Infographic Design Agency London

Infographic Design Agency

Fabrik is an infographic design agency in London.

We’re experts at analysing content and breaking it down into something easier to digest. Making content more appealing, meaningful and manageable. Quicker to share across channels.

You see, we create infographics. We’ve found that infographic design allows us to express our natural creative instinct. In fact, our first reaction to a brief is often to pull it apart, looking for opportunities to be creative.

We deconstruct a brief to isolate the component parts. We refine the proposition and give purpose to a communications piece. We ask questions… Why write a hundred words, when ten will suffice? And why create verbose communications when we can add colour and texture to the brand language? We create infographics that are attention grabbing and informative. Infographic designs that get liked, shared, talked about and remembered. Spreading your brand message. Enabling real people to get real information in realtime. Aesthetically pleasing. Much better than a corporate diatribe.

Each infographic design we create is tailored to a precise need. Perhaps you’re eager to get your latest results in front of busy shareholders. Perhaps you’re trying to reach a new crop of students, keen to assess your track record. Or, perhaps your millions of customers would like to know how many cups of tea were brewed during the FA Cup Final. No matter how swamped you are by content, Fabrik can turn it into something infinitely more enjoyable. As infographic designers in London, we view each assignment as an opportunity to connect. To this end, we’re always searching for better ways to see and understand information. Years of graphic design and planning experience, are channelled into infographic design. We’re enthused by the rudiments of infographic design. It allows us to express our ideas through bold, imaginative graphics. A combination of words and images, reaching the masses with the minimum manpower.

Infographic Design Agency London

Fabrik makes information beautiful, through infographic design

We’re rapidly approaching information overload. Our brains are steeped in it. Hysteria, perhaps, but what’s needed is less, not more. At Fabrik, we break with convention. We’re not fond of cramming words onto a weeny screen (or page). We’d far sooner create an infographic design. And, we’re confident your busy network will appreciate your efforts. Let’s be honest, they’re probably too busy tweeting and posting to notice your forty-eight page report. Conversely, a well-designed, tasteful and vibrant infographic will help them navigate your brand message, cutting through the clutter. Like a modern-day map book or wall chart, only portable and shareable. And while your diagrams, words and images ping off the screen, your messages will be lodged in consciousness.

At Fabrik, we take infographic design seriously. We don’t see it as a means to escape a communications cul-de-sac. Even the smartest infographic design is incapable of glossing over poor performance and mismanagement. An organisation is still more likely to be judged on merit than anything else. Infographic design agencies, like Fabrik, relish substance. Each project we undertake follows a familiar plan… Challenge – to take straightforward facts and dry statistics and turn them into a visually appealing infographic design. Method – apply curiosity, patience and creativity. Outcome – a compelling new brand language capable of reaching the parts other brand communications simply cannot reach. Not to mention the screen inches you’ll gain through a self-sustaining piece of PR genius. We’ve probably said enough. If we haven’t convinced you of Fabrik’s credentials, we’re unlikely to. Perhaps this page design could have been delivered differently, with more imagination? As an infographic, perhaps.

Infographic design services:

  • Concept generation
  • Design development
  • Bespoke illustrations
  • Brand photography
  • Copywriting services
  • Social outreach

Is infographic design on your agenda?

At Fabrik, anything that enters our mind can enter the third dimension. Miscellaneous facts, figures and ideas, interconnected visually through infographic design.

At Fabrik, we focus on the relationship between perception and reality. We experiment and make information meaningful. If you think this could be the start of something meaningful, get in touch…

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