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Don’t leave employees in the dark, show them you care with employee communications.

And lo, the almighty CEO issued their proclamation from on high to the adoring workforce.

Sound like the way your organisation communicates with employees? Hopefully not. Such an old-fashioned approach to internal communications can be extremely damaging. Although this scenario is increasingly rare, even the more progressive organisations can benefit from improving employee communications.

To start such projects, and see them through, requires courage and conviction. The process is made considerably easier with the support of an external partner. On this page we’ll discuss the merits of robust employee communications, and explain how Fabrik can help you create them.

Many employees feel left in the dark. They have little understanding of their company’s strategy, how their work contributes to organisational goals, or what opportunities are open to them. If they don’t feel valued, why would anyone be motivated to work hard?

Conversely, when there is a culture of open communication, workers feel committed and contribute more. That’s why top-performing companies make employee communications a priority. To help your organisation to thrive, information needs to flow in all directions, not just from the top down.

The outcomes of a good employee communications strategy are clearly desirable. But how can you get your hands on these juicy benefits? First you need a clear strategy, which sets out your objectives and how you plan to achieve them. Then you need people at all levels to be involved. Finally – follow up. Have your employee communications helped you achieve what you set out to?

To make your employee communications do what you want them to, you need to understand your employees and tailor your comms accordingly. Consider them as an internal target market. As an employee communications agency, our job is to help you create employee communications that suit your company culture, resonate with your employees and are consistent with your visual and verbal identity. Having said that, if you want to rip everything up and start again, we can help with that too.

Employee Communications Agency

As if you didn’t have enough to think about

While juggling your day-to-day priorities, it’s tricky to make progress with employee communications. And that’s not the only challenge. Senior management, though vital to the employee communication process, often struggle to communicate clearly with staff about company direction and the impact it will have on their roles. Company intranets, the traditional medium for employee communications, are often cumbersome and outdated, a far cry from the on-demand content people consume outside of work.

To tackle these challenges, and produce modern, impactful communication materials, we always look at things from the employee’s perspective, asking…

‘What’s in it for them?’

That way, we can make sure that any piece of employee communication—be it an email, handbook, newsletter, or intranet or microsite content—contains useful, relevant information, curated specifically for your audience.

Before you can create great employee communications that pushes employees’ buttons, you need to have a clear goal in mind. Do you want to change perception around a recent event? Encourage certain behaviours? Dispel misconceptions about a piece of company policy? Recognise and reward great performance?

Whatever it might be, knowing your goal will help you decide the timing, content, style and channels of your employee communication. Getting this right is important at all times, but especially during sensitive situations such as a merger or acquisition, when it’s vital to communicate with staff regularly and openly.

By working with an employee communications consultant, you’ll have the support you need to get your employee communications strategy moving. We’ll work with you to get under the skin of your corporate culture, and understand the values your business is built on. Armed with this insight we’ll be able to help you communicate consistently in any situation, from recruitment to when employees leave your organisation. This will help you get the most from your people. And make your organisation one where people want to work.

You might need support to improve comms for a major one-off event such as merger or acquisition. But the real benefits are felt with comms programmes that improve employee engagement over the long term.

Employee Communications Agency

Internal communications ideas

An employee communications strategy is not only about making sure your staff know where the company is heading. Employees have great ideas that can shape and guide the future of the company, if only they were listened to. Consider the following examples of innovative employee communications. Royal London, an insurance and pensions company, gave all employees an opportunity to make suggestions. Several were implemented and new business growth went up 28%. Fabrik can help you create this kind of internal dialogue with digital platforms that encourage interaction and sharing of views between departments.

Another way to boost your business is by giving employees the opportunity to learn new skills and earn professional qualifications. When Fabrik worked on an internal communications project for AXA University, the training body of the multinational insurance firm, we started by agreeing a clear mission—to engage and nurture the best and brightest company minds to boost the business—which informed the look, feel and tone of the communications.

Just as the godlike CEO is an outdated archetype, so employee communications must move with the times. For example, an annual employee survey is a good thing (if you don’t have one already) but businesses would do better to emulate the richness and responsiveness of content found in the real world. Luckily, Fabrik is an employee communications specialist with the skills and experience to design user-friendly materials people enjoy interacting with.

This might mean creating a print or digital handbook for new employees that explains the history of the company and what makes the brand tick. Or maybe the best move would be to gather and share employee stories to celebrate success or encourage candidates to apply for jobs.

Fabrik’s employee communications services:

  • Workshops & interviews
  • Research & analysis
  • Internal comms strategy
  • Campaign development
  • Tone of voice & messaging
  • Copywriting & writer training
  • Employee photography
  • Exhibition & events graphics
  • Workspace design & branding
  • Training/classroom materials

Are employee comms on your agenda?

Good relationships are the foundation of good business. And we don’t just mean relationships with customers. Businesses ignore internal communications at their peril. Employees who feel included and informed make better decisions and are more effective at their work.

Fabrik can help you create employee communications that complement and enhance your company culture, and bring people from all levels of your organisation together. What are you waiting for? Show them you care…

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