The enduring legacy of the Estrella logo and how it became an iconic brand symbol

Estrella Logo

If you’re familiar with the beer industry, you’ve probably seen the Estrella logo before. This iconic symbol has quickly captured the attention of countless consumers over the years, helping Estrella to stand out in an increasingly cluttered marketplace. But where did the Estrella logo history begin?

With its unique star component and sophisticated script wordmark, the Estrella emblem is an enduring icon in the food and beverage landscape. 

Not only does the Estrella symbol help to differentiate the company from its competition and connects with consumers on a deeper level, conveying ideas of excellence, passion, and elegance. 

If you’ve ever wondered how the Estrella logo has evolved, or you want to learn more about how famous brands build their identity, you’re in the right place. Today, we will take a closer look at the history and transformation of the Estrella logo. 

Estrella meaning: Introducing the Estrella brand

Also known as Estrella Damm, Estrella is a larger beer product primarily brewed in Spain. The product itself had existed since the 1800s, when two Alsatians founded their own beer company in 1876 in Barcelona, Spain. 

Joseph Damm and Küntzmann Damm fled to Barcelona to avoid the consequences of the Franco-Prussian war. 

They quickly developed the Damm Corporation and opened their own brewery, where they created a lighter larger than the products available in most of Europe. Part of what made the company so popular during the early years was its enduring brand identity. 

Even before Estrella had an official logo, it used a five-pointed red star on its bottles. 

The primary reason for this was the name of the beer, which was originally advertised as “Estrella Dorada” and then “Estrella Damm.” The word “Estrella” in Spanish translates to “Star.”

Many Spanish consumers grew to refer to Estrella as the “beer with the star.” This prompted Estrella to maintain the five-pointed star in its brand identity over the years. Even the larger “Damm” corporation still utilizes the star emblem in the majority of its branding and labeling.

Estrella logo history: A look through time

The official Estrella logo hasn’t changed much over the years. While the Estrella Damm parent company has updated its emblem to feature a golden star instead of a red shape, the icon on the beer itself has remained relatively consistent. 

Similarly, Estrella has preserved its color palette over the years, focusing primarily on shades of red, white, and gold. 

Estrella Logo


The first Estrella logo introduced for the beer brand was very similar to the one most of us are familiar with today. The emblem consisted of a wordmark written in a graceful, script-style font with numerous cursive elements.

The font was depicted in white, with a red and black outline, to help it stand out from the background banner. The solid red rectangular banner helped to distinguish the beer from other products on supermarket shelves. It also featured white lines at the top and bottom of the wordmark. 

Estrella Logo


Only two years after introducing its first logo, the Estrella logo history evolved again with the introduction of a new banner. The redesign of the beer label was intended to connect with a younger, more modern audience.

While the red and white color palette remained, various aspects of the design were changed. 

The five-pointed star took on curved elements to give it a sense of dynamism and an almost human vibe. The inscription lost its red and black border but still used shadowing to create depth. What’s more, the red banner was angled to make it look more agile.

Estrella Logo


In 2004, Estrella introduced its most recent logo. The emblem is built on the designs of the previous two logos, with consistent elements, such as the white and red color palette and the five-pointed star with its curved “arms.” 

Accents of gold were added to the Estrella symbol to convey ideas of luxury and excellence. Additionally, the banner for the Estrella wordmark was given a black shadow.

The style of the typeface was very similar in this logo to the previous options, but some of the elements of the letters were refined to give the emblem a smoother image. 

Estrella Logo

The Estrella Damm logo, chosen for the parent brand of the Estrella larger company, has also remained relatively consistent over the years. For some time, the company used a simple combination mark, combining a gold five-pointed star with a wordmark in the gothic-style font. 

In 2019, this emblem was updated slightly to appeal to a more modern audience. The complex typeface was switched to a more simplistic, uppercase font with extremely short serifs. 

Estrella Logo

The inscription was depicted in white, with black shadows around the characters, often on a red rectangular border, matching the Estrella emblem. 

In the update to the logo, the company retained its five-pointed golden star, putting it atop the wordmark to help rapidly capture customer attention. 

The Estrella logo: Fonts and colors

The Estrella logo today is one of the most eye-catching and memorable logos in the beverage landscape. 

Although the design hasn’t changed much over the years, a look back at the Estrella logo history shows us how the company has refined its visual identity over time to connect with a younger, evolving audience. 

Today, the Estrella symbol aims to symbolize ideas of passion, elegance, and sophistication while highlighting excellence with the use of the star shape. 

Even the Estrella Damm parent company conveys similar concepts with its logo, using a consistent color palette of red, white, black, and gold, as well as a five-pointed star. If you want to examine the Estrella logo more closely, you can find some useful resources here:

The Estrella logo colors have remained quite consistent throughout the years. Initially, the primary Estrella logo color palette chosen for the beer brand focused on just red and white, with some shadow accents in black. 

However, in recent years, the company has chosen to add components of gold to its design in an effort to symbolize elegance and quality. 

The Estrella colors today consist of a bright red shade to symbolize passion and strength, white to highlight purity and consistency, and gold for excellence. Some of the primary colors used in the design include:

Hex color: #E32819
RGB: 227 40 25
CMYK: 0 82 89 11
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C

Hex color: #9F0D17
RGB: 159 13 23
CMYK: 0 92 86 38
Pantone: PMS 7626 C

Aztec Gold
Hex color: #C3943A
RGB: 195 148 58
CMYK: 0 24 70 24
Pantone: PMS 7563 C

Blanched Almond
Hex color: #FFEFCE
RGB: 255 239 206
CMYK: 0 6 19 0
Pantone: PMS 7506 C

What font does the Estrella logo use?

The typography in the Estrella logo is one of the most compelling aspects of the design. The first logo font was similar in a lot of ways to Edwardian Script ITC. Over the years, the Estrella logo font has maintained its elegant, cursive nature. 

However, the exact script has been altered slightly to make the design more compelling and modern. 

Today, the most recent version of the Estrella font appears similar to Brush Script MT, with a few alterations to the contours and lines of the characters. 

The unforgettable Estrella symbol

Whether you’re a beer (or larger) fan, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the Estrella logo today. Throughout the brand’s history, the company’s visual identity has only changed slightly, highlighting the organization’s commitment to consistency.

Today, the Estrella logo is an elegant and eye-catching symbol, effectively utilizing a combination of beautiful color and typography to capture customers’ minds. 

The iconic five-point star is perhaps the most significant aspect of the design and has even transferred into the Estrella Damm parent company’s visual identity.

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