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Are you looking for new imagery to better capture the essence of your brand? Then zoom into a professional brand photography agency.

Fabrik is a specialist brand photography agency in London. We’re devoted to helping organisations reflect their brand essence through bespoke photography. Whether you’re seeking to connect with your audiences on a different level or distil the soul of your entity into a handful of meaningful images, we can help you reconnect through a better brand experience.

In today’s interconnected world, visuals are more relevant than ever. From the familiarity of your logo to the images that sprawl across your online pages, creating points of focus and interest. An effective brand need to be seen, not just heard.

With professional brand photography, you can break free from dime-a-dozen stock images that ensure your company blends in, rather than stands out. Our brand photography services present you with a bouquet of stylised images, customised to your unique personality, and ready to use at a moment’s notice – online and offline.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why cut corners? As the adage goes, shoot cheap, shoot twice. It’s time to make sure your images portray your brand in the best possible light.

Brand photography agency London

How can a brand photography agency help you?

The visuals applied to your communications impact on the success of your brand, because humans are drawn to images more than text. Which is why we use professional brand photography as a key differentiating factor in your visual identity.

We’ll work hard to ensure we understand precisely what your organisation hopes to achieve. The better we understand your core reasons to exist, the more we can deliver images that are tailor-made to meet your goals.

Fabrik’s bespoke identity photography services include everything you need to engage prospective clients in your brand journey, building trust and loyalty. From the mood boards that distill the essence of your organisation, to brand photography guidelines that ensure consistency across the entire media mix.

The journey rarely begins by focussing on expensive lenses and editing software. While they’re important, our creative team is more concerned with getting to the heart of what makes your organisation compelling.

Brand photography agency London

You call the shots, we manage the shoot

Identity photography is more than just a way for organisations to make their content more appealing. While it’s easier to attract the attention of a new partner with a sexy image, brand photography is more than veneer. It must also provide context and build on a company, product or service.

The best brand photography is aligned to an organisations story. It illuminates and shines light into the organisation, making it easier to understand and harder to forget. Bespoke brand photography moves and motivates people so they can more easily advocate for your brand.

Imagery provides a social experience. Brand photography is multi-functional. Share it generously across social media channels and content marketing campaigns to drive greater awareness. Statistically, content featuring unique, authentic visuals, delivers more engagement, more conversions and more profit. Amazing, isn’t it?

At Fabrik, we begin the journey into identity photography with you. We’ll capture the essence of your brand—adding depth and perspective—and portray your personality from unusual angles. In a sense, we draw on brand photography to connect with people in a transparent way, at an emotional level.

Brand photography agency London

Using brand photography to find a face that fits

Uncovering your unique identity through brand photography provides the confidence you’ll need to celebrate your brand. Embedding a basic truth of creativity and authenticity into every blog you publish, social media update and video you post.

Fabrik’s industry knowledge and innovative graphic design skills, enable us to deliver brand photography that captivates and provides depth to your unique positioning. We won’t use off-the-peg filters and offer up formulaic compositions. Rather, we’ll deliver a suite of brand images created to provide a point of differentiation and individuality. Our brand photography agency is devoted to finding your very own brand personality.

Are you ready to find yourself? And share the most important aspects of your business with the world? If so, we’re looking forward to distilling your most important characteristics and messages into images that speak volumes about your brand. No matter your industry, Fabrik provides everything you need to make an impact.

Fabrik’s brand photography services:

  • Brand photography
  • Mood boards
  • Storyboarding
  • Art direction
  • Model management
  • Search & selection
  • Image retouching
  • User guidelines

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At Fabrik, we’re not just professional photographers, we’re branding experts too. That means that we not only know how to capture beautiful images, but define the essence of your company in the visual sense. Our identity photography services will help you to capture the imagination of your audience and rise above the competition.

If you’re looking for a brand photography company to challenge your expectations, breathes fresh life into a tired identity, and transform your online presence, why not get in touch? The team at Fabrik is ready and waiting to help you discover the true value of your brand, one image at a time.

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