Digital Marketing Agency London

Digital Marketing Agency

At Fabrik, paper is obsolete, and our digital people are hardwired to the internet.

Well, not quite. But Fabrik is a digital marketing agency in London, conceived at the beginning of the world wide web.

Back then, our ambitions for digital were clear. Acknowledging the potential of the digital medium, we believed everything that could be digital would be digital. Today, we continue to create engaging online experiences, stretching our imaginations to the limit.

While some digital media agencies were once traditional media agencies, Fabrik has always been a digital media agency. We’re natives. Having grown up with digital, we’ve witnessed first-hand the way technology has transformed marketing and communications. Not as spectators, but as willing participants.

Keen to make a difference, Fabrik brings light to the digital darkness. We draw on deep-rooted knowledge of the medium, and embrace new ways of thinking. We plan methodically, often taking a step back before setting to work. We get to grips with our clients overall communications objectives. We find, that by establishing the basics, our efforts are more rewarding, less hit-or-miss. More connected, less disjointed. We assign responsibilities, and don’t believe that if we build it, they will come. We think deeply about the purpose of Fabrik’s role, as a digital marketing agency. Then, we create digital brand strategies, online campaigns and website designs that get our clients noticed, and keep them front-of-mind. Ensuring they’re only ever a call (or click) away.

Digital Marketing Agency London

The digital medium is an accountable medium

Like any digital marketing agency worth its salt, we keep our power dry. We use our knowledge of the digital medium in the right measure. We develop frameworks for applying our digital marketing skills. And structure to make the iterative process of digital marketing more efficient. These days we can gauge reaction in realtime, and manage that reaction accordingly. When we create search-friendly content, we can analyse performance at the tap of trackpad. And, when we run an email campaign, we can review bounce rates, opens and click-throughs. It’s this level of measurement that makes digital marketing so rewarding. A marketers dream.

Of course, we view all communications in the round. We must, these days. Which is why we’ll work hard to ensure your digital marketing activities are coordinated, integrated and joined-up. From organic search and pay-per-click, to content and social media marketing. And from email marketing to mobile marketing. Fabrik’s digital marketing services deliver focus and clarity. By encouraging our clients to think before jumping in, we maximise return on investment. What is the latest blog post trying to achieve? Is it aligned to the overall digital marketing strategy? Is it likely to get shares, comments and backlinks? Are you extroverted or socially inhibited? Are your web pages optimised, both on the page and off the page? Will the latest ad campaign reach the right people, at the right time? And is the user journey logical, from beginning to end? These are just some of the questions we might ask. We’re hoping you might have some questions for Fabrik…?

Digital marketing services:

  • Research & planning
  • Digital brand strategy
  • Creative concepts
  • Campaign design
  • Search optimisation
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Web development

Is digital marketing on your agenda?

With so many digital marketing agencies in London, finding the right partner is hard. We hope you’re impressed by Fabrik’s credentials.

We’re radical and reliable. Pro-active and interactive. We use the channels at our disposal to encourage two-way dialogue. If you feel encouraged to contact Fabrik, drop us a line or give us a call…

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