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Brand Guidelines Agency

What does Times New 
Roman say about your brand?

Fabrik is a brand guidelines agency in London. As brand guidelines designers our role is to create standards and guidelines that reflect new brands in all their glory.

While restoring existing brands to their former glory. At the same time, we maintain consistency in the way a brand looks and feels, taking care to ensure copy content remains on-message. Fabrik produces brand identity guidelines that are easy to interpret and efficient to implement.

We build-in flexibility from the outset, because today’s brands are fluid. And we always make sure our brand identity systems are of a modular design. Made to accommodate future updates to the brand framework, from sub-brands to dual and partner branding. We produce brand guidelines that are available at any time and accessible from anywhere. Indispensable, easy-to-implement brand guidelines for busy brand managers, marketers and virtually anyone with responsibility for managing and implementing brand identity. For a future-proofed, dynamic extension of your brand identity, talk to Fabrik.

We consider all the channels and touch-points at our disposal to deliver brand guidelines effectively. As a brand guidelines specialist we must. From navigable PDF’s to dedicated online brand guidelines centres. But first, we get to grips with the basics. We’re more interested in the quality of content than the medium we’ll use to deliver a set of visual identity guidelines. That comes later. As a brand guidelines agency of substance, we’re concerned that users understand the thinking behind your brand identity. To this end, we start by explaining each brands role, before moving onto its purpose. Then we ask probing questions. Like, what does Times New Roman really say about your brand? Does it reflect your brands personality? It is as easy to read online as it is on the printed page?

With thousands of typefaces, making the right choice requires an understanding of their strengths (and weaknesses). Some brands virtually own a colour. Think of the colour red. Now think of a brand. Colour adds to the vocabulary of a brand. And, if a picture says a thousand words… What does the imagery you use say about your brand? Meanwhile, as visual development takes shape, we use words to create a verbal identity that speaks your brands language. Together, these brand elements raise awareness and increase recognition, making it difficult for competitors to imitate. Fabrik develops standards and brand guidelines that cover all of these things and perform across all platforms, at every level. As a brand guidelines agency, we have experience where it counts.

Brand Guidelines Agency London

Brand guidelines for today,
 tomorrow, and beyond…

While it’s true to say the internet has made brand management easier, it’s fiction to think it will manage itself. Of course, online resources can help to build a brand. But implementing brand identity guidelines requires shared responsibility. So we share enthusiastically, building the case for your products and services along the way. We encourage participation, and foster a sense of collective ownership in a branding programme. We’ve found this to be the most rewarding and productive way of working. No-one likes to work in a silo. We appreciate that adhering to brand guidelines requires discipline on one level, and vigilance on another. But get this right, and the benefits are clear for all. Saving time, money and frustration. Bringing a renewed sense of impetus to your marketing campaigns and web-based communication activities. Making for a better, more consistently applied brand identity. Today, even small companies recognise the importance of owning regularly maintained brand identity guidelines. If your brand guidelines are tired, out-of-date – or even non-existent – what are you waiting for?

As we create each new set of brand identity guidelines, we consider opportunities to communicate the brand strategy and business objectives. To us, brand guidelines are about more than technical implementation. That’s a primary function. Things to consider include integration of communications, portfolio segmentation, content mapping, writer training, best-in-class examples and prototypes, and how best to provide internal and external users with access to cherished brand assets. An online portal might be the best way to capture the spirit of the programme, provide accurate information and a positive return on investment contribution. Whatever your requirement, Fabrik will demonstrate enthusiasm, and deliver user-friendly resources that control your look & feel, from point of sales to PowerPoint presentations. Experienced brand guidelines designers provide useful tools, and not just rules. They express the meaning of your visual identity, and communicate what it stands for. And balance consistency with flexibility. Fabrik can make your brand communications more efficient (and effective), and inspire your people to participate in successful brand-building. By pulling together disparate communications, we pull together departments and people. Demystify brand guidelines systems, providing streamlined access to artwork files and digital templates. Of course, we’ll also show users how to roll-out the brand identity to the smallest piece of communication in your portfolio, because everyone loves a new business card.

Brand guidelines services:

  • Application guidelines
  • Typography & layout
  • Imagery treatments
  • Copywriting styles
  • Brand artwork files
  • Marketing material
  • Digital templates
  • Online guidelines

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The characteristics of the best brand identity guidelines have much in common with Fabrik.

They’re clear and set a positive impression. They’re always up-to-date and good to work with. They’re accessible, all of the time. And they set consistently high standards. If we’ve made a good first impression, get in touch to find out more…

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