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Marketing built on questions, not answers

Recruiting or retaining? Search or social? MailChimp or direct mail? Posters or sampling? Google ads or the national press?

At Fabrik, a marketing agency in London, we address the above dilemmas every day. We don’t claim to have all the answers but we do ask all the right questions. And our questions often lead to unexpected strategic outcomes.

We dig deep, unearthing insights that are central to brand building and success in the marketplace. With open minds rather than dogmatic rules or pre-formed opinions, we give free rein to our imagination. The results are innovative and effective marketing plans.

We talk to people. We research. We listen. We examine the competition. We define the target audience and consider the options. We explore potential brand propositions, highlighting interesting points of difference. We ask question after question.

Promoting conversations and dialogue

A marketing agency in London, we believe in two-way communications. We connect organisations to their audiences and give these audiences the chance to answer back. We’ve found that making an extra effort to connect with people leads to improved engagement followed by positive action.

We consistently deliver competitive advantage, using invisible assets such as openness and good citizenship to build up a fund of goodwill. Promoting tangible values through tone-of-voice and graphic design, we honestly position organisations with attributes ranging from daring and exciting to responsive and responsible.

By exploring the role of an organisation’s staff, stakeholders, customers and clients, we’re able to deliver marketing strategies rooted in basic truths. With credibility and sincerity, this boosts their potential for long-term success. Importantly, we also make sure that our marketing plans relate to the wider picture, taking account of issues such as brand strategycompany branding, internal communications, digital design and company naming.

Neutral about media. Biased toward success

We’ll create a structured marketing and communications plan that addresses all media, old and cutting-edge, and answers pressing questions such as… Are potential customers, donors and students too busy tweeting, posting and sharing to notice a press ad? How can a client join in the conversation without coming across as an interloper? Questions… questions.

We focus on the message, not the medium. We’re neutral about media. Below the line. Above the line. Through the line. We don’t draw a line between them, as we have no no-go areas or technical constraints. 

Among the best marketing agencies in London, our primary concern is to promote the relative merits of a commercial enterprise or organisation. This objective is aided by the way we’re intrigued by people and the factors that drive them to a particular company, product or service. The insights we gain from our conversations feeds into our marketing strategies, making them more effective.

Marketing Agency

Marketing strategies based on clear objectives

Before we start a marketing project we consider the ideal end result. What does a client want to say, promote and achieve? Perhaps the intention is to enthuse and engage the next crop of fresh-faced students or develop ideas and concepts for a high-profile national fundraising campaign? Or maybe the objective is to take an exciting start-up to market? Whatever the requirement, we’ll begin the process with clear strategic thinking before developing our creative ideas. Think first, create later.

Like other top marketing agencies, we provide specialist brand marketing services, from complex marketing strategies to tactical brand communications. Unusually, perhaps, we believe that consistency is fundamental to everything we do. We create marketing campaigns that are prominently and consistently displayed across digital and traditional media, ensuring our clients are visible and remain front-of-mind.

This commitment to consistency runs deeper than logo placement, colour palettes and typefaces. When planning a new marketing strategy, we think hard about top-level messaging to make sure it complements our clients’ tone-of-voice in other areas. When developing a new design concept, we compare our ideas against a client’s brand guidelines to make sure we’re not breaking the rules. Unless there’s a good reason to break the rules.

Time to review your marketing campaign?

With our background in brand marketing and communications, we’re confident that we can answer the most searching questions. At the same time, we’ll continue to ask challenging questions of ourselves. How soon can we get the campaign out there? Press or online? Search or pay-per-click? Mailbox or letterbox? After all these questions, you may have some questions for us.

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