Fenty Beauty logo and meaning
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Fenty Beauty logo and meaning

Fenty Beauty Logo

The Fenty Beauty logo is rapidly becoming one of the better-known emblems in the cosmetics industry, targeting young and modern beauty fans. Designed to depict the cutting-edge products created by fashion icon and singer Rihanna, the Fenty symbol is daring, bold, and sophisticated. 

Fenty Beauty may not have the same history or background at this point as some bigger brands like Garnier and Dove, but this doesn’t make it any less compelling in the cosmetics industry. 

Indeed, the Fenty brand has skyrocketed to fame and fortune faster than most, thanks to its connection with an already well-known artist and her personal brand. 

Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at Fenty Beauty history and the iconic imagery and personality defining the company. 

Here’s your guide to the Fenty Beauty brand.

Fenty Beauty background and history

Before we explore the brand icon responsible for differentiating the Fenty Beauty products, let’s take a closer look at the company’s background. The Fenty Beauty brand is a cosmetics company launched officially in 2017 by singer and fashion icon Rihanna.

Though relatively new to the marketplace, Fenty Beauty has gained rapid acclaim and attention worldwide, popular for its broad approach to inclusivity. Fenty Beauty products started with a foundation range of 40 shades (later expanded to 50).

Fenty Beauty focuses on providing a highly inclusive and diverse range of products capable of supporting all skin types and genders. The company’s unique approach helped it earn the title of one of Time magazine’s “best inventions” for 2017.

Fenty Beauty Logo

Your guide to the Fenty Beauty brand

According to the Fenty Beauty website, before Rihanna was the global superstar we know today, she was a little girl growing up in Barbados, transfixed by the beauty of her mother’s lipstick. Rihanna believes makeup is a way of expressing herself, her mood, and her perception of beauty. 

How did Fenty Beauty get started?

Back in 2013, Rihanna chose to trademark her surname “Fenty” for various products. This quickly led to speculation that she would soon be looking into endeavors outside the music world. 

Fenty Beauty became one of the trademarks created by Rihanna over the years. Fenty Beauty launched in 2017 when Rihanna was 29 years old. While she had collaborated with cosmetics companies like MAC in the past, Fenty was her first solo cosmetics venture. 

What does Fenty Beauty mean? 

The Fenty Beauty brand name comes from the surname of the famous singer and artist Rihanna. She created the Fenty Beauty company after officially trademarking her name four years before. 

What is the Fenty Beauty tagline?

Although not always evident in all branding and marketing campaigns for the company, the Fenty Beauty brand does have its own tagline. “Beauty for All” is the promise made by the company, highlighting its commitment to a more diverse range of products for all skin types. 

The Fenty Beauty slogan is an excellent insight into the company’s mission. 

Is Fenty Beauty a high-end brand? 

Fenty Beauty is regularly considered a high-end luxury brand by most of its fans. However, the price tags on the products are a little lower than what you might expect from other competitors in the same landscape, like Estée Lauder.

Who is Fenty Beauty owned by today?

While Rihanna is the face and personality behind Fenty Beauty, the company is officially owned by Bernard Arnault. 

Who was the Fenty Beauty founder? 

The founder of Fenty Beauty is Rihanna, the singer, songwriter, actor, and artist with a passion for all things representative of beauty.

Fenty Beauty Logo

The Fenty Beauty logo over the years

The Fenty Beauty logo is actually one of several logos associated with the “Fenty” name. This is because Rihanna has created a variety of ventures from the “Fenty” trademark since she acquired ownership of the name in 2013.

Fenty Beauty has kept its logo the same since its original inception in 2017. However, you may have seen the design in several different color schemes and formats.

The Fenty beauty logo features a simple sans-serif wordmark with spaced-out letters intended to convey sophistication and modernity. The font is simple in style, but it does include a backward-facing “N,” intended to highlight the unique and forward-thinking nature of the brand.

Fenty Beauty always uses the tagline “By Rihanna” in its branding to help draw attention to the company’s famous founder. However, another element to the image isn’t always evident in every marketing campaign.

The “FB” monogram in stylized serif letters can sometimes be seen on a range of Fenty Beauty products. However, the business doesn’t always use this image on all of its assets.

The Fenty Beauty logo elements

Fenty Beauty has a simple, sophisticated, and elegant brand image, perfect for a contemporary cosmetics brand. Like many similar high-end beauty and skincare companies, the company has maintained a minimalist approach to branding with minimal graphical flair.

However, the Fenty Beauty logo has elements that help it stand out from the crowd.

The unique monogram is bold and eye-catching, demonstrating the confident nature of the company. Another major component is the backward-facing “N,” which defines Fenty Beauty as an innovator and pioneer in its space.

Here are some helpful Fenty Beauty logo resources:

Like many cosmetics companies attempting to maintain an image of sophistication and elegance, the Fenty Beauty logo color is usually depicted in black and white. 

The most common variation of the logo uses black font on a white background, but inverted versions of the emblem are available. 

You may also see the Fenty Beauty logo depicted in white or black font on various backgrounds and packaging choices. 

The Fenty Beauty logo colors are officially black and white, but these colors can be used in different ways, depending on where the design appears. 

What font does the Fenty Beauty logo use?

The Fenty Beauty logo font is an adaptation of the Grill typeface GT font America Compressed Light. The “N” is reversed to help highlight the innovative nature of the brand. 

A modern, sleek, and sans-serif typeface is a good choice for Fenty Beauty, as it helps the company seem more contemporary. The careful use of spacing between each letter further enhances the sophisticated nature of the type. 

Notably, the font’s weight in the “Fenty Beauty” wordmark is usually a little thicker than the “By Rihanna” section of the logo.

Celebrating the Fenty Beauty logo today

The Fenty Beauty logo might not have the same long-standing background or history as some of the other well-known contemporary brands on the market today, but it’s still an excellent example of branding. Fenty Beauty’s image is beautifully sophisticated, simple, and modern.

The Fenty Beauty logo showcases the forward-thinking nature of the brand and its commitment to thinking outside of the box when it comes to product development.

At the same time, using a simple font and color choice means Fenty Beauty can easily blend with a wide range of other high-end cosmetics companies.

If you’d like to learn more about some of the most memorable brand logos in the cosmetics world, you can check out a range of other companies in the Fabrik Brands logo file.

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