Direct Marketing Agency

Direct marketing

Brand promotion is all about exposure. That’s why you need a direct marketing agency.

When you post a thought-leadership piece on your website, you’re building credibility for your brand.

And giving more customers opportunities to find you through a carefully selected combination of keywords. When you advertise on TV, you send your message to a vast number of potential customers, by embracing a specific form of media.

However, sometimes you need to be a little more focused with your advertising strategies, and that’s where direct marketing comes into play.

As a direct marketing agency, we help companies of all shapes and sizes to reach out to specific audiences, through highly tailored direct marketing campaigns. Whether it’s an email broadcast designed to improve sales during a special promotion, or a piece of mail that lands on your client’s doorstep, we can help.

Fabrik is a direct marketing agency in London, possessing years of experience dealing with the unique nuances of highly-targeted and customised campaigns. We create designs, copy, and graphics that get our clients noticed, and remembered.

From planning and concept generation to final artwork and production, your journey to easier direct marketing starts here.

Direct Marketing Agency

A direct marketing agency UK

Direct marketing is all about making the right connections, with the right people.

As an experienced branding agency, we’ve spent years helping our clients to strengthen their relationships with their customers, through innovative designs and compelling messaging. Acting as your direct marketing agency in the UK, we’ll help you to amplify your message in a way that not only captures the imagination of your target audience, but corresponds with the rest of your branding strategy to give your image the consistency it needs.

Fabrik’s team is brimming with visual identity and marketing experts. That means we understand the importance of attention-to-detail in each campaign. After all, even the best ideas struggle to deliver results when they aren’t correctly implemented.

We’re particularly skilled as a B2B direct marketing agency, helping companies to connect with future clients and partners for their organisation.

Whether you’re reaching out to a new audience, or simply continuing the conversation with an existing one, we understand that direct marketing is all about getting the right response. We’re here to help you magnify your engagement rates, build profitable relationships, and discover next-level ROI, with both your online and offline campaigns. With our direct marketing support, you can:

  • Generate new business leads.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell to existing customers.
  • Increase brand awareness and exposure.
  • Rediscover lost sources of revenue.
  • Improve customer loyalty.

At Fabrik, we don’t focus exclusively on any discipline and sector. Instead, we use every successful direct marketing campaign as a lesson to help us build on our already incredible outcomes. As an integrated and fully cross-channel marketing agency, we have a very broad skill-set to offer. What’s more, because we believe that every client deserves a personal touch, we’ll be sure to recommend the disciplines that are best suited to your unique brief.

As your direct marketing agency London, Fabrik has grown up with digital and discovered the benefits of traditional media too. We know how to make every aspect of your promotional strategy cross-pollinate and work seamlessly together.

Here at Fabrik, we understand the bigger picture. When we work on any new direct marketing campaign, we make sure that everything we produce connects back to your existing brand image, business goals, and your multi-channel approach to customer connections. With us, you don’t just get a direct marketing agency; you get a business growth partner.

Direct Marketing Agency

Your B2C or B2B direct marketing agency

Our clients hire us as their direct marketing agency because they don’t have the time or expertise to create and implement successful campaigns in-house. Just like any marketing strategy, direct success is all about applying the right plan for your audience and organisation.

At Fabrik, we’re on-hand to help with everything from concept development, to creating an unforgettable message and unique design for your campaign. Fabrik’s artistic flair is complemented by technical know-how, meaning we can handle the behind-the-scenes aspects of marketing too, like targeting the right audience, gathering lists, and setting up electronic campaigns to accompany print programmes.

Whatever you need, from support with distribution to reporting on postal campaigns, you get it all with Fabrik.

Fabrik’s direct marketing services:

  • Market research
  • Audience profiling
  • Concept generation
  • Creative development
  • Content & copywriting
  • Fulfilment & distribution
  • Campaign management
  • Reporting & analysis

When you work with Fabrik, you get a unique combination of youth and a few grey hairs in the right places. That means we can bring both a world of experience and plenty of fresh energy into every project. The result? Loyal clients and a track record of success across many sectors, from education and private companies, to B2B, non-profit, and ambitious startups.

The direct marketing agency you need

Fabrik is media-neutral, multi-channel, and creatively-minded. We combine strategy and artistry to create brilliant direct marketing campaigns for our clients.

As with any creative assignment managed by Fabrik, we’ll start by getting to know your business, your audience, and the exact schedule you need your campaign to follow. Once we understand your goals, we’ll create something that suits your idea of the perfect direct marketing campaign, complete with a price to suit your budget and an anticipated return on investment.

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