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Want to be received and remembered? You need an email marketing agency

How often do you check your email in a single day? Once? Twice? Every time you look at your smartphone?

In today’s digitally-connected world, your customers refresh their inbox 24/7. That gives you a constant—and consistent—way to communicate with them, and build connections that potentially last a lifetime.

Despite its ability to improve affinity, brand recall, and conversions, email marketing is frequently seen as the poor relation in today’s world of social media and experiential advertising. However, there’s so much more to email marketing than bombarding your customers with regular junk emails.

At Fabrik, we believe in doing things differently.

As your email marketing agency, we’ll help you take advantage of one of the most effective marketing channels out there. Did you know that email has an average ROI of 3700%? That’s £37 return for every £1 you spend. Of course, if this figure sounds too good to be true – that’s because every email marketing strategy isn’t automatically that effective.

Only with the right email marketing agency in London can you create that engages your audience and drives conversions.

At Fabrik, we ensure that our clients create emails to resonate with their intended audience. We keep you out of the spam folder and give you a direct path into the hearts and minds of your customers, using our unique brand of creativity, and market insight into user preferences, behaviour, and affinity.

With us as your email marketing agency, you can outshine the vast proportion of campaigns sent by brands today that leave recipients racing to hit the “unsubscribe” button. All that, and we know how to handle the GDPR regulations too!

Email Marketing Agency London

Email marketing to enthuse and engage

As any decent email marketing agency will tell you, the right campaign is essential in connecting with your target audience.

We’ve been helping businesses to develop their email strategies for ten years now. That means that we’ve adapted to the trends, developed new skills, and discovered what it takes to make your emails stand out.

Fabrik is more than just another email marketing agency in London. We’re a marketing and branding specialist, adept at giving our clients the impact they need in any environment. Whether it’s social media, brand building, graphic design or email, we provide the full service, not just the techy parts.

How we help you:

Currently, the average open rate for emails in the UK is at a record high. Of course, you still need the right email marketing techniques to compel those all-important clicks. Our clients come to us seeking an email marketing agency that can not only capture attention but drive action from your audience.

As customers become more demanding, requiring highly-personalised campaigns and messages, it’s tough to find the time to handle everything in-house. You’ve got a business to run. That means that committing internal resources to a strategic mailing schedule isn’t easy. Fortunately, Fabrik has the right blend of strategic, creative, and technical skills to handle the hard work for you.

When you outsource your campaigns to an email marketing agency like Fabrik, you get simpler, results-driven campaigns, which don’t compromise on your unique brand voice.

What makes Fabrik different?

Fabrik began life as a design agency.

Over the years, our technical skills have soared. However, our hearts are, and always will be in the creative side of branding. This means that we’re experts in making your assets look (and sound) amazing.

Whether it’s a new logo or an email campaign, we go beyond the cold hard stats and algorithms to find a way of speaking to your audience. We add value by paying attention to the little details, from messaging to formatting and more. The result is a campaign that aligns with both your business strategy and the needs of your audience.

Our unique approach as an email marketing agency in London means that you can really measure your success, not just in click-through and open rates, but in brand loyalty too.

Email Marketing Agency London

An email marketing agency designed for you

We’re an email marketing agency in London with an artistic soul. That means that we don’t believe in bland, boring, one-size-fits-all strategies.

We work hard to understand what our customers need to interact with their clients. That means making sure your campaigns are GDPR compliant, technically sound and creatively stunning.

Once we’ve built a strategy that works alongside your brand identity, we move onto the strategy. We’ll set up a schedule based on the email frequency that suits your audience, set up goals for ROI, and begin designing a template for each message. We create a consistent look and feel that reminds your audience what you stand for, and why they should choose you with every conversation.

Once our test emails are approved, we’ll mail and manage your campaigns, providing utterly transparent reporting throughout, so you can see your brand grow.

Fabrik’s email marketing services:

  • Regular performance reports
  • Result-driven suggestions
  • Email template design
  • Template implementation
  • Email scheduling
  • Email campaign delivery
  • Copy creation
  • Graphic design
  • ROI tracking & targeting
  • Email account management

Still seeking an email marketing agency?

Anyone can send an email. It takes something special to create an engaging, inspiring email campaign.

Fabrik is here to offer you a complete, comprehensive and results-driven approach to email marketing. Whether you just want to keep people up to date with your latest blogs, or you need a way to segment and connect with each buyer persona on your list, we can create a strategy that suits you.

We know that your email campaigns don’t exist in a silo. They’re a powerful part of what makes your brand so compelling to your audience, and they’re a crucial way to build the relationships you have with your customers.

Let’s put the emotion back into email marketing and rediscover the value of the inbox.

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