Employee engagement

Employee Engagement

Employees that work harder, faster, better, longer. The amazing power of employee engagement.

Once upon a time, there was an employee. Let’s call her Julie. Julie worked at a uber-cool tech startup.

The startup’s office was designed like a playground for adults. Julie came into work one day, paddled past the swim-up bar, rode her Segway over the skybridge and…handed in her notice.


Julie wasn’t engaged with her work. She enjoyed the perks, sure. But she didn’t feel an emotional commitment to the organisation and its goals.

Poor old Julie. But this story could have had a different ending. Employee engagement can be measured, and it can be improved. Engaged employees are more productive and contribute greatly to business success. Aberdeen Group discovered that companies with employee engagement programmes achieve 26% greater year-on-year increases in revenue than those without.

This stuff pays for itself

And it ain’t fluffy, group hug kinda stuff either. If Julie had been engaged with her work, she would have given customers better service. This would have led to higher customer satisfaction, repeat business, higher profits, higher returns for shareholders, and so on. Her boss could retire early. But Julie wasn’t engaged, so she left.

On this page we’ll explore how to improve employee engagement, in order to get the most from your Julies (and Jonathans), and how an employee engagement agency like Fabrik can help.

Most business leaders know an employee engagement strategy is vital for success. Far fewer do anything about it. Those that do often make one simple mistake: imposing a strategy from on high. It’s like the gods deciding what’s best for the mortals. Doesn’t sound very, well, engaging, does it? This approach is doomed to failure. Of course, an employee engagement strategy needs leadership, but the insight that determines change has to come from the troops on the ground.

There’s a reason most companies don’t bother creating an employee engagement strategy: it’s hard. Especially when they try to do it on their own. Here at Fabrik, we provide our clients with an objective opinion that cuts through corporate deadlock. Working with us, you’ll benefit from our strategic and creative expertise that turns talk into action, and keeps your verbal and visual identity consistent across all communication channels.

Employee engagement

Banish the ‘Sunday feeling’

>If staff are to take pride in their work, and remain loyal to the organisation, they need to understand and feel relevant to its mission. Being able to relate to the purpose our employer exists for reinforces our own sense of purpose. And we all need purpose in our lives, right?

This can’t be achieved if the organisational mission is unclear. So, if your corporate strategy needs a revamp, we can use our employee engagement agency expertise to help. We do this by exploring the values of your brand, and how they play out in day-to-day working life. By drawing on employee feedback, you can reengage your workers and make beneficial changes to company policy at the same time.

The benefits of employee engagement are far reaching, and it’s an invigorating process. It may involve consolidating the essence of your organisation into a brand manifesto that people at all levels of the organisation can rally behind.

But that’s only the beginning. Creating a culture of open communication over the long term is essential if employees are to remain engaged. Employees must understand their own roles, but also the journey the organisation is on, how their work contributes to it, and when and how they can make suggestions. An engaged employee is included on the company mission, focused on clear goals, knows what opportunities they have to develop, and receives recognition and rewards for good work.

When it comes to creating an employee engagement strategy, there is no off-the-shelf solution. Your organisation is unique, so as a specialist employee engagement agency, our approach is tailored to your exact requirements. To get your employee engagement programme moving, we’ll help you:

  • 1. Learn: Scrutinise the company mission and survey your employees.
  • 2. Plan: The steps towards greater employee engagement.
  • 3. Communicate: Share developments promptly and often with your workforce.
Employee engagement

Your people are people too

The best employee engagement strategy in the world is useless if you can’t attract great professionals to take part in it. And that is getting harder. As the UK workforce ages, and economic power shifts towards the east, the labour market is becoming ever more competitive. In this final section, we’d like to examine what it means, firstly, for employees to be heard, and secondly, for organisations to act on what they hear.

Employees are not automatons; worker bees who carry out their tasks unflinchingly without encouragement. Greater efficiency and effectiveness is only achieved if employees are empowered to question, challenge and contribute to organisational decisions. This might mean something simple like running weekly catchups with company bosses. A more creative approach would be to install a graffiti wall so employees can vandalise the office. Sorry, we mean share their ideas.

However the insight is gleaned, it then has to be acted on. The worst case scenario is an organisation that makes a fuss of listening to employees (or doesn’t listen at all), but then never implements any changes. Like a dodgy politician: all mouth no trousers. Employee feedback needs to be handled strategically; decisions made about which suggestions are aligned with company objectives and which are distractions. But if an organisation sits on its hands, the potential to engage your workforce will be lost while competitors move ahead.

Fabrik’s employee engagement services:

  • Interviews & surveys
  • Results analysis
  • Action planning
  • Engagement strategy
  • Action follow-ups
  • Creative development
  • Tone of voice
  • Internal campaigns

Is employee engagement on your agenda?

A final thought. We hope by now you’ve reconsidered investing in an indoor paintball arena for your staff.

Get in touch with Fabrik to learn more about how to improve employee engagement and prepare your organisation for the challenges ahead. Then you can play paintball to celebrate.

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