palette has remained consistent since the brand was first formed. The company chose the shades of blue and white for its initial logo. These shades in color psychology are often associated with concepts of trustworthiness and professionalism, as well as excellence.

However, there are variations of the logo also available in black and white, intended for use in specific mediums throughout the digital world. The official Boston Scientific logo colors are simply white, and a dark blue:

Pantone 541
Hex: #003C71 
RGB: 0/60/113
PMS: 541
CMYK: 100/57/0/38

What font does the Boston Scientific logo use?

Depending on the version of the Boston Scientific logo you’re looking at, you may see a number of different fonts.

The Boston Scientific logo with the included slogan features two contrasting typographies, using serif font for the name of the company, and sans-serif font for the tagline. The icon features only a sans-serif font, written all in uppercase logo.

The official Boston Scientific logo font used for the company’s memorable wordmark is a simplistic, but sophisticated serif typeface. The design is similar to the Times New Roman or Garamond font families, with stylized components.

The incredible Boston Scientific emblem

Looking back at Boston Scientific logo history, we can see an excellent example of a timeless logo, with phenomenal strength and impact. Though simplistic, this iconic logo has helped the Boston Scientific Group to position itself as a true authority and pioneer in its space.

The wordmark emblem, with its unique components and soft curves conveys sophistication, excellence, and compassion at the same time. The color palette of blue and white highlights the company’s trustworthy nature, and its commitment to excellence and professional service.

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