Authentic digital marketing campaigns

Authenticity is the most solid foundation for any successful digital marketing strategy. Now, this doesn’t mean shouting it from the roof top, it’s a lot more subtle. The key thing to remember is not to say you’re authentic – be authentic. Experienced digital marketing agencies, like Fabrik, know this is the key to success.

When someone asks you to name a brand campaign, authentic marketing campaigns are generally the first thing you think of. They are the stand out ideas which stick in your mind. A stand out digital marketing campaign for me was the recent Always, #LikeAGirl campaign. The originality and current theme was entirely unlike anything I had seen before, touching on moral issues with the all important authenticity, which propelled this digital campaign to greatness. 

As the Always campaign demonstrates, sometimes breaking through the brands comfort zone is just as important as the content itself. You can’t be authentic and predictable, or authentic and safe. Be brave, break away from conform and encourage originality at every opportunity. That’s where digital campaign designers can really prove their worth.

Sector that haven’t entirely grasped this concept are education and charity. Think about a charity brand which really goes above and beyond anyones expectations, or a college recruitment campaign which advertises outside the box. It’s a lot more difficult to do than thinking of a food and beverage company with the same credentials. 

As a digital marketing agency we are constantly striving for success with all our clients online campaigns, for example our recent work with Macmillan to create Brave The Shave. This was a high-profile charity fundraising campaign encouraging participants to shave off their hair in aid of cancer support.

We added functionality and streamlined the user experience, this included the ability to upload before and after photos, plus an enhanced set of social media fundraising tools to enable shavers to promote their event. The figures speak for themselves and we are hugely proud of the outcome, the site raised an incredible £4.5m including Gift Aid, over five times the initial target. Proof that authentic campaigns provide amazingly successful  results. 

Authentic marketing is free from tradition, allowing limitless ability to express your brands features and gather all important notoriety. It’s about finding digital marketing campaign designers who understand your authentic goal and how to get there.

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