The Blaze Pizza logo: What makes Blaze Pizza unique?
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The Blaze Pizza logo: What makes Blaze Pizza unique?

Blaze Pizza Logo

The Blaze Pizza logo might not have the heritage or history of some of the other best-known emblems in the fast-food landscape, but it’s already making waves. Launched in 2011, Blaze Pizza doesn’t have much of a history regarding its visual identity. 

The company has only used the same simple logo for its signage and marketing campaigns. However, it’s worth taking a closer look at this design and the company’s unique approach to branding and growth. 

Today, Blaze Pizza has captured the attention of thousands of customers after earning investment from the famous basketball player LeBron James. 

If you’ve ever wondered about Blaze Pizza logo history, or you just want to learn a little more about iconic pizza brands get their logos, read on. Today, we’re going to share everything you might need to know about the Blaze Pizza logo, slogan, and brand. 

What makes Blaze Pizza unique?

The Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual restaurant chain focused primarily on serving Pizza in the United States. The company was originally founded by Rick and Elise Wetzel, better known to most for their other famous brand: Wetzel’s Pretzels. 

Focused on building a reputation as a modern-day pizza company, Blaze follows the Chipotle-style made-to-order approach when creating pizzas for customers. Each restaurant has its own interactive open-kitchen format, which gives guests the opportunity to customize their food. 

Consumers can either choose to add to one of the menu’s signature pizzas or create one from scratch. 

Selling generously sized personal pizzas, the company cooks all of its food in a hot open-flame oven, usually positioned somewhere in the center of the restaurant. The unique cooking process ensures the thin-crust pizzas are ready to eat within as little as 3 minutes. 

What is the Blaze Pizza slogan? 

The slogan commonly associated with Blaze Pizza is “Fast Fire’d”. The decision to add the unnecessary apostrophe after the “e” in “Fire’d” showcases the fun and innovative nature of the business, while also drawing attention to its strategy of cooking pizzas by an open flame. 

Blaze Pizza Logo
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Is Blaze Pizza owned by LeBron James?

One of the reasons Blaze Pizza has become so famous in recent years is its connection to LeBron James, one of the world’s biggest Basketball stars. The player is one of the original investors for the chain and also a “part owner” of the franchise, as well as its number one spokesman. 

Initially, LeBron James invested around $1 million into the growing Pizza brand back in 2012, when it was first branching out into the fast-casual dining landscape. 

By 2017, Forbes was calling the company the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the US. By 2020, LeBron’s equity stake in the company had grown to about $40 million

LeBron now shares the ownership of the company with Elise and Rick Wetzel, while Brad Kent acts as Executive Chef and Beto Guajardo are CEO. 

James’ involvement with the pizza company certainly helped it to accelerate its growth. By 2015, Blaze was the first pizza in the fast-casual space restaurant to have 50 opened units. The company also had plans with franchise partners for a further 343 restaurants to be opened in 39 states. 

As of 2022, Blaze Pizza has over 300 restaurants in North America, as well as 10 locations throughout the Middle East. 

Blaze Pizza Logo

As a relatively new Pizza brand, launching in 2011, Blaze Pizza hasn’t had much of an opportunity to make many changes to its logo. However, it has long been focused on building a compelling visual identity. 

Not only does the company use open kitchen architecture in its restaurants to get customers involved in the cooking process, but it also makes its pizza ovens the center of the spaces. 

Blaze Pizza has its own dedicated architectural expert to help with the development of each franchise restaurant. Additionally, the company is committed to retaining a consistent visual identity throughout all of its online and offline assets. 

The one and only Blaze Pizza logo was introduced with the foundation of the business. It’s a combination, banner-style logo featuring the words “Blaze Pizza” in a slimline, sans-serif font. The two words are separated by a white circle with a grey flame outline in the middle. 

The grey coloring of the flame matches the shade used for the slogan on the top of the banner, “Fast Fire’d,” which is also depicted in uppercase. 

The orange coloring for the logo is intended to highlight the company’s playful and creative nature while also drawing the mind to ideas of warmth, heat, and fire. 

The Blaze Pizza emblem: Colors and fonts

The Blaze Pizza logo works alongside the company’s other carefully chosen branding strategies, to separate the organization from countless other pizza companies. 

Blaze Pizza not only has an eye-catching and modern logo, but it also takes a contemporary approach to brand all of its offline locations and its online marketing assets. 

The company has a fun and playful attitude, designed to appeal to the younger generation. It’s also heavily committed to allowing customers more freedom when it comes to choosing how their Pizzas are made. 

Consumers have complete freedom over the toppings they want and can watch the entire preparation and cooking process in just a few minutes. 

Want to take a closer look at the Blaze Pizza emblem?

You can find some handy resources here:

The Blaze Pizza logo color palette is relatively straightforward, focusing only on three central colors. The primary Blaze Pizza logo color is a bright shade of orange, intended to remind us of heat, flames, and fire. The other colors present in the emblem are light grey and white. 

Together, the shades work well to create an image of a brand that’s both creative and youthful but also sophisticated and professional. The orange coloring definitely helps to set the company apart from other pizza brands, which tend to focus on colors like red, green, and yellow. 

What font does the Blaze Pizza logo use?

The Blaze Pizza logo font is a simple, sans serif font with very short lines and a slimline finish. The design is intended to be relatively modern and simplistic, with a playful, friendly air. The pizza chain uses a font very similar to the Populaire typeface for its logo, with alternate A and E options. 

The Blaze Pizza logo is just one of the many aspects of the company’s brand identity that has captured attention over the last decade. Though a relatively new addition to the fast-dining landscape, Blaze Pizza has proven to be a competitor worth watching. 

Not only has it earned significant investment and support from one of the biggest names in the sporting industry, but Blaze Pizza has also effectively set itself apart from its competitors with a unique approach to serving its customers. 

Today, the one and only Blaze Pizza logo serves as a fantastic reminder of the company’s transparency, stability, and creativity values.

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